58. Green Parallel Universe effect

Trying to talk to warmists
-VALIDATED Science = Reality
- opinions of scientists = Opinions
- opinions of a few scientists & a LOT of activists = IPCC "Science" *
- ACC = Australian Climate Commisson
- opinions of ACC scientists = wild predictions which seem to not stand up over time
* source
( new Australian edition endorsed by Richard Tol an IPCC Lead author)

LOVELOCK On the influence of vested interests:

- "We shouldn't let the lobbies influence science. Whatever criticism might befall the IPCC and the UEA, they're nothing as bad as lobbyists who are politically motivated and who will manipulate data or select data to make their political point. For example, it's deplorable for the BBC whenever one of these issues comes up to go and ask what one of the green lobbyists thinks of it. Sometimes their view might be quite right, but it might also be pure propaganda. This is wrong. They should ask the scientists, but the problem is scientists won't speak. If we had some really good scientists it wouldn't be a problem, but we've got so many dumbos who just can't say anything, or who are afraid to say anything. They're not free agents."

Green parallel universe effect
THERE IS REAL "accelerating climate change effects", which is PROVED to be MAN MADE, which is showing up in real world changes* like decreasing Arctic sea ice, Tropical Hotspot etc.
- BUT only in the Green parallel universe you get from BBC, Guardian, SkepticalScience and surrounding yourself with greendreambelievers and exacerbated by the Green-Left ECHO CHAMBER effect of the heavily CENSORED comment blogs ("comment is UNfree" in the Guardian unless "you agree with us")

* when you filter out all the other non-manmmade trends like naturally variability of 10, 20 & 60 year cycles, and the long term trend of slowly rising temp coming out of an ice age

- In my universe there is not an obvious man made effect on top of the long term raising trend, there are unexplained changes in Arctic ice, but there is no hotspot.

- I want to zero in on the most important line stated, “It is better to focus on the ever-widening discrepancy between predicted and observed warming rates.”

More Green parallel universe effect
This is what Ed Davey said
“But the truth is this: while forecasts of the future rate at which the world will warm differ, and while many accept we will see periods when warming temporarily plateaus, all the scientific evidence is in one direction."

- REALLY ? .. what about growing Antartic Ice ? (never forget that the long term trend is up due to coming out of ice age, so temporary plateau is like a fall trend ..now is that due to manmande CO2

withdrawm retracted Hyper Alarmist papers

- Gerghis
- Stephan Lewandowsky
- Lew
- Marcott (touted as new hockey stick, but after hype authors said it's analysis of last 100 years of data not reliable so no it is not the new hockey stick.)
Has a list of 10 bad papers in the last 10 years

- Donna Laframboise Explains how far from being mostly peer reviewed scientits much of the IPCC reports is input from unqualified activists and eco-lobby groups 2/3/ of sections had someone from WWF on the panel

“RealClimate” lobby site revealed in Climategate to present parallel Universe view

- Picked this up from some comment somewhere RC caught cheating – from the 2009 Climategate emails "showing how the Alarmists spun, suppressed & faked their GW “data” in the great Global Warming hoax:"

"The warmist scientists at RealClimate show how carefully they’ve screened and manipulated their site to muffle any scepticism:

What is the difference between Guardian & Daily Mail ?
- one carefully cultivates it's target audience by pandering to the lowest common denominator, seeking to give comfort by reinforcing their prejudices
- by giving a simplistic false dichotomy view of the world : NASTY or NICE
: With headlines and stories carefully chosen to HYPE up the fears of what they are AFRAID of, and give rose tinted spectacle view to the things they BELIEVE-in
.. special care is taken to keep out any contrary stories or viewpoints

- It promotes the TRILLION DOLLAR WAR, on the basis of a dossier of evidence which "proves" WMD
- and it sincerely believes this justifies distortions of the truth, on the basis that this war is so crucial stopping any detraction is more important than truth.
- It vilifies any detractors.
- It glorifies any "science" that supports the war (before it's even published)
And when papers turn out to have problems or be retracted the readers are never informed, instead it moves on to new horror stories

...I am taking about the Guardian again and the Trillion Dollar War on CO2

Guardian tries to snare US Greens market
Guardian is to become specialist Green/Left website for US cos UK market us dead

Nasty Redneck Greens not only has left become right, but if you observe from internet debate with their rude, sneering name calling, ganging up greens ..these days are pretty redneck (is that just on climate)

- Even when I listen to skeptic science podcasts I find educated skeptics sneering. arrogant.

- BIG Green SNEERING now = BIG anti-Green BACKLASH later
More on this left becomes "rightwing" on next page #59

in 2012 the Guardian ran drought scare stories ..in fact we got record rain

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