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"Fossil fuel subsidies reckless use of public funds "

Climate wavering 'not justified' http://bbc.in/1bbHokJ **
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* 2Hype COP 19 Harrabin & @MattMcGrathBBC using headlines Debunk : alleged fossil fuel subsidies? 95% is cheap petrol in 3rd world countries US & UK 0.4% of world

** Wavering on BBC Licence Abolition 'not justified' http://bbc.in/1bbHokJ due to BBC using LEADING headlines to plant opinion & hype COP19 BBC Breaking News ‏@BBCBreaking 6 Nov Atmospheric carbon dioxide rose more rapidly last year than past decade average - World Meteorological Organization http://bbc.in/HwjE1r *** BBC reports effect of all that Green Energy worth paying mafia hedgefunds more ?

MMcGrath caught hyping

Today useful idiot Matt McGrath made another mistake confusing 41% with 141% - Talking about CO2 increase from year 1750 levels of 280pp to todays 395ppm he wrote “Since the start of the industrial era in 1750, global average levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have increased by 141%.”

found orinial text from an edit sniffer
also here news to audio service
why not just change the error 141% to 41%
..nowhere on the net can find Matt McGrath’s qualifications ..(Geography degree apparently

BBC Matt McGrath "sex up the scary" number trick

Don't say : - Since the start of the industrial era in 1750, global average levels of CO2 have increased by 41%.
say - Since 1750, global average levels of CO2 have increased to 141% of the pre-industrial concentration.
Don't say : - Since the start of the 'global warming panic', global average levels of 'BBC Bias' have increased by 41%.
say - Since the start, global average levels of 'BBC bias' have increased to 141% of the 'pre-global warming panic level'

- Green PR agencies (like Futerra) know lots of rhetotical tricks.. but you can plug in any old nouns can't you ?

Harrabin : Planting political message headline

Wavering on UK climate policy 'not justified'
Is it loaded political message headline day or something ?
(Todays BBC headlines are all calls to action)

By Roger Harrabin
He's uses the super blacked photo trick again - to make industry seem evil and dirty, usually used to make steam cooling towers look like diry smoke

MMcGrath Planting political message headline

Matt McGrath's headline : - Fossil fuel subsidies 'reckless use of public funds'
signaling "call to politicalbelief" rhetoric
Would the BBC have a headline "Allowing immigrants a 'reckless use of public funds' ...and then link to a report produced by a thinktank associated with the English Defence League ?
My debunk
0. It is a genuine new report, but it's basically an activist group
1. In they west they are not subisdies quote from BBC article
In the United States, for example, the government in 2011 gave a $1bn fuel tax exemption to farmers, $1bn for the strategic petroleum reserve and $0.5bn for oil, coal and gas research and development. ...And the UK gave tax concessions worth £280m in 2011 for oil and gas production.
that's 0.4% of $500billion
2. In the third world there are actual subsidies, but that is vote buying from the poor ..and corruption (connected people can profit from exporting oil that they buy at subsidsed prices)
Greenpeace ship heading to Iran to End it's $80bn/year Fossil Fuel subsidies ?
- Jo Nova In 2012 debunk of Fossil Fuel subsidies shows no western country is in the top 15. Countries which give cheap petrol are counted as the biggesdt subsidises so Iran is #1 $80bn/yea

Bad for Green : Choose No political message headline

BBC : Welsh government's £48k wind turbine creates £5 of power a month - note - how that headline is factual with no call to opinion : it could be : "Are Wind farms a big waste of taxpayers money ?"

The turbine was put its Aberystwyth office, rated excellent for sustainability, in 2009.
- FOI by Taxpayers Alliance : £48K Welsh govenment turbine ..generates 33Kwh/month valued at £5.38 - "it had a technical problem.. now it's been fixed" ..they say now it generates £8.64 worth of electricity

Proof wait & Harrabin reports get debunked

- 15 minutes after posting here, that with a Harrabin report you should wait 6 months before believing it, I find these new reports about his report from 9 months ago
Re : throwing by catch back to sea rule change by EU : Euro MPs back large-scale fishing reform to save stocks 6 February 2013 "The BBC's environment analyst Roger Harrabin says the vote is something of a victory for citizen power"
Comment on the Guardian Article : : The Guardian is catching up, retailing an expect view that the discards ban was "no great victory" for fish stocks. :(based on a paper in Fisheries Research, published online last month by a team from the University of East Anglia) - Reported by Autonomous Mind Will BBC Harrabin’s bias be discarded after being caught in EU trawler nets ? - But that's the point Grantham's multi multi billion dollar green hedgefund is built on the FALLACY that wind/solar will become on par & cheaper than fossil fuels, but as long as fossil fuels are quite easy to dig out of the ground sellers can simply undercut prices even if there are technology advances in solar. (wind tech can't advance further)

... so with things like fracking he's stuffed his only salvation is somehow fixing taxes & laws.

- Maybe some other BBC reports do stand the test of time CO2 climate sensitivity 'overestimated' 29 November 2011 By Jennifer Carpenter Science reporter, BBC News

Seeker of truth prints 2 contradictory headlines within 1 week ?

- Report suggests slowdown in CO2 emissions rise By Matt McGrath 31 October 2013

- Concentrations of warming gases break record By Matt McGrath 6 November 2013

- so is Matt McGrath's job anything other than to keep CO2 hype alive , and brainwash again with steam photoshopped to look black ?

BBCEnviro using headlines to spread Cli-Terror

Embedded in BBC :fallacy of argument of authority

Here we all understand the fallacy of argument of authority... We are about getting to the truth of Validated Science
- but there is a problem that so many people like BBC reporters don't get it & are totally dependent on authority ..as soon as an issue comes up they don't try to spend a day or 2 trying to understand the issue ..they somehow get pointed towards one expert and that's enough for them ..what he/she says goes.
.. it's like the fallacy of the man wearing the white lab coat in the washing powder TV advert (I get the impression they don't like to go to 2 or 3 experts cos that disturbs the simple picture they can handle)

1... If there was an easy authority these muppet reporters could go to they would like it
2... There must be scientific bodies in other countries which already produce good science and laugh at the stupidity of the IPCC & it's over extrapolation

Evan Davies giving Debden easy ride

failing to mention green biz interests

Surely Evan Davies is aware of BBC Editorial Guidelines www.bbc.co.uk/editorialguidelines

set out numerous considerations for content producers. To ensure our audience is clear about the background and expertise of interviewees on news programmes, content providers must abide by the following guidelines: We should normally identify on-air and online sources of information and significant contributors, and provide their credentials, so that our audiences can judge their status.*
We should not automatically assume that contributors from other organisations (such as academics, journalists, researchers and representatives of charities) are unbiased and we may need to make it clear to the audience when contributors are associated with a particular viewpoint **, if it is not apparent from their contribution or from the context in which their contribution is made.
Some at the BBC has integrity cos they wrote these rules, but I'd like someone to clarify why BBC staff don't obey them

BBC Green pension issue

Just use Google : TallBlokes Talkshop : BBC conflict of interest: Pensions relying on pushing alarmist climate agenda - BBBC Discussion : Pension Fund Might Account for BBC AGW Bias

- Harrabin "I don’t even know the pension fund trustees." on WUWT em Roger "the latest BBC Pensions Trust report, and it reveals that Helen Boaden, who is the overall boss of the BBC’s news and current affairs operation, was appointed to the trust in 2008" from tckev comment on omnologos.com ..So hasn't he met her multiple times ?

- Follow the money: BBC exposed in biggest climate racket on planet It mentions UNEP so i wonder if there is a connection to Christiana Figueres "Member of the Scientific Advisory Panel of the UNEP Risoe Centre, Denmark." and her husband Konrad von Ritter "working at the World Bank since 1989 on sustainable development issues, Sector Manager for Sustainable Development

- Words that think for us,” Edward Skidelsky explains why activists use the denier label

BBC Enviro : It's all about the headline

- Actually probably no-one reads BBCEnviro reports ..it all about sustaining the narrative by getting an alarmist headline into people's mind again like hitting a nail on the head again & again

- BBC's standard bias test "well both sides complain , so we must be right" Stew's bias test "In a 2 side debate if a report is written in the language of one side then that really looks like bias, unless there is extraordinary evidence."

- we know BBCEnviro reports are miles to the left of what a skeptic would write, yet just a bit to the right of what the most extremist alarmist might write.

- In This MMcGrath report most of the speaking lines are given to Environmental groups ..then a bit from gov, Figures , coal corps ..no counter political view to the activists..so that's biased

... and he did mention Christiana Figueres conflict of interest with her families extensive rewables biz, NOT

MMcGrath quick to report 235 mph

Did you see what else our climate pornographer did last week ? 2 days after that in the Haiyan typhoon report he wrote "winds were 314 km/h (195 mph), with gusts up to 379 km/h (235 mph)" FFS don't winds of 235mph sound so extraordinary, if climate was your field you'd know it's unheard of so you'd really really double check. Apparently the Guardian had printed that Joint Typhoon Warning Center had said gusts were 235miles-per-hour, but the truth is no measurements exist, and PAGASA Philipinnes Nat weather services quoted 235Kmh (NASA's radar guess is around the same). WUWT has a good taketown.

I first tweeted that MMcGrath had surely confused Kmh with Mph so converted the 235KMh the Philippines weather service gave, although someone else could have made the mistake, Now it does seem JWTC did once report the 235mph based on satellite photo guessing..they seem to stand by that figure although a nice explanation would be that they made the coversion error cos being American they deal in mph.

95%→ 5%→ 95%

- I know to stay away from the Guardian & BBCEnviroment as their disrespect for science upsets me too much

Harrabin say sceptics abound on the BBC, rubbish 95% of the air time goes to the fundamentalist 5% ..but not only that they get 95% of the anger
It's not only that Alarmists get more time but it's shouty time rather than calm
Are we too nice ? watch how cow calm and scientific Carter, Bish, Andrew Neil, Lawson are compared to namecalling rants of the dramagreens
Do we need our Mr Angry's ? our shockjocks (other than Delingpole)

exhibit 1 from Today's Today prog
Direct Audio link Here's one for you 7.35am There was an alarmist loony and Evan Davis was feeding some right easy leading questions "at a meeting last week the expert said the world is going to fall apart..what about these places that will become uninhabitable as the sea rises"(paraphrased)

in the wake of the typhoon there last week. Speaking to the Today programme's Evan Davis, Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank, discusses Typhoon Haiyan.)
Link to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim's article

exhibit 2 - from Today's Today prog 6.54am Direct Audio link
UEA research reveals why timing of bird migration is changing
"However, climate warming is resulting in earlier nesting and hatching earlier each year, and this appears to be linked to the advancing migration."
OK This one is not angry but this makes the common fallacy of taking assumed science "climate is warming" as proven science. If climate is not warming, nor spring advancing this sounds bogus


- Let me channel Matt McGrath Environment correspondent, BBC News
"I just accidently mixed up Km/h with mph , so wrote 235mph then I accidently converted that to 379Kmh put it in a BBC news report and let the MEME escape out into the universe. Oh and then I never bothered to print a correction ... It's not like I do everything to exagerrate the alarmist cause, it's just new moves on"
Seems like MattMcGrathBBC is a paid piece rate* for the amount of Cli-porn he can get into an article 235Kmh→235mph→379Kmh (*Greenpeace rate of course) .. is such accidentlys that feed conspiracy theories What I is MattMcGrath must have worked with climate & weather stuff a lot so realised straight away that a ground level wind of 235mph is just about impossible and would have double checked straight away ..so it doesn't seem credible it's a mistake.
OK am I wrong there is one indep source of 235pm a guess by JWTC ..but only appeared once and is uncorroborated

2Skeptics abound on BBC output." says Harrabin

- over on Twitter the @DramaGreens just challenged him to name any more than Prof Carter, A Neil & UKIP people, a member of the public on Q Time
...and H tweeted back Hitchens (Q Time), Bishop and Lawson
...OK Bishop and Carter were on on (1 time) 27th September and Lawson sounds plausible (but only 1 mention on Twitter and that's when he talked about the Euro not climate).. So I make that 6 and half in the last 2 months (or 37,000 hours, the BBC broadcasts 608 hours/day)
..do we know anyone else ?

So in last 2 months on BBC 6.5 skeptics spoke on climate whereas every WEEK we get dozens of climate alarmists including 6+ whose connection to greenbiz/NGOs & greenhedgefunds is undeclared

one scientist was on 9 times in 2 days his Greenpeace connection undeclared dozen warmist every day including 6 who are connected to greenbiz & greenhedgefunds
(Baddies Chris Huhne Debden etc. )

daily mail MPs paid by ecofirms decide energy policy

- Lists Climate Change committee conflicts ..especially Debdens and that Grantam Institute has 2 members plus one exemployee on

McGrath's Story : Pause caused CFCs

- Matt McGrath Ozone chemicals ban linked to global warming 'pause'
Ending :
"The impact of this change is small but not negligible: without the reduction in CFC emissions, temperatures today could have been almost 0.1C warmer than they actually are."

1. BBCEnviro are strongly acknowledging pause for first time
2. Does the conclusion match the headline ? 0.1C difference in 1998-2013, but AR4 says "a warming of about 0.2°C per decade "
thats 0.3C in 15 years
so wheres the rest ?
3. Geo-engineering can easily mitigate climate change ?
4. The research is published in the journal Nature Geoscience. bogus journal

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