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4 Things Today
- Just drained the 100 gallon water tankfor the second time this year...and the government claims we live in a drought area.. on the farm tracks there's quite often standing water these days.

Government incompetance against ricketts parents :

- seems they were badly let down, their injured baby died & the doctors failed to diagnose severe bone brittling rickets. Then after the baby died they were charged with murder & had their new baby removed from them in the delivery room. Then went all the way through 2 trial procedures, the first a murder charge was dropped after 2.5 years before trial after experts couldn't decide that it wasn't just the rickets that caused the injuries. Then the local authority Islington continued with a civil prosecution which they resulted in acquittal 5 months later.

- 1. Why did the doctors make a mistake in diagnosis, possibly failing to save the first babies life ?
- 2. Why did CPS punish the couple for so long when they must have known they had a weak case early on as severe rickets was detected in the autopsy ?
- 3. Why did Islington continue the punishment unless they had enough evidence to surely win ?
* So the total cost top the taxpayer could wend up being £3m ...Cos unless Islington get the right to appeal & come forward with astounding new evidence, then they are going to end up paying £1m in compensation. Then possible compensation costs from CPs and then further compensation costs if the couple sue the hospital and all the legal costs.
.... not to mention the disruption to the innocent childs life.

magic substance : STARLITE still NOT debunked
- an amateur demonstrates on TV in 1993 a composite material which can handle & dissipate heat better than known material. He takes it to the government weapons labs and demonstrates it there. He won't hand over the substance unless they give him 51% profits. But 18 years later no one took him up nor debunked him. wiki/Starlite

- I suppose he could have faked the blowtorches on TV, but how come no one at the weapons lab says "oh yeah it's fake" ?

The Peer reviewed publication process is still flawed
- Good prog on the inventor of Graphene ..Nature magazine REJECTED his Nobel prize winning paper ... TWICE ..he ended up publishing in Science mag.. Can't help thinking that if he wrote a paper in line with Natures's climate change dogma then they would have published straight away.... On warmist websites they confuse "peer reviewed" with "scientically proven", whereas the skeptic websites thru experience of bad peer review refer to them as Pal Review

Universal problem solving technique
got idea from phone trees most procedures are just the same

Physicist converted when he checked the data
- Wow another scientist converted by the evidence & come out against IPCC Science.

- good lecture on Youtube by Professor Murry Salby, Chair of Climate at Macquarie University

- seasonal variation in natural CO2 ocean/land emmision dwarfs mans

from year to year CO2 can vary 2.4ppm whereas average CO2 over decades in 1.5ppm/year.

- natural variations correlate with natural warming/cooling events
e.g. pinutubo causes cooling causes more CO2 absorption.

-backed up by observing natural carbon 13 emmissions, 99% caused by natural CO2

"The there is no such thing as the science, science is a dynamic thing"

- Conclusion temperature drives CO2 levels - no9 the other way around and he is sure that the feedbacks are negative not positive,

- What about methane & water vapour ... said methane driven by same temperature drives CO2

- It was published ???, seems not yet bit strange is it being suppressed for too good or too bad ?

- His book is Jan 2012

- The talk (in the video below) was given at the Sydney Institute 2nd Aug 2011 Watch on Youtube

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