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World of Bollocks
- When I say it's it's an Irrational world what I mean is bollocks.. yes so much of the information we are fed is bollocks ..see this bollocks from the Dragons Den BBC TV Prog :

Dragons Den .. Amazing brush is just a cheap dog brush

- watched Dragons Den saw that a hair brush called is a major success, cos they hyped it up and sell it for £10 ..after 30 mins I thought well the way it works is it short bristles like ...hang on's exactly the same as a dog grooming thing I have seen years ago which of course will be 50p not £10 ..sure enough someone else had realised and put a video on Youtube .. ah its £0.86 here ..or maybe it will be superced by the Mikki Rubber Grooming Glove on the same page

seems contestants lie in the same way that people lie on their CV

- Guinea Pig Group

Dragon's Den Nuisance Call Blocker: blocks emergency calls also
- Wow a clever guy on Dragon's Den has made a device which blocks nuisance callers ringing your phone ... Except that the idea is not entirely new and similar devices in America already existed. And with a smart phone you can set a different ring for different callers in your phonebook and so send calls from people who are not in your phonebook direct to voicemail.

- Ah I see this device is basically a caller ID thing, but you program your friends numbers in. You have to program your phonebook numbers in and a have caller ID service, so when someone calls you the Truecall detects that number and if it is a new number it hangs up or puts it to voicemail.
... what about when someone calls you in an emergency ?? ..the police .. your wife from a phonebox ?

Some of the other devices noticibly £50 instead of £100 just ask the caller to press a number and if they don't it cuts them off hence it cuts off automated callers.

.. simple switchboard phones already have this also your phone company have schemes to block numbers with schemes like "Choose to Refuse" and of course you can do it via program running on your computer for free.

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quite useful .. not amazingly unique .. hype it up .. outrageous price

- It seems it's normal on Dragon's Den for people to use an idea that is quite useful ,but not amazingly unique and then hype it up and sell it for an outrageous price ... wait until the public find they can get 80% cheaper somewhere else

"Patent : oh I forgot I patented it 10 years ago and left that company"

- The top winner in Dragons Den is the years later it turns out he was tricky he'd already patented the idea 10 years earlier, but sold that company... There was a court judgement saying this, but so far his old company have not sued him, but they put the details on their website Millipede ... Patent blogger

magnetic cable guide : Caan tried to rip woman off

- Are all the inventors charlatans ? sometimes it's the dragon. The Scunthorpe woman who won with the magnetic cable guide .. She never received the investment promised £80,000 investment for 22.5%. Instead James Caan gave her a contract where they got the 22.5% for £29 She signed the contract, but no money showed up .. At her wits end she managed to get a lawyer who got her out of the contract and turned the company around. The story

- The Daily Mail made a connection between her starting ... to sue Caan and him leaving the programme.

Mad world - striking tube drivers £50

- Tube drivers have got a deal which first puts their salary up to £42K for 35 hour week, but is then locked into be a few points above inflation so will get them £50K per year. OK it is a responsible job, but others are harder surely. Seems to me that by striking they have successfully held Transport For London to ransom.

- What kind of idiots would agree to such a deal ..unless they know like other countries have already done (Lille etc.) you can replace tube drivers with computers..and there won't be much support for rendancy payments cos they have got themselves a "greedy bully" reputation...maybe .

Union leader earns £145,548 total pay package and lives in a housing association property

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