70 OPINION : Scientist Role Models with Get-A-Boyfriend type clothes

Role Models or Bimbo Models At the 2013 British Science Festival Newcastle


- Lots of interesting things at At the 2013 British Science Festival Newcastle , and this issue is not the most important one, but it is worthy of comment. Firstly male scientists, female scientists who cares ? I don't normally divide the worlds thus cos it'as a false dichotomy. I don't fancy men, but i don't fancy 99% of women either. I only see 1 in 10,000 women in a sexual way.

At the 2013 British Science Festival Newcastle

- there were more lectures given by women scientists than ever. Not 50% but getting towards there.
- What is it with a small % of women scientists wearing their "get a boyfriend clothes" and displaying their thighs. I am absolutely for equality of ROLE MODELS for all.. listen I am not being sexist as a I don't divide the world into 2 sexes as to me that is a false dichotomy. We don't fancy all people of the same sex, (nor the same sex if we are homosexual) rather I am only attracted to maybe 1 in 10,000 women who are compatible i.e. around my age and not wider than I am.
- BUT I went into some BSF sessions and heard some good lectures it didn't matter if there was a man or woman giving them, I didn't really think about it. But then 20% of the time there'd be a speaker wearing their "get a boyfriend clothes" (street lingerie ?) usually a dress so short it's displaying their thighs and one time a figure hugging dress that was transluscent in the stage lights..and even though I have no real interest in them sexually, around 15% of my brain is occupied in a a re-occuring loop saying to itself "she's displaying her thighs". I guess it would be the same for others if some male lecturers turned up in their Borat style swimming costume or leather jeans.
- What I am saying is that if I as a lecturer dressed in such an outrageous manner then that would detract from the effectiveness of my lecture. I guess there are men who wear beards and others who don't, women who wear lippy and others that don't, but there becomes a point wear appearance crosses into sexual for a particular culture.

what are you wearing ?

- There was this extraordinary time when I walked into a lecture and one of the female lecturers was sitting on a table on the side. She was blushing like a schoolgirl (she looked 10 years younger than me even though she is less than 1 year younger than me), but thing was she was wearing black tights and her skirt was so short you could see the her thighs. Even though I was sat infront I kept glancing back. Then when she came down to lecture you could see that her skirt wasn't that short it must have been that it bunched up when she been sitting down. And also I could see that although she was my height and dark she was a little fat. If she had been thin and dark skinned my brain would have been totally overloaded.
- I guess she was meeting a famous scientist boyfriend cos when she mentioned his name in the lecture she blushed even more.

Same At O2

- At the conference at the O2, One speaker was wearing a quite covering dress, but it was pretty sexualised as it was quite tight and the print lines formed a triangle at the crotch and around the breats .so where do you think your eyes were directed

But TV is worse than porn

When they started saying that internet porn today give boys and realistic expectations of women I thought what the heck TV, advertising and other media already does that.
- Also I have said before I think couple dancing is just a substitute for sex and a poor one if you are willing to touch someone that close then you might as well be having sex with them ..it's more fun.
- Then I just saw the Strictly Dancing show.. come on to me that is just pure pornography as the female dancers clothes and actions are well beyond what is normal on the street. The women are dressed provacatively and gyrating to turn men on in public. What role model message is that other than "women behave like a public sex object" ?
- I respect people more who use porn, over someone who's getting titillation from such sleazy TV shows.

Caroline Lucas banning Women's Clothes

- Similar issue : Green MP Caroline Lucas was just on BBCr4 trying to get Tescos to stop selling Lad Mags, as they give men the wrong image of women.

- I have never bought any Lads mags. But it seems the point of "Slut walks" is that women can wear what they want without men having expectations ? So they can dress how they like when they go to Tescos.Is caroline Lucas trying to ban them ? No.

- So women dress like sluts in Tesco but men are not allowed to buy photos of similar women in the magazines Tescos sell.

- Tweeters note Cosmo, and Gay magazines also mislead, but Green party doesn't call for them to be bannned. All magazines newspapers including Green party mag give fake values ?

- What they are doing is BULLYING picking off the supermarkets one by one to get only their own politics allowed. Should such techniques be tolerated ? You could get anything banned, e.g. church magazines etc.

- Do you support Caroline Lucas campaign to ban Tescos from selling skimpy clothes ?

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