#32 Greens Destroy Trust with Smear & Lies
Climate Claptrap XVII

More on this Anti-Science Smear
- When the green blogs chant anti-science what science are they talking about ?

- The fictitious consensus of the 97% based on 75 people ...i.e. 1% of people they asked replying

- The science that told the Australian government thet they wouldn't survive without spending £1bns on Desalination plants ... which got flooded with rain before they became operational

- What they mean is "you are anti-our version of the science"

- They mean the science that occurs when they bully & shout all reasonable scientist down.

- as I said you might aswell label them as Acti-Science Activism Science

- They mean the version of science reported by green propaganda teams of the BBC Guardian etc. which you'd assume is more reliable than the science of Fox News, but actually isn't. Not that I am suggesting that Fox News science is reliable just that the BBC & Guardian Environmental departments are even less reliable.

from Freakonomics (monstered as deniers)
- Speaking about 2 sides : some people argue that stupid are not smart enough to understand climate change - but there is no correlation between intelligence & what side you are on

- others argue that smarter people can do post hoc logic ie quickly come up with an excuse why the data doesn't fit their dogma, so even better polarise their views : so that's why they are believers

- Their analysis showed : more knowledge leads to more polarisation - reinforcement your views come from your community
- Alaskans are more likely to say it's a hoax
- People who work in the organic food shop are likely to believe

- Humans are terrible at assessing risk

What percent of Climate stories can you trust ?
- The first rule of climate stories is : remember many people think it's OK to lie for the cause & so there are fabrications & tweaks to make the science tell the story ..this is then amplified by chinese whispers through the chain.. using erring on the side of alarmism

- We are genetically programmed to fall for the scam : Genetic driver is that we are driven by superstition that a noise might be a snake or not, but better decide it's a snake... that's why we love the precautionary principle

- Is there cause for alarm or is the alarm manufactured by the media process ?

Is The News true ? .. don't rush WAIT
I have some easy tests before doing a massive deconstruction on stories.
1. Is it too good/bad to be true ?
2. Wait a long time e.g. "Australia will never have proper rain again" Time has disproved that story - You can get into long he said, she said debates, but given time it will all come out in the wash

Doubtful News behaving like a cultmember again

- She's at it again : when she reported the SkepticalScience data event her propaganda spin was so extreme it was like Goebbels.... conforming what I said of her behaving like a cult member.

- I'd heard the story 2 days earlier as : someone had realised that a zipfile of SkS weblog data was on their website as is normal for that type of server ,but unpassword protected & it included a private behind the scenes discussion group . The discussion there was a bit bitter & like Climategate emails saying things like the climate wasn't as bad as they hoped & and how could they spin the results etc. So he also copied that zip file to a Russian server & contacted Tom Nelson by leaving a comment on his website.

- She wrote "Popular skeptic site hacked, private user details stolen"..."Of great concern is the fact that the hacker has published personal details such as emails and IP addresses of each user. ....Was this a case of people harrassing this site which has proven HIGHLY effective in debunking climate denialists? Or was is just an attempt to get user info for some other purpose? It’s not known yet"

- HYPE & SMEAR - Believer sites like Doubtful News, SkS are not interested in discussing science : If you look at them & their blind faith followers : BBC, Guardian, New Sci-Activist, Oz ABC you can see their main effort is hyping their own dogma & smearing any opponents (with many people thinking it's OK to lie for "the cause")

Green Activist Lie Watch
- "There won't be enough snow to ski again" in Oz : Robyn Williams - you can also hear audio of him seriously saying end of century sea-level rise could be 100m.

- David Shukman BBC new science editor- stands in a drought reservoir ..but doesn't report back 3 months later when it's full after flood rains source
- I see BBC Enviro Reporting Guidelines "No Jargon" is that's why they cut the qualifying words like might, seems, could ... they don't seem they obey the rest of the rules

- Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg is Director of the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland
QUOTE : Several weeks ago News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt emailed me to object to a brief passage in the article in which I asserted that “Bolt receives direct support from Australia’s richest mining magnate and climate denialist, Gina Rinehart”.
In collaboration with the editors at The Conversation the article was immediately amended to remove this claim and the following editor’s note was added:
Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article implied that Gina Rinehart has provided direct financial support to Andrew Bolt. There is no evidence to support this claim. This has been corrected. ENDQUOTE
Bolt complained it took a long time

- Tim Flannery 2005 : "I’m afraid that the science around climate change is firming up fairly quickly . . . we’ve seen just drought, drought, drought, and particularly regions like Sydney and the Warragamba catchment-if you look at the Warragamba catchment figures, since 98 the water has been in virtual freefall, and they’ve got about two years of supply left . . .

Maxine McKew: But. . . we won’t see a return to more normal patterns?

Flannery: . . . they do seem to be of a permanent nature. I don’t think it’s just a cycle. I’d love to be wrong, but I think the science is pointing in the other direction.

McKew: So does that mean, really, we’re faced with-if that’s right-back-to-back droughts and continuing thirsty cities?

Flannery: That’s right.

- Another more practical scientist called him out : Associate Professor Stewart Franks, of the University of Newcastle, thinks scientists should know better than to make incorrect statements about drought here. "The mistake that the numerous expert commentators made, was that they confused climate variability for climate change. The future impact of climate change is very uncertain, but when one “wants to believe”, then it is all too easy to get sucked in and to get it spectacularly wrong. In principle, these people should really know better." Read more

If there’s no action before 2012, that’s too late. What we do in the next two to three years will determine our future. This is the defining moment. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Nov. 2007
.. That's it run out & grab the first person & start having sex cos the Earth is dead

- David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event". "Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said. since then there have been numerous occasions of heavy snow in the UK

- “Methane Time Bomb in Arctic Seas – Apocalypse Not” from NYT Blogs

Peter Gleick “dissuade teachers from teaching science”., but he wrote it trying to attribute it to someone else to smear them.

- Great list of quotes from Green-Agenda a watching the greens site

List of failed climate predidictions

: Good list of failed climate predidictions

- Bolt keeps a list of Dud Predictions
- Bolt keeps a list of Climate Propaganda

- Alarmist Website 2015 prediction already looking flakey & it calls it predictions too conservative

- The 50m climate refugees by 2010

Checklist to spot dodgy reporting
they use "denier" & other Ad Hominem attacks
call Pachauri a climate scientist : He has experience with IPCC now, but his real job was railway engineer
the quote straight off activist press releases, rushing without fact checking
they don't follow up hyped up stories like droughts .. later when it rains
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