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Robin Monitoring Wind Power
interesting ..Electricity output page but I thought "scientists said" we can replace almost all power with wind ?
- we can if can get rid of 90% of demand ... even when wind is a peak and touches 4GW, whilst nuclear hums a long at 7GW (yes all the wind only ever gets up to half of aging nuclear).
- The gas output is clearly switched on/off with varying overall demand. Even coal's base is 3 times wind's maximum.
- Why is hydro almost zero ? (distance from the demand ?)

The other dashboard tools : gridwatch.templar.co.uk
: nationalgrid.stephenmorley.org

- can we have #climatepiggie for troughers like Yeo ?

A good reason to microfarm ?

A good reason to microfarm ? interesting podcast for you

- In the future robots will be doing work .So there won't be jobs for all us ..so maybe we should spend more time growing our own food.

- (It won't be me the economies of scale make industrial farmed, processed food cost next to nothing ..so I'd rather buy it )

Green commenter trying to spin Flaring
- He insisted on quoting world flaring is 30% of EU CO2 ..Bottom line it's only 5% of world CO2

- I checked with Rafil in Malaysia OK he is an expert in oil field production .."overall I’d say 5-20%" ..but does give interesting notes on the practicalities.

- Sometimes economic - when the value of gas produced won't cover cost of building a pipeline. In SOUTH EAST ASIA or EASTERN EUROPE. Where there’s little or no legislation concerning flaring/CO2 emissions.
1. There can be screwups when gas proportion turns out to be more than expected (maybe 5-20% of the gas, for short period 3-6 months.) - As time passes you push more gas underground to push up the oil, then flaring is Probably less than 5%
2. Brownfielding : new well is connected to facility, so you get a bottleneck "one time I was shocked to see for many years it seemed they were flaring around 5% -10%"

IN CANDA & BRAZIL his experience is that "The laws are very strict and they get their asses fined for flaring" "In general, flaring only takes place during upsets (say a compressor train trips), or in some cases during facility start up." cos they use the gas to power their operation : pressurising to enhance oil recovery and to sweep the oil in the pipeline. "we design the control systems to ELIMINATE/minimize flaring."

- "the pic on the page doesn't seem normal : looks like they’re flaring ….bunker oil!"

Other Notes

- I see Australian Activists have a strongly anti-skeptic (so called ) rebuttal site : rbutr.com - Admirable idea, but of course on Climate it's pure propaganda when you look at their explanations they as ever don't stand up to close analysis

Claim Thorium is hype

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