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Climate Claptrap XI

Upside Down World : VIDEOS
This is not supposed to be a blog about Globalwarming, but every day there is a new story which turns the world upside down.

- Fake Claim 1 "Skeptics are deniers who are funded by big oil" - turns out to mean Big Oil gives $billions of dollars to people toeing the alarmist line & no trace to skeptics who struggle by on 1/1000th of the funding of the multinational eco-charity lobby groups

- Fake Claim 2 The 97% turns out to be a sample of 75 out of 77 self selected respondents, hardly "97% of the worlds climate scientists"

- and then at an anti-IPCC conference in Germany Klima- & Energiekonferenz Berlin Nov 2011, There are presentations from about 20 titled scientists from across Europe & the world

- Fake Claim 3 : "The IPCC is a collection of the worlds top science & is 100% peer reviewed Science" - so cannot be criticised"
At that conference Donna Laframboise the Canadian Investigative reporter professional activists presented evidence against the accepted view of the IPCC :

  • "top scientists" : NO many are professional activists & unqualified students who actually qualified many years after they signed off IPCC reports.
    - The Inter Academy Council (representing 30 of the worlds top national science bodies) produced a report saying that many IPCC lead authors unqualified people from undeveloped countries selected on the grounds of political correctness
    - that significant numbers of the scientists are paid by lobby groups particularly the WWF(2/3 of the IPCC report groups have WWF affiliated scientists on & 1/3 are led by them).
    - "There is a consensus that IPCC reports are written by top scientists" - but that consensus is wrong
  • "The IPCC is transparent" : NO They are not open to scrutiny, it often breaks it's own rules
  • "the IPCC references are 100% peer reviewed" - No when checked 30% were found not to be
  • no one spoke up, before Laframboise wrote her book - so she concludes : the IPCC cannot be trusted

    VIDEO : Donna Laframboise's presentation at 2011 anti-IPCC conference in Berlin

  • Video : Lord Monkton is a deluded liar ... or are they lying?
    Excellent video about Lord Monkton

    - Meanwhile - Lord Monkton is supposed to be a deluded old toff who doesn't know what he's talking about. Even I thought that. Again the world is upside down as it seems he does seem to impress the audience with scientific evidence at every presentation he does
    - He was subjected to a hatchet job on ABC's Background Briefing They spent 15 minutes going through points in his lecture pointing out "his lies".
    - His people then produced a video disecting their report & addressing each pointing out they were lying each time about "his alleged lies"
    - SARC The ABC then sued him and won in court ..NO they didn't, They issued a statement saying they are not a science program so their statements weren't supposed to be scientific.
    .. RIPOST VIDEO : Judge for yourself

    - The ripost data presented in text
    - and Jo Nova really double checked everything again & included a fact checking on the same journalists "killer stories"

    Another Video : Piers Corbyn at same conference

    - Another impressive video : Piers Corbyn. When I checked that Youtube channel for that conference in Berlin Nov 2011 I saw that I saw that Piers Corbyn had also lectured. I'd always thought him a bit of a crank, but he spoke impressively. He is well known for long range weather forecasting consistantly getting better results than the UK Met Office. He has always insisted that the variation in sun patterns are crucial, which is something until recently the Met Office has insisted doesn't effect climate. He reckons he can predict big weather events, earthquakes & volcano eruptions from the extra energy shot into the weather system by solar flares. He seems to have predicted the Japan Earthquake & recent Mexico Earthquake. (bear in mind unreported earthquakes occur almost every day).

    - I have no much idea what the true effect of extra manmade CO2 is : Most skeptics say IPCC has got it's forcing the wrong way around & say instead of positive feedbacks in the climate system multiplying the effect fourfold, the feedbacks are negative & actually diminish the effect say quartering it. Yet Corbyn takes an even more extreme view insisting "It's all a load of nonsense : Science show CO2 today doesn't effect the climate for 800 years. Climate works on long term cycles mostly dependent on the sun"

    Wow he said "The CO2 driver theory of weather and climate is delusional nonsense propagated by a self-serving failed sect. Their ‘theory’ fails to explain past weather and climate; all its predictions over the last ten years have failed and it cannot and never will predict anything."

    - For Corbyn to be right there has to be general cooling to the minimum in 2035
    - guess it's worth digging up his record

    Looking for Climate Change Skeptics Forums

    - CFI forum has brainwashed manager no Climate Skepticism allowed

    - one forum http://www.globalwarmingskeptics.info/ not so busy

    Other Stuff

    Re "Hm it should be warmer, but we can't find it. Ah now we have put more station in the Artic we found the warming"new temperature data shows warming is in Arctic : may I point out if you had less stations in the past then your old measurements are not reliable are they

    - quite a good page from Marc Morano a US Senator about 700 scientists dissenting

    - best quotes from Cimategate docs

    - Quite good explanation of why-climatologists-are-not to be trusted

    - Quite a good page making his argument against GW panic

    - Did you know Greenpeace has lost it's charitable status in New Zealand

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