#39 Evaluating Piers Corbyn's Predictions
Climate Claptrap XIII

He claims to Sun spots cause flares & CMEs

- that shoot large energy pulses at the Earth. He claims that injection of energy shifts weather patterns & earthquakes/volcano_eruptions correlate with this activity. He's not alone I've heard other scientific studies say the same thing

- This year there is a lot more sunspot activity than in recent years, so he's predicting almost every other week.

- Corbyn's arch enemy is the Met Office cos they say variations in sun don't effect climate. He in turn scoffs at them cos they generally get long range forecasts wrong ..says the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere is so tiny it hardly effects the climate at all.

- The establishment here seems to have been predicting a big drought this year "Met Office April Forecast: “…drought impacts in the coming months are virtually inevitable.”"... Corbyns mate wrote a summary of the "UK Drought Forecast 2012"

- No one is watching Piers Corbyn's prediction so I guess I'll keep some notes.

- He seemed to be getting stuff right, but disagreeing with the Met office it's easy to gets a good record cos the Met office are so wedded to Global Warming their projections are so often nuts.

Weather Preditions

- April : won't be too good, but drought won't end WRONG- but immediately fessed up & explained why
- May : will be abnormally cold - (someone dug up a Met office projection said it wouldn't rain much in April, & Mat warmer than average ..no mention of cold

- French Met office has better info you can mouswe down the list to see the weather map for upto 8 days in advance

Earthquakes : above 6.5 Magnitude

- allow 24 hour of margin due to timezone etc.

ISSUES : Earthquakes are more common than people think, so it is possible to just guess & seem to be right.... But he does seem better than chance to me.
- 1. I noticed in March Corbyn was predicting major (>6.5)Earthquake in Pacific ring Nothern hemishpere for 8-10 April ..result Sumatra

    List from USGS over magnitude 6.5
  • 7.1 MAULE, CHILE March 25, 2012
    - 16 points cos he predicted no earthquakes & there were none
  • Corbyn predict V high chance : "Pacific Ring northern hemispere"
  • 8.6 OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA April 11, 2012, 8.2 OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA April 11, 2012 : He could only just claim this one it's just in Northern hemisphere & tho near Pacific it's Indian Ocean, 12 hours outside date A maybe
  • 6.5 MICHOACAN, MEXICO April 11, 2012 : He could only just claim these 2 - Location RIGHT Location: 12 hours out
  • 6.9 GULF OF CALIFORNIA April 12, 2012, probably connected to above
    - Piers prediction list (You have to pay to get them, but he sometimes publishes severe warnings publicly)

    - April 13 he predicted no earthquakes & there were none
  • 6.5 VANUATU April 14, 2012 NOT PREDICTED
    - April 18,19,20 he predicted no earthquakes & there were none
  • 6.6 NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA April 21, 2012 - April 21-24 he predicted V HIGH LIKELY
    - April 25-27 he predicted no earthquakes & there were none
  • 6.7 TONGA April 28, 2012
    - April 27-28 he predicted V HIGH LIKELY
Supermoons & Earthquakes

- The Japan 2011 seemed to correlate with the supermoon, there was even an article before it : “Will March 19 ‘Supermoon’ Trigger Natural Disasters?” .. interestingly the page exists but doesn't appear on their site search anymore censored ? an article by NASA scientists saying the moon doesn't effect eartquakes does show up

- Phil Plait covered why he thinks the the Japan 2011 quake of March 11th 2011 was NOT caused by the build up to the supermoon March 19th 2011.

- I see the Super Moon To Return 10th May 2012 : will there be Earthquakes ?

- Ah I just got the report. Piers predicts Risk level 4 on 5-7th May this weekend & Monday. but says more likely NORTH Hemisphere Pacific ring

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