#29 Spin & Smear Tactics by Activist Media
Climate Claptrap X

let's consider the sources
- In straight science the source does matter ,but in the Edward de Bono "thinking hats" mode, let's put on a different hat and looking at the presentation.

- To me green blogs seem to be full of anger, name calling and full of certainty framing with loaded words, low on analysis. ("Certainty is the enemy of reason")

- Yet as ever skeptic blogs seem to be full of patient analysis, humour, some spin, but not viscious over the top spin common on green. They welcome criticism, wheas the Greens blogs over react to criticism with anger.

- Even before you look at the science one can see which is the most attractive.

- But from the outside the green movement does seem more cool & has more chicks

Another recent story : Are Scientists Living in Fear ?
BTW did you hear the one about "Climate scientists are getting death threats" ... well not with the verified police report you'd expect.

- This came up a day before the Gleick/Heartland story
"Climate Scientists are Receiving Hate Mail & Death Threats"

- Really regular climate scientists are looking under their cars for bombs ?
Does that sound real ?
Don't you think you'd have heard from the big media ?
- Apply the "does it sound too bad/good to be true" rule ? Yep too bad to be true
- when I did a fact check on that story there was no evidence of a large problem.
(It's a collection of a set stories from over past 3 years, no death threats recently. If it was serious you'd have thought there would have been lots of ongoing police investigation, but I only found reference to an FBI investigation of 2 cases in 2009 listed on Wikipedia, but that sinks without

Non-Climate Scientist says he's received death threats

- One story which popped up a few months back was "Top Climate Scientist tells of death threats", this refers to a interview for a Norwegian magazine by the head of the IPCC (who is technically NOT a scientist, but rather a consultant & railway engineer who now has experience of heading the IPCC). Maybe he did get death threats, but shortly before starting at the IPCC there was a 1996 Delhi High Court ruling in which the judge said he had "suppressed material facts" & "sworn to false affidavits" adding that Pachauri should not be involved in the management of the non-profit convention center at the heart of the lawsuit. Archived Court judgement, the quadrant article explains Pachauri is not a credible witness

Helps sell Michael Mann's Book

- 3 weeks later top warmist spokesmen like Michael Mann keep giving press conferences hyping up the same small or old stories. When you check the stories you can see from the hyperbolic rheotoric that they are mostly propaganda rather that real evidence. Mann's evidence is that he gets some angry emails & someone once sent him an evelope full of corn powder (when ? no date info available). There are occasional fruitcases threatening any public figure, but it's only in fields like vivesection & abortion that the magnitude is noticeable. Articles which talk of the death threats The writers seem to rush to type blogs rather than inform the the police of "death threats", as the articles rarely mention it went as far as a police complaint. Even in past years when police have investigated,I have not yet found that they found any credible threat. I didn't find 1 story which said "Mr X whas been arrested".

If Your Case Is Weak Make A Smear Attack First to Distract Attention
- However often if their case is very weak they make a strong attack to divert attention.

- Or in the case where NCSE wants to close down the debate & get it's own Activism-Science (Acti-Science) program (started on Jan 13th) into schools without competition, they ATTACK FIRST & come up with the smear "Anti-Science". When the truth is Heartland wants to get as much science it into schools as possible so that kids can learn how to think critically instead of being indoctrinated.

- How Muddy Thinking Sticks
- Is this what it's about Muddying the waters/
- Is that what Gleick was doing.. basically a form of trolling .....the guy who sussed Gleick in hours Stephen Mosher ..knews Gleick from the way he trolls the blogs

- Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities
. –Voltaire

- Quote "Warmists use taxpayers money to fund activism, while at the same time as accusing bodies using private funds of tax evasion"

Warmist activists trolling the blogs

- I see that some green trolls are trying to take over the fakegate facebook page, by sending multiple comments. Unlike on Green blogs these contrary comments have not be deleted. I saw that someone had already written about that particular troll Gilligan King the spam queen is back :)

- If people post long ranting posts which can easily be debunked it makes them look like a bully and dents their own credibility.
* But as we know Gillian King, Lev and gang have numerous profiles, so if each troll has 4 alias' then that puts the count at more like 8,000 real people...

Greens have BIGGER BRAINS ?

- Greens have used their BIGGER BRAINS to come up with solutions that are in tune with nature so they have the freedom to continue to live their own lifestyle : flying frequently around the world, living in large properties by the water side, like Eco-gods like Tim Flannery & Al Gore.

- a polar researcher in charge of a $50m budget is suspended on investigation into misappropreiation of funds polar bear man.

Dealing With Activist Media Tricks & Spin

- In the media it’s a topsy turvy world with most news originating from press releases written by left or right wing PR agencies.
- People take things at face value as long as it confirms their own dogma.
- and “Once it is writ to paper it becomes ‘real’. ”

- Rule 1 If it is it too good/bad to be true, then it’s not.
- Rule 2 If it’s full of “weasel words” like “denier” instead of skeptic or “leaked” instead of stole then you’re being spun
- Rule 3 Wait don’t jump to conclusions – things come out in the wash

- Perhaps 80% of the internet is not indexed

- Next page shows more on use of words like "denier" etc.

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