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Old notes on 400ppm

for the record the measurements of both institutes (which use the same instruments) were later adjusted DOWNWARDS (as they regularly are, to account for freak pulses and volcano contamination). About 1 week later the 400ppm limit was crossed on about 5 days out of 10 before dropping DOWN as the season's high had been reached. It will cross 400ppm again sometime in Spring 2014

"Scientists say, Artic permafrost will melt and cause $7trillilion of damage" (rubbish)

So Will we let Ice Hydrates gas escape, while will fiddle around with BADMATHS renewables ? Will Greenpeace drop opposition to Arctic gas gathering ?

ARCHIVE : DECC crazy electric plans
Let me get this right
1. SUBSIDISE renewables to generate in order to get rid of fossil fuel generation. 1a. SUBSIDISE renewables to SHUT OFF when it spurts over expected generation. 2. They haven't been able to close any fossil fuel generation plants at all cos they need them on standby 3. The price of fossil fuel electricity has gone up cos it can't run at maximum efficiency. 4. They are now promising the energy corps a SUBSIDY from 2018 for maintaining spare capacity in (fossil fuel) generation plants. 5. As a temporary stopgap : Promising superhigh SUBSIDISED prices to their mates venture capital corps to set up hidden diesel generator stations by for emergency standby electricity. - did I miss something - ah yes something about hospitals buying their own generators. * - And smart grid subsidies to Kiwi power and the Holiday Inn etc.

* actually it makes more sense to use exisiting unused hospital generators more rather than pay external companies.

- DECC if you are reading don't believe all those mathengineer types who are commenting here ..we know thewy are ALL DENIERS. And all we need to is pay the Wind & Solar pixies a little extra money and they will magically provide all our electricity CO2 lessly (well apart from the massive amount of CO2 to build all the concrete & infrastructure now)

- And we know don't we world energy prices are going to rise massively and future demand is bound to be way less than today. All we need to do is close our eyes and wish VERY VERY HARD. Are you ready now lets do it !

Note as an electric company you want to keep supply to below 100% of demand in order to keep prices high, it's only the entry of large new players that provides pressure.

Protest at Google against Sen Inhofe

I just found my notes I made after I saw a photo of the "huge" protest of 5-50 people (guess shows that most Activists did get the perpective right and are not mindless bullies.)

- Now why would Green Activists stage a "huge" protest against Google ? for allowing Oklahoma Sen. Jim "Climate Change Denier" Inhofe to use their building for a fundraising dinner (he is the senator for the state where Google houses many of it's data centers)

Why would green activists be angry with Inhofe ? - Maybe cos of the answers he gets. e.g. Re Shale Gas Fracking
: Video : On July 23 2013, Sen Inhofe asks the EPA "are you aware of any documented cases of groundwater contamination being definitely caused by fracking ? short answer please "
- guess the answer

Google Climate Activist supporter

- "Google's website boasts of more than $1 billion donated to renewable-energy projects."
- "Last year Google forked over more than $18 million in lobbying, according to the Center for Responsive Politics — more than any company except General Electric. : swampland.time.com - Last month climate activists protested when Google sent $50,000 to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think tank

- Note The Green Activists normal line is "you can't trust CEI, Inhofe etc. they are funded by big oil !", Doesn't that mean that they want non-oil corps to be putting in a higher percentage of the funding..yet when this happens they protest.

- Oh course you could spin it the other way ..saying "Google tries to bribe effective Climate Skeptic Inhofe"

- Yes I understand the protesters are dammed if do dammed if they don't

big on DRAMA QUEENING & low on validated predictions.

A Surprise on the Drones breed Taliban meme

Pakistan Big City People really hate drones, Peshawar "A majority in the tribal Taliban terrorised areas are probably in favour" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jpgtv
- An example of opinions/feelings driving peoples reality instead of the other way around

- Pakistan : Who hates/likes drones ? AUDIO The BBC reporter explained that the further away you get from where they work the more people hate them. In the big cities the public are absolutely certain drones should stop, cos the accidental civilian damage is recruiting Taliban. But he said when you go the areas where the drones work, people like them. The situation is that the Taliban are out of control brutal & killing 100 people a day, but the drones are really making an impact against them and their collateral damage is not even 1% of the Talibans killings.
- Pakistani reporters who have worked in tribal areas know the REALITY is local people like drones, but they can't say this on air, cos this does not fit with their big city viewers OPINION of reality.
- So who hates drones ? The big city people & the Taliban (now say they won't negotiate until drone strikes are stopped.)
- Who likes drones ? the normal people in Taliban areas and in Afghanistan the military people running supply convoys (when they attacked by the Taliban the drones are there to shoot back at them.)
- An example of opinions/feelings driving peoples reality instead of the other way around

- Some one is surprised at this angle from BBC "Wow, some actual journalism on the radio; drones have significant support in Pakistan, increasing as you get closer to the Taliban"

Odd Notes

What's cool about big bloated monolistic corporations that don't pay tax ? like Apple Like Google Catastrophe theory's 1998-2013 record ?.

"BBC can't air skeptics" "you can speak, your not a scientist" big on Censorship ? #CDQ #ClimateDramaQueens

The David Archer actor .".wind turbines are peeing in the wind ..what about a Severn barrage ..it would generate 3 nuclear power stations worth."

r4 plugging Find Invest Grow sharing website also the people who share http://www.compareandshare.com/ gloss toff thing ..not sure if really practical

Many Local Radio NOT yet on DAB due to Muxco finance problems. Ask DAB guy next time http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1809264 #R4Mediashow @steve_hewlett

- 2 stories reported on BBC 5 Live last night "Social Content Farming"

test www.wolframalpha.com

PC speed check

- "The evil skeptics deny the hockey stick, we should rely only on IPCC info" German analysis of IPCC reports show the IPCC has all but deleted the same hockey stick from their reports

Mention this on BH http://www.global-warming-forecasts.com/2015-climate-change-global-warming-2015.php Alarmist Website 2015 prediction already looking flakey & it calls it predictions too conservative

Odd Notes

Michael Hart mentioned the "cover your ass mentality". it is worth repeating, that that could explain a lot of climate catastrophe hype 1. gives you a get out of jail free card : "predict something dire" and it When the badly maintained dyke breaks ..."it was climate change" .. It doesn't break - "well we were lucky" 2. Gives you a bigger budget : well obviously to cope with climate change we'll need a bigger budget" - Although of course there will be occasions when officials might have an interest in downplaying the"possibility of catastrophe CC", like say when they want to build in a floodplain , it seems that on many occasions the dynamic works in favour of hyping it.

Odd Notes

@SandyS That is a brilliant idea :CO2 pricing should be standard ! - Everything sold as green should by law have a CO2 rating - Onshore wind costs £X to save 1 tonne of CO2 - Offshore wind costs ..£Y - Solar PV on average over a year in northern UK costs .. - XYZ Gimmicky EV Electric car costs .. ... oh hang on ..wouldn't some calculations mean show that some things cost more CO2 than they save ? .. I just can't understand why the EU law hasn't been made .. it's just like people care about political dogma rather than saving CO2

- CO2 has been at 10 times todays levels

CO2 & temperature. Do they run together like Al Gore said ?
The #Climate Drama Queens
1998-2013 Reality was outside IPCC projections

- CO2 has been at 10 times todays levels
Physicit Dr William Happer "people don't know that 80 million years ago when mammals were evolving CO2 was at least 1000ppm (same as energy efficient office blding or inside a submarine)"

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