#27 Quick Deconstruction of the Heartland/Greick story
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Quick Deconstruction
- This is a great story for teaching critical thinking cos the story deconstructs to be 180° different from the face value.

- Facevalue - Secret documents prove that a devious right wing think-tank funded by big-oil is fundraising to build an "anti-science" K-12 edcucation course

- On deconstruction ... This turns out to be 100% Topsy Turvy story with Peter Gleick being devious in trying to make sure the Climate change education program of the liberal organization he'd joined a month earlier on Jan 13th goes into schools unchallenged.
- And proving that Heartland has relatively tiny budget & is not funded by big oil.
- Maybe a case of some one shouting "Anti-Science" when they want to push Acti-Science (Activism Science) themselves & keep out anyone else.

- PG a water scientist regularly speaking on climate joined a liberal education organization to headline a project team to develop their own range of non-skeptic Climate Science K-12 programs on January 13th.
- 4 weeks later by phishing he fraudulently obtained Heartland documents & forwarded them along with a fake document, which he said he received anonymously to an environmental PR agency Desmogblog who then forwarded them all to a few sympathetic websites where they were published with an introductory text filled with loaded hype-words and went viral across Green websites. The word "leak" was used without commenting on the suspect status of the faked document.
- The only secret things the documents prove is that Heartland has a tiny budget and that doesn't come from big oil. The personal details of the Heartland staffers proved nothing, but they weren't redacted when the documents were first published on the web. Pretty much everything else like the annual budget etc. is either already in the public domain or would have been in the future when the plans had been activated.


- Within a day or so some smart people analysing the texts had picked up signs of Peter Gleick being the source of them ...He often uses the words "“anti-climate”, & skeptics like Heartland are very unlikely to use them. And after a few days of his name beginning to be spread he confessed to breaking the law.
- He's resigned from both the ethics organisation he headed, the NCSE and is on leave temporary from the Pacifc Institute he founded.

- What about that sentence : "program ...effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science." Heartland say the document not emailed to PG, the one he says he received anonymously is a forgery. Skeptical websites had already spotted errors with it, it was not originally electronic rather it was scanned on a machine set on Pacific time and is dated after he received the others. It also has phrases from the genuine emails seemingly pasted into sentences to make them seem damming.
- Despite Heartland continually saying it's forged the green websites say Heatland is lying.
- Skeptic websites say the phrase "program ...effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science." was put into the forgery to smear Heartland.

- Gleick's side looks even more Hypocritcal : Heartland published the email thread with Dr. Gleick, showing they were in discussion the day before he phished the genuine documents. They show he was invited to Heartl

Very Very Significant - lying & cheating for the cause
- First green websites really played up the story hoping to stick the knife into Heartland. It's noticible when it became more about Peter Gleick only half of them continued. Most of them focusing on Heartland & saying PG was justified. But that's why it's the big nail in the coffin of climate panic. If they support him lying & cheating for the cause .. then that's Credibility Gone. Surely they would support other scientists lying & cheating for the cause ? Like tweaking data & graphs ? maybe

- This confirms the views of many skeptics that Climategate I & II show many climate scientists lie for the cause. Activist scientists and their supporting friends in the environmental departments say
"It's alright to make stuff up, if you are doing it to save the planet" Jesus ! "so where did you get the data from that shocking graph ?" and "should I believe your answer ?"

- ACTIVISM SCIENCE tweaking science to make sure science does what it's supposed to do !

Wish I got paid for debunking
- It took me 40 hours of fact checking to deconstruct that story
- I think I now have a target in life to try monetarise all those hours I ended putting in debunking all these BS news stories that crop up every month.

- I first mentioned this story on #25 When I was talking about Science Skeptics organisations not applying critical thinking to Climate Change issues

- as this example is a great tool for teaching critical thinking

Warmists spin tricks to turn the big story 180° around
Someone said this :
"In this upside down world, Heartland are the ones trying to start a science debate on a shoestring budget, while the establishment scientists, with - "10,000 times the funding, debate whether they should steal things instead.
- The so-called “hero” scientists hurl names and unscientific ad-homs in lieu of evidence and reason."

- media-skips-details-creates-narrative-in-heartland-case yes spot on Blog post ..under all the noise the foundation of the event is SPIN

-I tried to post some comment but there's something wrong with their system

- Well, done ..some measured words & you identified the main thing about this story .. the amazing warmist spin of turning the whole big story upside down.
- Team A say "look we have proof Team B they are cheat & lie, have a massive PR machine, have massive funding from big oil & they want to stop proper science in schools". They then wrap this up in emotion with loaded words "denier" & the new one "Anti-science" agenda serve it to people of a dogma group, who love it as it confirms what they already believe.
- Meanwhile actually Team A have a massive PR, machine, have massive funding from big oil ... etc. & are deny anyone a debate & prefer dogma over science & have proved Team B have minimal funding from big oil while they themselves cheat & lie

- Please run your eye past the only 2 BBC stories on the subject "Confessions of a climate gate-opener" story 1, story 2

note that since BBC Climate stories used to get slaughtered in the comments so they stopped allowing comments, but they've just started allowing them again.
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