68 Acidic error : Missed by Warmists So Focused by Fear

Who respects the environment more the protesters or the oil company ?

- The Latest BBC Balcombe report is about end of the camp..mentions nothing of the rubbish, but does have a photo of a the very tidy part of the site left by Cuadrilla
- Remember just cos people trash a place you can't call them scum : "PC who tweeted fracking protesters were 'scum' given 'advice" BBC
- To be fair I expect some people were arrested then released far from the site ... would they come back to clean ?
- However the site site did have organisers who should have been responsible for a 100% cleanup.Since it seems the COOP and RSPCB have cash to spend on motivating the protesters, and Lush Cosmetics have cash to throw at them, then shouldn't the council ask them to help with the clean up bill ?
- "Did you go back to clean ?" could be a question in upcoming court cases.

Guardian Confused the rate of change of something, with the actual figure and no one noticed.

- THIS MEGA cos it sums the entire climate debate in a simple in a microcosm :A brilliant example of fearful alarmists vs Skeptics
- I realise the difference of thinking : they are coming from a base of FEAR.... fear drives "drama queening panic", drives rush, drives getting fact 180 degrees confused
- Greendream followers have no feeling for science & are sloppy with it and also in a rush retweet (& ALMOST NEVER CORRECT later). Who shows these colors ? The Guardian made an fundamental error in the first sentence & neither their professional editors or fanboys spotted it Fiona Harvey ran to plug her story tweeted that first sentence, @NatureGeosci, @BBCNewshour, @bbcworldservice, @GeorgeMonbiot (followers retweened 101 times)
- The Guardian page gathered 371 comments, before comments were switched off ..non of the uncensored comments mention the error ..they just all ploughed in "fault of big oil" etc. etc.

It's like in the famous experiment, where people miss the obvious gorilla. Focused on the fear they just don't see the same big picture, that skeptics do.
- How come they didn't spot the error at the 5th word ? "The oceans are more acidic" hmm "The Oceans are BECOMING more acidic AT A RATE" or "oceans acidification is more" is what they meant to say But their thinking is "What's wrong with that ? Doh, we are all going to die, you fool ! that's what's wrong !"
- And we can trust the "consensus scientists" cos they stepped forward to correct the public record ? Oh seems like a "no", cos after 4 days none have.
- Also note how media and governments are quick to republish greendream stuff from scientists speaking outsides their field instead of going to an expert in the field

How can that "tiny minority" geeky old skeptics be right and all the AFEARED : the cool artistic crowd, the authorative Guardian and BBC be wrong ..it's not possible !

BTW was it NEWS anyway ? the headline in Washington Post 31st Aug & Time on 2nd March "Sea Changes: Ocean Acidification Is Worse Than It’s Been for 300 Million Years and same mis extrapolation then
e.g. @s_guilbeault 2 Mar 12
"Our oceans now more acid than they've been for 300 MILLION years because of increasing CO2 levels "
- Steve Burnett wrote a good item in WUWT in July

Yes credit to @NatureGeosci (took them 4 days to correct tweet)

Acidic Incident explains the state of Climate Debate

Yesterday I came to understand the thinking of the other side. They are driven by FEAR, which causes them to rush to conclusions & "drama queen". Then today a brilliant example

How can a few Geeky skeptics be right and all the afeard the cool artistic crowd, the authorative Guardian and BBC be wrong ..it's not possible !
- Do you send General who has fear in his brain, to make your decisions ?

- extra notes rewordings

Ties into to Bob Geldof's fear rantings

These extreme overstatements that warmists so often make ..are they genuine mistakes or exagerration lies for the cause ? why would anyone feel the need to go beyond the truth ?
... Hang-on I am channeling Sir Bob Geldof
Of Course they are freakin lies ! for freak sake, the whole life of the planet is at stake ! We need your lies ! send us your freakin lies NOW !

.. please make his new single "Do they know it's BS ?" the Xmas #1
he's doing it with large green corps like Solyndra, Tesla, Earthday TM etc. ..think they call it BRAND AID

The Skeptics "smokey chimney and polar bear" ?
- The Divergence graph & BBC Doorman

More about John Brignell saying Skeptics are weak in fighting back
- The other sides "drama queening" is driven by genuine fear, so they will stop a nothing. ie. not stop to check their facts, that's why it makes no difference that the IPCC has reigned back on the catastrophe projections. "are you going to sit there and do noting when there is a risk of something going badly wrong ? Think of the children !" (Nor stop to be polite so we get anger and namecalling rightoff)
- Not only are they driven, they are well funded and resourced, with multitudes of PR professionals
- You can tell the alarmists have PR professionals They clevery choose to bang home a message by ensuring every media story is accompanied by photoshopped dirty chimneys, and polar bears. .
. We should have choose "our message" every post should be accompanied by the diverging graphs of CO2 and temperature etc. perhaps add on :
- Cumulative Dollars spent on Climate Change bodies
- Cumulative failed predictions and accompany with a pic of the BBC doorman keeping skeptics out
- can we meme counter-commentaries with a pic of a drama queen ?

FANTASY as REALITY brainwashing project.

- in Newcastle in the Centre for Life as part of the Our Future "hands on" exhibition there is a TV studio set up and the children are invited to take the role of a weather forecaster where with the background of an extreme weather behind them they read a teleprompter script saying that yet another extreme weather event is taking place CAUSED by climate change. That is all presented as fact * and it's a permanent exhibition which seems to have been there some time.
(* It is an extrapolation of VALIDATED science cos even the IPCC doesn't publish anything saying there is a link between today's CO2 & extreme weather events nor saying there is a change in frequency or magnitude of extreme weather, although some scientists may express opinions )
"record your very own weather forecast, complete with script and interactive smart screen." "There was one of these exhibits where you are filmed reading the news - Anna and I shared reading weather forecasts of the future if climate change is really allowed to take hold - drought, storms, ice, that kind of thing."
Photo of the climate change explanation panel
- I guess this why the Centre for life have a webpage about being what they call Green Certified

- Re Energy Roadshow : What you guys seems very much in the same vein. It's all part of the portray FANTASY as REALITY brainwashing project.
- They talked about all those on the edge ideas and didn't mention by 2050 there is quite a chance we will have fusion power ? Google ITER I have seen this "we are going to play a game format" used before .. it allows them to push fantasy ideas without you being able to ask difficult questions back

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What's cool about big bloated monolistic corporations that don't pay tax ? like Apple Like Google

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