55. How Accidental Conspiracies Evolve

Tying Alternate Reality of the Climate, Futerra Rules Of The Game, Green$$ and all the way to Tamsin Edwards

At the top it's a Game of Chinese Whispers with each person adding an extra margin of hype
Ties into : As we found yesterday there was the secret "Rules of the Game document 2005" 2005 prepared by the Futerra PR agency for UK GOV document The ‘facts’ need to be treated as being so taken-for-granted that they need not be spoken ." ..
Ties into : " THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED ..got that thicko ? THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED"
Ties into : There was the Secret 28 Meeting , in which the BBC decided "The science is settled"
Ties into : A NARRATIVE (of Catastrophe) This Alternate Reality we are fed
SUSTAINING THE NARRATIVE (of Catastrophe) Ties into : Sci-Activists like : Hansen, Mann,
SUSTAINING THE NARRATIVE (of Catastrophe) call for FAKE CLIMATE SCIENTISTS promoted not fo their expertise, but rather message they will give : like The UK Government Chief Scientists, Royal Society, Peter Gleick, Phil Plait : "people being willing to TWIST THE VALUES OF SCIENCE to promote the narrative"
SUSTAINING THE NARRATIVE (of Catastrophe) Ties into : MEDIA on A MISSION with the BBC & Guardian desperate to push out their scare stories of the day
Ties into : as I said we get our reality from the media, but our media reality is controlled
Ties into : This FALSE DICHOTOMY .. of Complexity denial. Instead acknowledging that there is a full colour spectrum of views it becomes "you are with us or against us", which is a black and white false dichotomy

Ties into : the "False Balance" issue As a result Green Media said they would get rid of the "False Balance", saying it should not be 50% scientist 50% skeptics. But the theory and the practice are different.

THEORY : skeptics out scientists on
* Skeptics out,
* Climate_Scientists .. mostly out , cos they say "it's complex , I don't know" UNCERTAIN & MODERATE & that is not good TV
* Activists ON, especially if they have extreme interesting stories, CERTAIN & EXTREME = Great TV scientists on
* SCI-ACTIVISTS ON, people who are scientists, but who have no experience in climate science, and who have done no serious analysis except to repeat the ON-MESSAGE claims, KEEP to THE EXTREME MEMES and can give up their time cos the Government pays them = government happy (only skeptics complain as others are afraid or naive)

So BBC airs 50% Sci-Activists +30% Activists 10% Climate_Scientists, 10% Skeptics

Ties into : "faster than ever" meme, How much is the temperature rising ? ice melting ? species disappearing ? Spring coming Earlier ? : "FASTER THAN EVER ! ..you thickos"

Sustaining the FALSE DICHOTOMY of "Good Science People" vs DENIERS ties into - Skeptical Science desperate meme stories to continue the narrative joyously finding a 97% meme , backing it up 97% claim , but as I said willing to twist the values of science to promote the narrative so not subjecting those 97% to proper criticsm, so they wane , so desperation to find another 97% which leads to Cooks bogus "97% of papers say" study

Sci-Activists Also ties into into : "The DENIER label"
Ties into : "we do not debate or appear on the same stage as DENIERS, as it gives them credibility" as Peter Gleick says

which Ties into : Tamsin Edwards : a Bona Fide Climate Scientist who makes Peter Gleick very angry by daring to call her blog ALLmodelsarewrong.com
Ties into : BISHOP HILL where Tamsin finds the debate relatively sane
Ties into : Tamsin appearing on the Radio Wiltshire : giving a sane account of weather patterns
Ties into : praise here

There are 2 other routes I can intergrate into the chain as well (lazily at the moment) : That Science although we love it has some systematic problems right now, and that Green Industry $$ feed back into sustaining the Narrative (of catastrophe)

- ties into Dodgy Science Practices being tolerated ties into SCIENTIFIC CORRUPTION
like PAL REVIEW, Grant Double Dipping, Publication bias etc. etc.
Ties again back into Twisting Science : Papers being published for their headlines, leading to papers which cannot be replicated
leads to siege mentality ..feeds back into convenient DENIER label to close down criticism
- Now this Dodgy Science Practices ties back into people who highlight the problems with modern science like Ben Goldacres and Ed Yong (although he is a follower of the Catastrophe is coming "Pied Piper")
Ties into Ed Yong quoting JPA Ioannidis "Most published science is wrong"
Ties back AGAIN to Tamsin Edwards, cos she took the notes for Ed Yong's Bristol lecture

2. This False dichotomy Simplistic view ties into DOGMA view - On the one side "We are all doomed we are all going to die, we have offended NATURE" : The GREEN Negative
- This ties into there being a Flipside of GREEN Negatives that Green Solutions are MAGIC SOLUTIONS with members of the public going around saying "Why don't we just power this whole country on Solar And Wind, it's so easy to do ?"
Ties into : GreenDreamBelievers "SIMPLE, all we need to do is get back to nature and everything will be OK"
Ties into GREEN$$ : A massive industry of Green magic solutions which don't actually work very well. If they did work the big companies would already be using them with no subsidy incentive.
This huge new subsidy fed industry of Solar PV, windpower, recycling, hydro etc. Ties back into cash going back into the Twisting Science & sustaining Narrative (that "catastrophe is coming").

Third 97 % - when cooks says 97% of Published Reasearch says
- But is a completely made-up survey.. totally flawed ..with lots of scientists saying their results have been misclassified.
- It should appear on retractionwatch.com soon

More stuff

- VIDEO :Bob Carter he is very very good at explaining the Climate hysteria problem

- If you're a hired gun such as Schmidt and your task is to cherry-pick 3 facts among thousands out of the tree of science, deny the rest, and "derive" far-reaching, religious conclusions out of the 3 holy facts you like, it's pretty much inevitable that you say lots of silly things. Let's look at them in some detail"If you're a hired gun such as Schmidt and your task is to cherry-pick 3 facts among thousands out of the tree of science, deny the rest, and "derive" far-reaching, religious conclusions out of the 3 holy facts you like, it's pretty much inevitable that you say lots of silly things. Let's look at them in some detail."
- in a debunk of Sci-am

More stuff

- Townhall Another Right Wing Channel on Youtube

- Other Libertarian Film maker making 50-1 video TophersUnpopularView on youtube

- Other Australian - Filmaker makes fun of wacky Left/Green protesters ..His Index

"Interesting story of how teachers don't want kids reading any skeptical books or watching any skeptical films , but the same children are made to watch Incovenient (un)Truths 3 times. saying to kid questioning (We don't need to hear from you")

"Greenie attacks on the resource industry have been blunted by the mining companies in particular giving the Greenies lots of dosh... BHP-Billiton in particular have been assiduous in pouring millions into environmental and social mitigiation projects


didn't someone say they are working on a climate wiki ? good idea so I searched for one So i searched and found quite a few dead wikis then : but 1. it's been dead for 1 year last edited 15 March 2012, at 14:58. Half complete it has a lot of good skeptic arguments, but 2. It's email address is an eco-alarmist charity ..who's website has a lot of alrmist propaganda ..which one is the fake one ? http://www.greenworldtrust.org.uk/Global/PeakOil.htm

Calendar of ABC Guardian Failed stories from last year Story, debunked, retracted

Why "debate" seems more like a brainwashing exercise
PR agency spin background

- Ah That Futerra that said : "To help address the chaotic nature of the climate change discourse in the UK today, interested agencies now need to treat the argument as having been won, at least for popular communications. This means simply behaving as if climate change exists and is real, and that individual actions are effective. The ‘facts’ need to be treated as being so taken-for-granted that they need not be spoken ." ..from the famous : Rules of the Game document 2005

- and had some stuff come out in the Climategate emails

- and which produces info against "Greenwashing" which seems to promote Greenwashing

Ever wondered why the Climate Change "debate" seems more like a brainwashing exercise ?

Item about Green Brainwashing campaign
Tying together

- Our reality is controlled by what we see, so if some one controls that they can give us an alternate reality

What is reality? Reality is what goes into your eyes and into your ears ..and if I control those INPUTS I can control YOUR REALITY

- So if you are a school kid and you are spoonfed that brainwashing that Johnny Ball talked about, and then you are made to watch An Inconvenient Truth 3 times, but discouraged from reading any skeptical books or watch any skeptical films ( 3 min Video story of this event ) and spoonfed a picture that solar and windfarms are such a magic solution that they can power the world ..then you that schoolkid are going to have a totally warped REALITY in your head.
But kept away from any alternative views you will be CERTAIN of what you have been told.

- If you as a TV controller are CERTAIN that the Global warming is the simple meme : CO2 is linked to rising temperatures and CO2 is ever rising due to man, then you are certain that temperature is heading towards catastrophe and certain the problem is URGENT . So when some eco-activists come to you and say it's very important that the "childrens" minds not get muddied so lets keep the TV output ON-MESSAGE and keep off 'troubler-makers' ".. you'll say yes "makes sense to me"

- The BBC website gives me "the CAGW Scare story of the day" everyday ..yet I have never heard of these skeptical films. I wonder if media industry people have decided that the best policy of countering skeptics is just starve them of the oxygen of publicity rather than counter

- The BBC 28 meeting

- The Rules Of The Game document


- Walter Russell Mead, berates environmentalists for their stubborn belief in unicorns "that only the greens can see"

- Big Energy Debate 2013 “This House Would Stop the Annual UN Climate Summits” - not reported yet


Clueless Activists are surprised and deny temperature hasn't risen in last 16 years

Some Tips

- Dirty Green : corrupt solar Mafia etc . Look at the world become lighter and lighter green

- interresting feed http://wattsupwiththat.com/tips-and-notes

- someone recommends http://www.climatechangedispatch.com/10660-man-made-global-warming-for-subud-members.html

Dawkins Dawkins Animation
- Nice graphics - I looked up the video of Dawkins speaking Feebruary 2013 in Oxford, but I think I heard him say it before that ..maybe last year . - He is actually quoting some one else. http://xkcd.com/54/ I don't know who , but it was a T-shirt slogan in 2008 ah Yes this page has the video of Dawkins ..and they say it's a quote of XKCD Webzine maker Randal Munroe http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/2/4173576/richard-dawkins-on-science-it-works-bitches

xkcd store

- a quiz for YOUR students: complete this quote Dawkins used in 2006 "Science is interesting & if you don't agree ..." Ans in last 15s of : video

The word is VALIDATE
- A lot of people keep getting excited cos some science is peer reviewed, but that really doesn't mean much.
- What does matter is if a particular theory is VALIDATED
- That's what Dawkins means when he quotes Randall Munroe "It works... Bitches " (an equivalent of the British : "It Fekken Works !")
- So yes evolution is validated .. put some micro-organisms in a a culture and you can predict over time they will evolve.

But when it comes to it : What ASPECTS of Climate Science are validated ?
- Put some carbon dioxide in a closed system and the temperature might increase ?
- Put some soot into the atmophere like what happens when you have a Super Volcanoe erupts and the Earth gets a cooler climate for a year or 2.. and (maybe the same happen when billions are cooking on poor open wood fires)
- Some variables appear to effect the position of the Jet Stream.
.. I can't see that much else has been validated
.. so is it a surpise that models aren't very good ?

- Trenberth Cannot be trusted : last year he did something tricky ..he presented a paper saying the air hadn't warmed it had gone into the sea, but when you checked the areas he mentioned .: they mostly hadn't warmed. Today he is using similar trickery in a new report

Greens campaign song

- @Allan M "form a choir" Well you know the song ?
- Things Can Only get WORSE !
- melting poles .. rising seas, Things Can Only get WORSE !
- extincting species , earlier Springs ..Things Can Only get WORSE !
- dying corals, sinking islands ...Things Can Only get WORSE ! drum solo, trumpet
..Magic Turbines, Magic electric cars, Magic solar PV ,
... We can make things better ..can't we ?
..unless they don't live up to the hype and .... Things Only get WORSE !
... & taxes get higher

- I don't want to go all conspiracy, but I kept getting insistent emails fom matthew.hauk( a t) clinicalpsychology.net some garbage about could I remove a link from my site cos it would effect their SEO ranking. I replied saying it was BS but never checked where I had used it ..now I see where I had used it : 1. in link to the WUWT Article on Badscience 2. again on My StewGreenDotCom website page titled #20 Reds hiding behind Green
..so it seems to me that the request for link removal was POLITICAL ..maybe ..Did anyone else get that strange request ?

Church of Global warming - TSD- They shout denier
- True Skeptic podcasts

- article on Lewandowsky soon to be retracted paper

- Isn't labelling someone a "denier" the ultimate poisoning of the well ? Cos the message says "he's a denier therefore anything out his mouth will be wrong"

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