61 Scientist Dramaqueens on BBC Radio 4

I first put a copy on BH, month later put here October 2013

9am radio 4 The Life Scientific with Joanna Haigh

- Firstly are you you sure it is legal to rebroadcast at 9.30pm edition when the main speaker effectivitively calls everyone who disagrees with her view "a liar" by repeatedly referring to them as "deniers" ?

- If someone broadcasts calling you a liar that is defamation. So many individuals who disagree with Prof Haigh's viewpoint on real world Climate Change will have been libelled and defamed. We will have suffered damage to our reputations, because people we come into contact with will have heard from this BBC programme that we are "liars".

- BBC - just stonewalled complaints, however Jo Haigh said in a private discussion that she would not use the the term denier in future. Well, of course you can't use namecalling to load a topic on the BBC, like I do here by namecalling them dramaqueens.

The 2nd issue
Now but I am complaining about the negligence of the presenter & producers in allowing Misleading statement, after misleading statement ...with no challenging at all, especially as it's the school holidays and school kids will just believe it. Would the BBC allow the famous MMR scare doctor Andrew Wakefield on with one of his mates doing the interviewing ? I know that BBC progs do not have to be balanced and are allowed just to represent one viewpoint. Let me say that was the most biased & misrepresentative prog I have ever heard on the BBC. Statements were very close to being lies and ommisions major.


Many are highlighted by 30+ commentators on the UK's highest traffic Climate science website the Bishop-Hill Blog bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/8/27/a-life-propagandic.html
examples :
- and the 'blanket' and 'duvet' is a false analogy
- "the climate IS warming" - misleading as main official temperature records show static temperatures trend since 1998
- failure to mention that climate models fail to predict future climate
- the irony of stating how she reaches out to opponents, when in fact she starts by calling them deniers.

- Some one like Roger Tall Bloke has the scientific knowledge to challenge her properly like here
or Andrew Montford he listed her error on his Twitterfeed "Life Scientific is tipping over into propaganda piece for IPCC. "

- oversimplifications "you see the greenhouse gases form this duvet around the world"
- "in recent MONTHS people have been talking about temperature flattening out" ..17 years is not just months
- "we are not doing nowhere enough ...unless we do something more radical.."

Seminal : Warren Pearce essay on Not using Denier label.

- Yesterday the BBC replied to my complaint

Basically they said 1. calling people "a denier" is not the same as "liar" cos it is widely used (strangely contradicted by Haigh now saying she will not use the term in future) and 2. Joanne Haigh is a top scientist so we can trust her and don't need to question her statements (contradicted by them rigourously questioning fracking experts ..if they ever allow them on)

"Part of the interview with Joanna Haigh sought to address how she responds to those who dispute that global warming is man-made or to the extent that it is. Joanna went on to explain and defend why she prefers the term 'denier' to ‘sceptic’. It would be difficult to discuss the subject without referring to the phrase. Joanna did not at any point state or imply that such people were lying as you suggest. This term is widely used and understood, and we feel is accurate to describe those who deny or dismiss the scientific consensus on the extent of global warming or the human contribution to it. The BBC is committed to impartial and balanced coverage when it comes to the issue of climate change.

As Professor of Atmospheric Physics at Imperial College we felt Joanna Haigh was qualified to discuss the subject. We made no editorial comment or judgement on the views she expressed, and appreciate, as was made clear in the programme, that people hold different opinons on the subject. Joanna herself discussed the great divergence of opinion and debate among scientists themselves on any issue. We do aim to ensure that we also offer time to dissenting voices across our programming. LM"

- I would call that as that the BBC machine is determined to tough it out and continue their distortion of reality. Desperately hoping for a sudden massive change in climate patterns which will prove them right.

Good Points on theBH discussion

- I was wasn't going to comment on 1001's simplistic explanation, but I just found a good counter that Roger Tallbloke gave when a real physics prof offered the same
Prof. Joanna Haigh :"long-term global average warming due to greenhouse gas increases. This is not an issue of opinion, but one of basic physics."
TB : "Joanna commits the same misleading error" "taking the results of lab tests on the ‘basic physics’ of IR absorption and extrapolating it with no justification whatsoever to the real atmosphere where gases are not bounded by bell jars" ..but rather has evidence that natural variability is stronger than co2 forcing (so probably causing recent warming & cooling periods)

- Haigh clearly stated in the prog "The climate is warming" a few times, without properly mentioning the current 15 year standstill properly
Replying to a DramaGreen Troll
1001 said : "Carbon dioxide traps heat". Are you bothered by the concept? It's not new. (Mike explained ..that is an over simplistic explanation)
- then again Aug 25th : "The earth is hotter because of CO2 in the atmosphere - do you question that? If so then your education was a wasted effort. "
- Then again "Stew Green, "The earth is hotter because of CO2 in the atmosphere" - that is a general statement of truth. Join Ssat and Hart at the SoD/3-degree classroom if you don't understand that.")
- I replied : I didn't think it was worth answering your statement, cos we are decades on from that kind of Al Gore simplicity here that there is somehow some linear relationship between CO2 levels and temperature increases "oh look here's the graph look at CO2 , here's a graph of temperature see how they go up in parallel"

- That kind of argument fooled many upto 1998, but since then CO2 has continued upward at a similar rate and all the main accepted temperature trends have remained flat.Your statement "The earth is hotter because of CO2 in the atmosphere" is that correct for the last 15 years ? The Earth is not hotter than it was 15 years ago or would you like to redefine hotter ?

"My advice to those supporting climate policies is to make strong political arguments for their implementation, rather than relying on painting your opponents as irrational and anti-science, for two simple reasons: it isn’t true, and it won’t work."

- Maybe the whole prog was designed before hand to push climate alarmism and trash deniers (PR agency at work ?)

I noticed there are a ot of fawning tweets
Tweeted by WAM Weather Art and Music Festival. (A new festival for Reading.1-3rd June, 2012Reading · wamfest.co.uk (almosts reads as w.a.r.m.fest)) "Prof Jo Haigh on Life Scientific today with @jimalkhalili will be on Climate Change Question Time panel on 14 Sep 6pm at
Royal Meteorological Society's Second Amateur Meteorologists' ConferenceConferences Date: Friday 13 September 2013 - Sunday 15 September 2013

wow all on the panel are raving skeptics NOT "Chair Dr Peter Stott, Met Office Hadley Centre. Panel members to include: Prof Jo Haigh, Imperial College and President Royal Meteorological Society, Prof Julia Slingo, Met Office, Dr Ed Hawkins, University of Reading and Dr Richard Allan, University of Reading.". all are at the extreme end of the dramaqueen scale

Show Repeated on World Service : was it edited ?
I note Jo Haighs prog went out last night on World Service, but after the announcer used the word denier to introduce it I couldn't bear to listren to the prog to see if it had now been edited from the original version

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