59. How did The Left become the rednecks ?
They behave like right wingers

Brendan O'Neill
- said 7 years ago ! 7th July 2006. how "the left has changed to become anti-freedom, anti-progressive, adoption of environmentalism (conservation used to right wing until 1970's) then became a way of stopping capitalism) , radical gloss"
(world is NOW suffering cos we think development is a bad thing)
- After his debunk of the new Professor Stephan Lewandowsky in Spiked, I looked him up and found he's appeared on the Little Atoms podcast, Page on Brendan O'Neill However the link to the mp3 on their site doesn't work (maybe he has been disappeared cos UK skeptics have mostly converted to the church of Climate Alarm) but I found it on the archive

- There 2 skeptics writing at Spiked : Brendan O'Neill, and Ben Pile at climate-resistance.org writes much more and in Spiked

Is the left the new right ?
- You know how kids always rebel against their parents attitude, could there be a bit of that ?

- 30 years ago the left was telling us that the capitalists were exploiting the workers. Now it's the age of the individual ME. They are all asserting their rights (like little capitalists).
- The left are effectively saying "I am not someone working for a large org. No the orgs all work for ME"

- Like with the internet how much does the left want people to be charged for music, for written material etc ? Oh now "everything has to be free". Poor Graham writes for nothing ( except for the bonus you drop him every year).

- Meanwhile someone is collecting all our micro-data and selling it ..and they are all large corporations that profit from our data. A recent podcast told how it was a plan of the early internet that there would be micropayments for all blog writers .. (if I become a millionaire I will sponsor a scheme to double someone's donation to a blogger)

- Also strange how 30 years ago the powers were in the control of the right, but now much of it has come into the hands of the left. The state broadcasters, the Guardian, countless lobbying NGO's often sustained by EU handouts , so effectively the EU lobbying itself. And the guilt trip of Climate Change Alarmism has provided a gravy train, co-sponsored by government directly and indirectly via subsidies to Green businesses flogging solar panels, windpower, eco-consulting etc.

As a footnote, from the 60s onwards, the 'protest movement', high-minded, anti-establishment, increasingly certain of its rightness, was able to establish itself as a properly 'alternative' vision for all our futures in the West. It is hugely ironic that these self-same strivers after human freedoms have now, in turn, become a new establishment, as blinkered, intolerant and self-satisfied as those who, in their youthful idealism, they sought to over-turn.

Not much changes.

Oct 25, 2013 at 5:54 PM agouts

Twisted minds Green totalitarianism
1950 individual responsibility, group rights.
2013 individual rights, group responsibility.

1950 Graham bosses the students
2013 The students boss Graham
leads to lower standards ? (actually my teachers knew nothing about real world electrical work)

- Apply to green
1970 - greens can live offgrid on a farm unsubsidised, we pollute the air
2013 greens can consume & fly like everyone else, WE all have to pay the extra

observe how this "We know right, we have to act now, shut up "denier"" seems like green-totalitarianism .. green becomes right-wing

rise of the "nasty" left
I noticed how the formerly liberal CFI www.cfiuk.org used to be libertarian, then they brought on Chris Mooney (Republicsn brain book saying right are anti-science.) maybe to add balance and get left wing people in. But his lot have successfully infitrated CFI. His episodes are him interviewing his mates and spreading propaganda together.

- left have successfully infitrated authorities and dynamic is to protect the cause.
Left wing loons or wrong doers are not called out, only right wing ones.

3. Resistance against the Green totalitarianism
- I note that Guido-fawkes using the tag green-totalitarianism good list of stories

- REAL scientists disagree with alternative reality from BBC Guardian fabricate in their articles :
- Blog of Arctic scientists complaining how media breed Arctic scare stories

Don't expect a fair debate from green/left
nor logical argument, nor politeness, nor patience
- instead of expect dramaqueening, anger, namecalling-right from the beginning, ranting, bullying, ganging up, sneering , mudlslinging no coherent logical points etc
- Facts from a parallel universe : certainty of things no one can be certain of, with no references to back those up with *, that IPCC is science , and it's predictions have come true, (They'll use argument from authority "scientists say" etc.)
- * they are sometimes fond of quoting papers which are brand new and leaked to the Guardian before they have been properly reviewed and debunked.
- calls for censorship
- accusations : Big Oil etc. appeals to emotion : "you don't care, think of the children"
- evasion : "I don't have the time, you skeptics never give up" etc.
- Monday-Friday arguments (are they working out of green lobby groups and green energy company offices ?)
- projection : they are big on accusations, but it usually means they are guilty of whatever they accuse you of (Freud)

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