Garbage In - UK Media harms proper thinking about the world
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- WE get the best news THEIR Money can buy as most news stories come from PR agencies and lobby groups (politics, companies, pressure groups, SIGs etc.)

Nature of The beast : that media distorts rather than gets to the truth

- It's often said Garbage In= Garbage Out ... How can the UK public think properly when they are given a fake and distorted picture of the world by the media.

UK Journalists are F**king scum really ..2011
: UK media is pathetic banging on about 1 or 2 stories all the time e.g. Jackson doctors trial, or the Knox trial commentator pointed out that when the black guys appeal trial came up they didn't report that. ... And there's churnalism

- I always like to listen to radio news to stay in touch ..but now it drives me mad there is no true picture of the world : lack of prerpective they run the same top 20 stories again and again
- these stories come not from research .. in 2011 UK news is not news but rather
- Press releases
- fake research from business and pressure groups
- plugging other programmes,
- made up for filling space, political or malicious reasons
- endless speculation (cheap way of filling time) when they could just wait for the outcome - talking about themselves : celebrities, media, London etc
- blatantly copying from other media which copy back, breeding up to make small stories seem big becoming the Feeding frenzy effect.

- another writer points out most news is hoax EXCELLENT
- bad story detector tool - detects if a story matches press releases word for word explanation , churn alert on twitter

people in favour of reform :,

.. Thank God that some people are actually some people are doing some real research like guessing someone is using 0000 for their voicemail password

Look how the BBC reported the Internet Explorer Users IQ story
... its takes 2s for the average intelligent person to realise the story is fake ...but yet it got through the whole chain of BBC news unchallenged report
- why it’s easy to spot it’s fake 1. “research says” … warning 1
- 2. source ? .. is PR agency or pressure group not scientists.. warning 2
-3. the research is released straight to the media before being published in a peer reviewed science journal .. huge warning : as Skeptics websites like say this is one of the sure signs of research not being true
- 4. It’s a clear twist on the “too good to be true”, “too incredible to be true”,
.... yet it got through the whole chain of BBC news unchallenged
..shows how pathetic the 2011 UK News Reporting System is.. it’s not funny considering the influence of media on politics and justice

- I'd like to hear something on Radio 4's Feedback program about BBC editorial policy on publishing stories which come from PR agencies.
- I see they seem to have broken their own BBC news guidelines - I see there is another feedback program on TV Newswatch

you can't trust anything in the papers

Journalists get things wrong e.g Telegraph reporting on coming medium show, when in fact it's already been on.
- We have to undo the untruths and bad facts of newspapers first

- Good blog about science training for journalists

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- Newspapers are distorted via PR agencies.

- UK news media just reports from press releases and PR agencies , "Apple launched a new Ipad", "party leaders speech today" .., "today a survey/research said".. usually not a real survey but something invented by a PR agency

- When 4 year old Maddy McCann disappeared her face was on the frontpages day after day cos the middle class McCann family had hired PR agences. Much less fuss is made about other disappeared children.

- And then on top that there was the Feeding frenzy effect.

... Now PR agencies have hijacked Social Networking
- The news is bollocks and now social networking is bollocks. Look at the top Celeb Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's amazing how they find the time to put in all the info.. Well except these most of the time these days the accounts are maintained by PR agencies who tune the output and use techniques like adding fake friends and fake comments to hype up their message.

TV land has got into the habit of mixing fantasy with reality
.. Ray Gosling's brilliant piece was an example of this ..he wanted to tell the story of people who had been put in the euthanasia situation, but went over the line in saying he did it (but BBC managers who were incredibly incompetent in not seeing the consequences)

An avalanche of cranky stories from activists and lazy journalists confuse the public.

A politician and newspapers picked up on a clearly ridiculous story that Fukushima killed babies in America

- no wonder the public is confused there continue to be hysterical reports in the press ..with their sloppy maths on plain sight "oops I was only out by a factor of 1000" why can't they get somebody who understands maths to help the "journalists" ... the public believe air travel is so dangerous, but can't get it into their heads they are really more likely to die tripping up whilst walking walking.

... the truth of nuclear risk isn't that complex, but the public are confused by this avalanche of cranky stories

Bad Science
- For years the media has been loaded with badscience.. Uri Geller who now regarded as clearly fraudulant was always presented very, uncritically. Same with all sounds of things which sound interesting but don't stand 5 minutes of close examination from UFOs, yetis, and the whole range of paranormal non-phenomenon from show psychics (who in one moment can only barely get the initial letter of name to suddenly getting paragraphs of information from the same spirit) to ghosts to water dowsing ... Feng Shui Solution, Magnetic stuff,

The Strange News section of exposes a lot of hoaxes etc.

- absinthe has 70% alcohol and ancient bottles turn out not to have much wormwood in

a Stew Green Opinion

Proof UK Media publish Fiction as Fact

- Radio 4's Media show (excellent reporting) - "After Knox was found guilty she was led a away in tears ..someone shouted ... we asked the prosecution lawyer how he felt and he said ".." A summary of the 4 page report that appeared on the Daily Mail's website minutes after the verdict was announced.
- Their fuckup proves the UK media not just guesses, but fabricates and lies.

- How come some UK media reported the Knox verdict wrongly as guilty with the Daily Mail going as far as publishing an entirely fictitious account of what happened next in the court ?
- OK of course drafts of stories about important results are often prepared, but this has quotes and description of events that never happened... In such cases as elections and court verdicts journalists often prepare a draft leave spaces to fill in . In this case the reporter went over the top.. but it seems they have got into this habit.

- The problem was Sky TV,
the BBC translator said "Knox has been found guilty of slander and.."
Sky's translator said "Knox has been found guilty"
..and so Sky and the Sun hit the button activating the ticker message they had prepared ...but the Daily mail in an attempt to jump to the top of the search engine lists hit the button to publish the "Guilty" story journalist had prepared ... The Trade newspaper has the full the entire fake story with fake quotes, clear photo of the mails the entire fake story , noisey page but shows wrong story by Mail, Sun and minor by Guardian

Bloggers expose the Mails fake story with the fake quotes 1, 2
- Washington Post reporter says it's against code of ethics ,
- rant-about-daily-mails-biggest-ever fail

Interesting Lies rather than boring truth

- I see there are entire websites exposing daily UK press lies The-Sun-Lies, Mailwatch, Expresswatch .. they actually don't expose as many lies as they could do ..maybe they are run by the same papers .. it would be a never ending job "UK medial professionals", think it's OK to publish an interesting lie rather than boring truth

..."look you'll never believe what the BBC/Labour Party have done's outrageous...." ...of course it's normally outrageous cos it never happened

- See More analysis of the UK media problem on page 9

a Stew Green Opinion
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