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#CpEurope was mostly BS with just a small percentage of wortwhile stuff. I could tell right from the start it was Just another large organisation cluelessy wasting a colossal budget.

- As ever it was nothing compared to small buget amateur festivals. The smaller low budget festivals budget are much better the quality , with amateurs delivering much more professionalism than big company people.

- With a large budget run by arty type people there are always so many cockups as they come up with grandiose plans.

- and large orgs are at the centre of BS

- I never heard one mention of the Telefonica customers or shareholders in 4 days. As a

check cpopp.txt in backup

Wednesday, September 4

Then in the president debate

Odd Notes

- CO2 has been at 10 times todays levels

IPCC projections match CO2 & temperature.
Do they run together like Al Gore said ?
The #Climate Drama Queens
1998-2013 Reality was outside IPCC projections

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