#41 GAR Theory
Green Alternative Reality

This blog is not supposed to be about criticising GREENS, but the green movement keep coming up with so much garbage

GAR Theory : Green Alternative Reality

- When I check the green blogs there seems to be some kind of alternative reality going on. The truth in their world is somehow vastly different from the truth of the real world. ..They say the climate change disaster is hurtling along ... but deny that global temperature have hardly risen above the 1998 record, & say the Climategate emails revealed nothing alarming.

- In their world - hockeystick graph exists & there is a vast army of skeptics paid for by big oil.

: Solutions which go with their dogma like wind & solar are somehow magic solutions, things that go against are somehow 1000 times more damaging than the scientific evidence shows e.g. nuclear. I call them Green Dream Believers

- and they project the title denier onto other people.

Fake Eco-charities

- Interesting : claims charities are fake if they collect government money & then spend more than 10% lobbying the gov back http://fakecharities.org
- one organic charity : It is also funded by the Plunkett Foundation which is, in turn, funded by the government ..how often does that happen ?
- type in Climate into the search and it finds fault with lots of eco-charities

Statistical interpreters

Interesting idea @: we have language interpreters so what about Statistical interpreters: the wave of the future?

Heartland Billboard outcry : kettle black
- If Greenpeace put out a billboard saying "Do you still believe the polar bears are safe like Anders Breivik does ?" do you think anyone would bat an eyelid ? - I didn't bother to read the debate on Heartland's billboard cos people can get over-wrapped up in analysisng trivial stuff. - When I saw the ad, I just saw it as asking "TRUE BELIEVERS are you caught up in a grand conspiracy theory, (CAGW) just like the Unibomber was ?"

- Actually true believers care & get very passionate ..from Monbiot thru to Pachauri they have often said SKEPTICS are like supporters of mass murderers. But as ever their clever PR teams manage to create the meme that at the same time as they stoop so low the other side of the debate has to conform to a much higher standard. - What's the difference between supporters of CAGW & the Unibomber ? .... the Unibomber has killed less people

Eco-fascism is counter-productive

... If governments hadn't got so sidetracked into chasing the alternate reality of CAGW panic, they would have put more resources into securing the energy better & more economically so less peolple would have died in cold winters etc.

would anti-GM people have stopped the introduction of fire ?

Fake Market Research

Re that Ipsos poll 1. Decide the policy 2.Poll, but Spin the intro & Qs Mom & applepie 3. collect the answers you like for the press release

- a NEW type of poll they say results
then at the end you see most of the people they asked are environmental/earth science .. would have thought that most experts would be physicists, how did they select the participants

Deconstruction toolkit
1. perpective : is it worth your time, or is someone throwing up strawman argument to distract the agenda
2. Check the source - Spinwatch
3. Debunk math tricks - poor sample size - stuff exposed by More Or Less etc.
4. True perspective of risk ?


- Respect the law and you will be respected

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