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Biases toward Catastrophe Fear

Biases towards Skeptics

Inside Science a prog on Radio 4 : ClimateScarePorn story of the week

Click : occasionally hypes greendream future like electric cars

"Coming up on the Radio 4 News, a leading environmental expert has said that people are misleading when they claim green taxes are responsible for energy price rises"

- Then at 6.10pm in the actual report "Green taxes are only 3%, and by investing in Green energy Britain is ensuring cheaper future energy , says Lord Stern" read by Roger Harrabin.
- Er LIE calls a writer saying that report was written by Bob Ward (Climate Fraud) who fronts a $multi-billion hedgefund & since Lord Stern is also paid by same corp, Harrabin gave the report weight by atributing it to him

Balanced the next day on Today when Consumer repoprt gave a full explanation of green electricity policies ..including how Germany don't think smart meters are worth it
File On 4 :Gov fiddling with Electricity prices Quite rational laying out of the facts

BBC File On 4 report on HS2 -good : explains HS1 in Kent has made many journeys slower and expensive (I calculate taxis will be cheaper than HS2 see BBC More Or Less report on Athens train) How many Manchester to Birmingham taxi journeys do you get for £40bn ?


- It's not like I started off by trying to say the BBC is biased. Nope, these pages are just my notes from when I am listening to a BBC prog and I say "hang on what they just said as fact is wrong". I then write some notes, which I post on Bioshop-Hill. I am going to try to keep them here as an archive.

- Other people on BH also supply good analysis.. and make transcripts ..making proper analysis easier.
Geoff Chambers
- transcripts on AlexCull's blog @AlexCull

Jeez Alex that is impressive. Your Transcriptions are very welcome by those of us who like to check facts. I thought you had special access to a BBC transcription service. Like the tool that exists on Youtube; a button to the right of the LIKE thumb. - I guess you are very accurate if you do it as you listen. I can't be accurate, but rather I have to paraphrase from memory. and am aa fat finggered tyypist

The Dynamics of why the media air greens view & exclude skeptics is long, but one thing is
- Media prefer soundbites to proper long explanations
- Media do rely on authority, and onwe kind of authority is "all the other media are talking about it", Since Greens have a grip on the Guardian and BBC this becomes a self fulfilling phrophesy

Inside Science a prog on Radio 4

- Inside Science a prog on Radio 4 this afternoon, repeated at 9.00pm I told you the reason why Radio 4 got rid of Material World was that it was the last science prog that doesn't broadcast rampant warmist "catastrophe is coming" propaganda.
- 2nd item "we received a lot of pro & neg comments after our item on fracking last week ..so we decided to invite on a climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson from Manchester University to put his case ...I paraphrase "well now we have CO2 from coal, and if we allow allow fracking then we have CO2 from both coal & fracking" (yes he really said that)
.."then we'd putting more total CO2 out, when we need to cutting drastically to stop the catastrophe we are heading towards"

- Then an item about "how to communicate statistic reliability re climate change" convincing the public on the 95% stats of climate change. Apparently it's a problem of our education rather than the fact that they made the 95% figure up.

(.. If I predicted in 2000 that I am 90% certain we are heading for long term Labour government and that by 2012 Labour would be in Government.. BUT in 2013 It turned out they weren't ..and I then issued a new report saying that NOW I am 95% certain we are heading for long term Labour government ..would I have any credibility ? )

Yep : ClimateScarePorn story of the week

Someone behind Inside Science must be a true believer. They really "care". Their thinking must be "It's important it really matters, think of the children !" "we must remain on message so it's OK to be flexible with the truth" - cos now the non-crusading Material World replaced with InsideScience and are now ensuring the pressure is kept up with a climate scare story of the week. A Weekly dose of fear driven jumping to conclusions.

Anyone listened to Quentin Cooper presenting "Challenges in Chemical Renewable Energy" Meeting in Cambridge (RSC Royal Society of Chemistry) BBC link Strangely the facebookpage is not filled with positive greendream, some negative comments about batteries being not yet good and some ads

More on Paul Nurse

- The previous week the prog ended with Sir Paul Nurse "Trouble is that when you are a Nobel laureate people come to you cos they think you have expertise about everything. Too many suffer from #Nobelitis and pronounce on things they know nothing about"
.. at that point Nobel Laureate Paul Nurse broke the irony meter.

- Interesting words the the Times Higher Education uses

Paul Nurse calls for better understanding of scientific limits 3 OCTOBER 2013 | BY DAVID MATTHEWS Schools should teach the limits of scientific certainty so the public better understand scientific debate, says president of the Royal Society. Sir Paul Nurse, speaking yesterday at the opening of the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit in Singapore
Singapore ? well #GreensGoByAir
Marnie Chesterton the producer of Inside Science used to present the evangelical eco-show Earth Beat on Radio National Worldwide until it closed down almost all it's broadcasts.

- When I am abroad ..at first I cannot understand the language so I can't understand the weird logic that is being preached at me
..when I am in BBC-Guardian-land I can't understand the weird logic that is being preached at me.

BBC Links to Warmist sites which then link ONLY to activists sites

BBC Inside science has a link to Uncertainty and the IPCC (talkingclimate.org) It is a propaganda site slagging off skeptics basically run by one guy at Nottingham University (same place where after conference some came out as saying skeptics were right about IPCC)..It's glossy and university funded.. However you can see that it hardly ever gets any comments (some censoring ?)..apart from times when the regular BH skeptics have come over and pointed out the errors ..it seems like one man is paid to argue with skeptics during his working hours ..pretends not to be propaganda but look what it sites it links to Green Living Blog (Green Alliance) etc. no skeptic sites of course`

BBC pushing Windfarm propaganda

Wednesday had to switch the TV twice cos BBC was harassing me with windfarm propaganda - 7pm : On Coast on Yesterday channel about The Hebrides : Alice Roberts 10 mins on the "fantastic" largest windfarm in the world to be built there. Then 2 mins with a local leading a campaign against the windfarm
- I checked 10 years after the prog was made there is a Lewis Windfarm Company, but that windfarm never got built

- 10.40pm Newsnight seemed to have been replaced by a Windfarm publicity film : Bizarrely it was all about our area, when normally our masters in London ignore us.. (no films about the Western Europes largest steelworks in Scunthorpe or Immingham one of EUs largest ports with it's large oil refineries etc.)
- They Started at Grimsby "lots of new jobs will come", the the airport "oh look at all the wind technicians flying in" ..then Scunthorpe steelorks "wouldn't it be great if the steel comes from Scunthorpe" (The UK large size tube mills are not in Scunthorpe they are in the far NE of England)...blah blah ..TV switched off

@Mr Bliss I stay 11 miles west of that airport, I am an Electrical Engineer and I wouldn't even consider working for the Windfarm mafia. - As i said the same when I was in Italy and I met an Italian who told me his brother works on the offshore Cleethorpes windfarm (our local windfarm)

- 2010 Siemens are going to build a wind turbine factory on the north side of the Humber. 2013 contract not signed and Siemens has just fired the boss who led them doewn the green fairtayle path

BBC + Activists war on on reality continues

- July 2013 -
5.27pm Radio 5 Live : "Lets talk about implications for future climate over to female Professor of Physics at Reading University" (oh good proper Physics prof so we are get some proper skepticism like from Tamsin Edwards) but No .."blah blah Climate of Marseille by 2050 need to be prepared..blah blah "
- hang on this is an activist "That is prof of ENVIRONMENTAL Physics from Reading University" *
- Actually I switched over in the middle to PM on Radio4 only to find another activist scientist going on about the urgency for his seedbank project (total press release propaganda bit, the reporter even interviewed Price Waterhouse guy on the economic importance cos the imminent extinction of plant species due to climate change.
BBC News : "An international operation has been launched to save seeds from wild plants which scientists believe could be crucial in protecting crops from the potentially devastating impact of climate change...The BBC's rural affairs correspondent Jeremy Cooke has visited Italy"

.. and it's not only in climate change that the "intelligent media" serve us up these massive distortions of reality today.

* Google says Janet Barlow Professor of Environmental Physics (SMPS) and Director of the Centre for Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE, SCME)
- Green ? #GreensGoByAir They send people flying over from UK and all over Asia to their campus in Malaysia to organise symposium on resilience to climate change in South East Asia

- The Reading Uni Meteorology dept seems to have a truly massive Climate Change bent listing about 60 Climate Scientists on the payroll - The Uni even has Walker Institute for Climate System Research with a complete activist propaganda website e.g. this headline "Research with KiWi Power shows: smarter energy use by industry could cut electricity demand by 75%" ..yeh right industry is so stupid they just wasting 75% of the energy they pay for.

Inside Science : Energy From sewage

..typical greendream hyping reporting style
: Northumbria isn't this amazing we can get electricity from sewage !
- Then right at the end of the report "so how much energy will you get" Scientist :" "Well we are not going to generate any external power, if we are lucky we'll just about cover the sewage treatment plant"

Advertisers Choose progs on Commercial TV

- Interesting the Group M (an advertising buying company part of WPP) are directly deciding what TV programmes are made. On the BBC media show http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03b2j77 , programme makers told how often when they pitched a prog for funding like on Channel 4, they were told to ask Group M directly as they would ultimately be funding the shows. That means that shows which the advertisers don't like wouldn't be getting made. The experts explained that laws apply to progs directly funded b the TV companies like impartiality and anti-monopoly, but that arrangement with M Group funding a huge segment of programming gets around those regulations.

Outrageous Bias in Comedy : BBC Newsjack

- Australians A nasty sneer at Tony Abbot, in a BBC comedy radio show. It's just a sneer without any comedy value, so I don't know who authorised it. (it's only on the BBC website for another 48 hours) fan of old racist, sexist white men ? "give us a twirl luv & fetch me a tinny"
- Normally on NewsJack people send in their own sketch ideas and the producer selects the best ones for the team to make. here's a better one
- 2015 Jeremy Clarkson is an MP in for parliament (future environment minister ?) ..and Chris Huhne has become the new Stig (or rather his wife has)

The BBC can't find any sceptical UK scientists

1. In Feb 2010 Harrabin puts out of call
2. Scientist Paul Dennis replies
3. Harrabin replies “interested but very busy” ( paraphrased)
4. In 2013 Harrabin & BBC say "We can't find any sceptical UK scientists"

- Strange that cos there is a list of 46 of the IPCC's own scientists making extremely strong criticism

That BBC we can't find a British Skeptic scientist well the GWPF put forward a few to the propsed meeting with Royal Society can Harrabin not have been aware of that ?
Professor Mike Kelly FRS (Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge)
Nic Lewis (independent climate science researcher)
Professor Richard Tol (IPCC Lead Author and professor of Economics, University of Sussex) (The others were either foreign or non-scientists)

BBC's Close relationship with Guardian

strangeworld : Guardian & Edward Snowdon say they have right to see secret data, but that secret services don't

= Talking of that disgusting rag (The Guardian) *someone once said "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ......* There's no proof it was Mark Twain

BBC Click Radio : Electric Car advert

- They want to believe desperately in a happy greendream future ..so couldn't resist making the prog like an advert

- Despair despair that electric car piece was just a straight advert. What did we learn new ?
1. At the Frankfurt motor show there were some electric cars.
2. Oh there is a Ford Focus at €40K which is "only twice the price of a conventional". And so begins the normal game of Green Politics Chinese whispers where the fact become even more magic at each teller. A Ford Focus does not cost €20K, that's about 25% more than cheapest (even the Ford 2013 brochure lists £14K, so you can negotiate cheaper) , so at €40K the electric is much more than twice the price.
3. Then we learn that British comedian Robert Llewellyn likes them. well what a surprise --- We didn't learn that actually he runs a web TV show promoting them aswell as as being on tour right now with his EV lecture show.. He calls himself an EV activist.... and his words were not balanced by another opinion.
- OK I can understand someone being keen to push electric vehicles as the upcoming magic thing. And I know how people like easy magic solutions cos reality requires complex explanations. I used to work a lot of green festivals and saw how people try to buy themselves green. A version of "have your cake and eat it", they think they can still do crazy things like live 60Km from their job and call themselves green. They think they can achieve green-ness by just buying something instead of making any lifestyle changes.
- However Buying Green usually turns out to be unGreen *.. the case of electric vehicles is complex for a start they are certainly not zero emmission rather they just emit at the power station.
* The exception to this is is some simple things that do work like installing more home insulation, but this is overlooked in favour of spending big dollars on more fashionable "green" stuff.
- The waste of moving a big metal box everywhere you go. I'm with Bill the thing is people think that they can spend vast amounts of money/resources on cars, cos they think if they have a "green label" then that's OK
- People will soon be buying lots of rubbish that they don't need cos it's Christmas .. Our local shop are already filling up with the stuff .. cos 2 weeks isn't enough time people really need 3 months to do their Christmas shopping !

- Meanwhile in the real world : stevengoddard reveals the GM EV is losing big money

Barking mad article in #RadioTimes by@TerryPayne_ Dolphins + Fracking

Bizarre line in radio times. "Disturbances in the sea could see dolphins scatter. It's that fracking thing again." Terry Payne who reports on natural history for Radio Times headlined : Don't let our Dolphin's Go Hundreds of Britain's very own dolphins are in danger -from fracking. Article is supposed to be about Miranda Krestovnikoff's new wildlife's prog

OK He points out sound travels further in water and dolphins might be sensitive to sounds in seawater. Then says "Disturbances in the sea could see dolphins scatter. It's that fracking thing again."
1. In the UK new shale is all onland.
2. We have had North Sea oil biz for 40 years with no one screaming about dolphin damage. Indeed where Miranda Krestovnikoff filmed dolphins in Moray Firth has the the Beatricefield 24Km from the shore which has been producing oil and gas for over thirty years.  

great deconstruction from No Hot Air Blog

5 Live Green propaganda day

5 September Energy Day BBC Radio 5 Live ..Thursday 7am-7pm (of course you can eaqsily pick holes in their flawed logic)
"Renewable energy will power BBC’s live news and sport radio station 5Live on Energy Day on 5 September in Manchester, England, to highlight concerns over how the UK will meet binding climate targets in the coming years."

you can be on the show
"Hosted by Nicky Campbell, the Energy Secretary Ed Davey MP will be answering questions from callers and the audience as we explore a topic that polarises opinion." I posted details on whole days events in the DISCUSSION pages in Live Events/Talks : Climate Change etc. Autumn 2013

Skeptics should go to such talks cos, there are rarely be any skeptics on the panel.
- I suggest you write your simple question beforehand ..so it doesn't become a boring duckable ramble.

Next day another event by carbontrust

- The British Energy Challenge - Manchester Exhibition Fri, 06/09/2013 - 09:00 to 17:00 (Bristol 10th, Newcastle 20th)
Attend The British Energy Challenge free exhibition and find out about energy generation, renewable technologies, climate change and how you can save energy and cut costs.
- Visit the stands of local and national organisations with interactive demonstrations, career opportunity advice and energy saving tips. Check out an electric car, visit the Met Office TV studio, see a working model of a marine current turbine and step inside a zero-carbon house! See below for full list of exhibitors confirmed for Manchester.
same deal Register .. thast page lists all the gov dept's & subsidy grabbers attending

BBC's Close relationship with Guardian

- List of ABC Climate Bias - very good
- Very strong article against Flannery

Skeptic Songs http://www.jamesblackmusic.com/ anti warmist music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwGdICfOqF4

"can heat hide in the ocean" .. must be strange system ... why doesn't it escape

Idea : Theatre bus : Edinbugh is so packed at Festival so why no tconvert a bus. Take out a few rows of seats and then drive into centre of town and pick up the audience. Then drive out park up some of the passengers can sit on the floor when the play starts. - It might work well with the immersion type play e.g. where the audience are kidnapped.

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