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Flying saves CO2 ?
: New DAILY flights to Humberside for Danish engineers to build windfarms to save CO2 Scunthorpe Telegraph

- Our Local BBC seems owned by the Subsidy Mafia. It's desperate to hype windbiz : Every week BBC Humberside do a story, but when you get to the bottom of the story the locals are not optimistic and the actual size of total projects so far still less that 1/2 a gas power station

A) Northen Irish electricity situation is different

but only source I can find for that story is http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/oct/27/questions-big-six-energy-firms-must-answer-prices 1. It has cheaper electricity 2. profits are capped at 2% 3. everyone prepays so - poor who unlike England the poor do not payer a higher tariff prepay cards the only internet source for this is a page yesterday in the Guardian

Idea 2 band electricity to incentivise less use

everyone can buy 300KWh/quarter of CHEAP dirty leccy then if they want more you have to buy DELUXE (CO2 low) leccy
- Wouldn't work in practice : of course there is a cheat if you were smart you'd subdivide your house into say it's seperate flats
: most electricity is used by business anyway.

Set Agenda rather than respond to guardian

Geoff : The ClimateDung Beetles taking the Guardian's daily Climate BS apart piece by piece

- Still don't agree with it. I think we should move away from responding , cos it lets them set the agenda. Todays new isn't that trhe G had 10 stories getting it wrong , cos they always get it wrong.
- it's there standard technique is to get in a bit fat lie against skeptics first.
"1. Hey those skeptics, they are big liars, paid by big corps"
.. 2. Todays story is about how 'blanco' is the Spanish word for black'
(We know everything with them is projection so everything the say is the complete reverse if they say i's black that means it's white)

When some BBC depts were secretly privatised and sold to Grantham/Greenpeace was the Guardian thrown in for free ?

- I honestly don't know why you bother with it ...The Guardian is just some comic put out by a bunch of activists from the back of their squat.
- The Sun with 8 million in sales, had a double page spread on Friday with the message "Get Fracking Now"

Today's actual Climate story is

1. We are wasting £1bn / day with no proper costs benefit analysis
2. Consequences is normal people suffering energy costs
3. Consequences is business is suffering energy costs, pushing all prices up & it's moving abroad
4. The media cover up continues with Crimbo Huhne being given airtime again
5. We are have a subsidy mafia class of people

Today's actual Climate story is

* Geoff you guys are doing an admirable job of firefighting
but maybe you should do some work with the GWPF or someone to start some fires in peoples brains :
* BOOM - Geoff shows you : ending green madness will put £3000 a year in the average families pocket
* BOOM - Geoff shows you: How Green dogma has killed 40 million people
* BOOM - Geoff shows you: How the KGB & Chinese intelligence are thanking their Greenpeace chums for destroying western economies
* BOOM - Geoff's Green rip-off the week
* BOOM - Geoff CELEBRATES success of country where green is not a priority
* BOOM - Geoff exposes : Green Mafia man of the week
* BOOM - Geoff CELEBRATES : community of the week that stood up to green bullies
* BOOM - Geoff CELEBRATES : nature doing well : Penguin, Polar bears, lobsters all thriving
* BOOM - Geoff exposes : The Green Doormat of the week : the politician who let the fundamentalist 5% walk all over him
* BOOM - Geoff exposes : Celebrity Green Hypocrite of the Week etc. etc.
Give the Guardian some fires to try to put out

Climate Act Circumstances have changed

"no significant change in the circumstances upon which the budget was set. In this regard, there is therefore no legal or economic basis to support a change in the fourth carbon budget."
- They would be screaming like hell if temperature was rising at twice IPCC predicted rise. Now that it's not rising at anything like what they predicted that means there HAS BEEN a "significant change in the circumstances upon which the budget was set"

While the Fundamentalist 5% have almost 100% grip on the main stream media, their alarmism is unchallenged in the view of the public.

- can you imagine if Harrabin/Davey were balanced by the BBC airing video like this Ezra Levant: The IPCC Climate Change Report is Science Fiction from 6 weeks ago

- He pulls no punches and I see no lies

Paul Hudson : On Sunspot cooling climate
TODAY 7.30pm Yorkshire region BBC1 Paul Hudson introduces prof who will talk about possible cold climate change (10 minute piece)
I paraphrase what I saw on a warmist blog the other day "Wow those idiot deniers, their position is that oh there is a coming ice-age.. what a bunch of idiots. lah, lah, lah, they should not be allowed to mislead children"
..of course they are twisting by picking an extreme. Pauls expert actually said : "he risk of a period of harsh winters and unsettled summers in northern Europe and the UK has gone up from less than 10% a few years ago to 25-30% today." ..the prog webpage has a full page of background info - "Climate is heavily influenced by the sun", has been one of Paul's saying for a long time Tonight his prof friend will explain a correlation pattern between recent years and the introduction to other colsd periods like the Maunder Mininmum. (The trailer mentions coldest point at 2050) It's not that every summer/winter will be cooler, just that there will be more cooler than warmer periods.

What tall things pollute the environment & make the sky black ?

- Apart from DramaGreens photoshopping cooling towers steam photographed at dusk.

Explanation & video in English
see back on page 68 and 73 about DramaGreens cheat
Other pics Lords of the wind, The Sun calls for fracking

FOE trying to stop DART doing coalfield methane recovery
1. The project would reduce CO2, but FOE don't care about that, seems FOE care more about stopping competition to their subsidy mafia mates 2. You know who finances Friends of the Earth don't you ? ..Yes You ! a substantial amount of their money comes from the EU The EU gives them money, which they then use to lobby the EU etc. 3.If the methane if left ..wouldn't it make it's way into theatmosphere ..and isn't methane a greenhouse gas worse than CO2

Green game is a ponzi scheme

someone says "She is fronting a massive Ponzi wealth transfer scheme, which takes money from the least well off and gives it to the richest, namely, banks, energy companies, stock exchanges and not least, governments. Meanwhile, the planet's temperature will be continue to be determined by solar activity, with a bit of geothermal in the mix." SCAM.

Green House Effect slayed ?

- not read

Media not reporting Eco Corruption

rules... schmules yep, Yep usually the press police morality rules ..to the extent of hacking every D-lists phone and email but note how they hold off talking about certain subjects as if it spoils the narrative
- 1960s DJs sleeping with young girls - untouchables, cos it's cool "everyones at it"
- 2013 Eco-corruption - untouchables, cos it's cool "everyones at it"

FOE protesting against DART mine gas capture

2. You know who finances Friends of the Earth don't you ? ..Yes You ! a substantial amount of their money comes from the EU The EU gives them money, which they then use to lobby the EU etc.
3.If the methane if left ..wouldn't it make it's way into theatmosphere ..and isn't methane a greenhouse gas worse than CO2

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