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Greenpeace = Red Terrorist
..If they have good evidence they should convince with films etc. not subvert the democratic process with direct action. Direct Action should only be used if the democratic process has broken down and the matter is truly urgent .. not just cos you have failed to convince the rest of the world.. and not by bodies such as Greenpeace which are undemocratic. One day some protester will use it against Greenpeace e.g. "lock on" to the Rainbow Warrior to stop it leaving port.

- checkboard should be symbol for skeptics cos we are checkers instead of accepting at face value

Big Pharma is nothing compared to the hype of Big Green
- The Green movement always point the finger & shout "It's all big corporation they are evil & self serving."

- Yet green organisations like Greenpeace & WWF (World Wildlife Fund) exhibit the very same self serving chracterisitcs ..if a science report came out saying "such and such" , they could risk suddenly losing a lot of public support & funding, so they would move into denial instead ob absolute honesty ..a behaviour exhibited by the Catholic church in the case of child abuse.
- Personally I don't believe businesses work the same way cos if they do coverups their shareholders interests would be damaged in the long term.

- Big Pharma is nothing compared to the hype of Big Green

Another Global Warning thing proved wrong
- "In 20 years time there will be 50 million climate refugees", this widely quoted phrase .. was of course made 20 years ago... There were supposed to be 50 million climate refugees by the end of last year, so where are they? New Scientist investigates article with preface

..other articles reveal Greenpeace activists wrote some IPCC headlines
..for God's sakes reporters when new research comes out check the source ..if it only comes from activists it's not very credible is it ?
.. the IPCC have a trick where they release a press release, but you can only check who wrote it when the full report comes a month later more

Windfarms Cause a Lot of Mining Pollution in China
- due to material for magnets
- pollution caused by windfarm construction ..good article ..but unfortunately in a newspaper which has no credibility due to it's past record

Why the hell are we considering spending billions on carbon capture when natural pools emit millions of tonnes
..wouldn't it be far more cost effective to do the simple job of covering them up ? - see idea 501 idea

- why are we concentrating on petrol in Europe if such a easily stoppable large source exists ?

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Solar unFIT

- serious thing about solar is far more people fall of roofs installing solar than from the nuclear power industry.
(greenies won't believe this cos they live in a bubble, prefer to say "of course" rather deal with real world statistics)

Hyperbole in the new BEST check on temperature record
.." The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project has released its preliminary findings though not in a research journal but to the scientific community and the general public *. Their trumpeted finding is not surprising - the world has gotten warmer in recent decades - or at least the land has. This is consistent with the other global temperature datasets." (note they just took a couple of datasets the IPCC used, so of course they got the same result, they could have included other datasets in their study, but didn't)

- SHOUTED A press release issued by the project said, “Global Warming is real,” adding that it can find no evidence of a heat island effect, and that even weather stations considered to be of doubtful quality still show relative warming over the 1950 - 2010 period in question. "
- Of course that was covered in in the compliant converted Main Stream Media

- NOT SHOUTED..what they didn't mention is another line it has "Some of the change in the AMO area could be natural variation" “in that case human component of global warming may be somewhat overstated.” #
- Wattsup said...."Why was this nugget missed or ignored? It is because environmental reporters are too obsessed with bashing sceptics, and reading press releases, than in reporting science.?"
# (I note that some skeptical blogs go over the top and edit the quote to make it seem "human component of global warming may be somewhat overstated" overall.)

* a sign of bad science is that they release info direct to the press instead of verifying it in the peer review process first

Slash and Burn 10 times as much CO2 as air travel ?
- Is the humble slash and burn farmer really responsible for 10 times are much CO2 as the air traveller ?

- Is the governments focus on taxing fuel a misdirected effort ? It's widely quoted that deforestation makes up 30% of manmade CO2 and that most of that is through "slash and burn".. with air travel 3% surely these stats are suspect ..the best I can find in an IPCC recalc at 6 to 17% but that sounds too vague surely ? end of summary

..quote " show deforestation accounts for up to 25 per cent of global emissions of heat-trapping gases, while transport and industry account for 14 per cent each; and aviation makes up only 3 per cent of the total."
- it's on pro forest websites ..

.. I presume it's not true but can't find official IPCC figures ..what percentage of deforestation is due to slash and burn ?
- "Deforestation mainly in tropical areas, could account for up to one-third of total anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions"." But recent calculations suggest that carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (excluding peatland emissions) contribute about 12% of total anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions with a range from 6 to 17%"
- F@*in hell thats a bit vague isn't it ..especially since the science is so certain ...

More climate claptrap on #11

a Stew Green Opinion
from Nature magazine (they don't normally allow Climate Skeptics)
- it's an interesting take.. I not sure I believe this

Climate Change Follow the money

Someone made this
exposing that climate skeptic finance is dwarfed by alarmist machine

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