#24 Dogma Bias & Eco-Brainwashing
Climate Claptrap VIII

Green Twisted Logic : Dogma bias

- The multinational eco-charities & Eco- bullies are only positive about science when it supports their dogma and then it's hyped way beyond reality
... look : If wind or a solar is sustainable for a circumstance then it shouldn't need a subsidy.

- If science contradicts Green dogma, they spread fear of disaster,

- Dogma bias :
- "everything that goes against my dogma will be a catastrophe,
- everything going with my dogma is a magic solution"

I'll stick with real maths thanks

- no need to spend any government money for governments to spend money on wind on solar subsidies, cos if the maths show they really work then private companies will do it all. The multinational eco-charities could build their own & make loads of money, then they won't need to get donations to pay their directors $150,000 + salaries. - Fusion should be here soon

My personal point
- What we are talking about is Faith based science vs reality .. So it the reality backed up by the faith ? Are the Models predictions now reality...The bubble Intellectuals should check.
models' * predictions * reality ? check *

Fueling Eco Loony Stories
- Is it a surprise that the rational are lured into irrational views when they are fed so much rubbish news

- MSM is still publishing scare stories I checked news on Great barrier Reef .. recently a long term study came out saying it's OK and Australian papers carried the story, but on the same day one of the papers decided to publish another story which seemed to be pretty hollow on content and ended with lot's of emotional pleading .. so with their readers it will have a much stronger impact than the "real" story.

- now Greenies claim - the non warming is caused by the solar cycle
- this is a strange argument they say "low Sun causes losing", while sticking to the line the high sun is in no way responsible for warming ?

- ABC's Robyn Williams used to sound logical, but then became to sound line a "climate panic loony", The Bolt Report said that sea level rises of 100m were perfectly possible.. the alarmist IPCC sea-level rise says max of 1m, Since the rise in the last 11 years is praxctically nothing the rate of rise would have to increase exponentially to even reach 1m.

- When they can't debate with logic activists often jump straight to the that climate realist is "funded by big oil".. this webpage about funding facts shows they are almost always wrong in this.

brainwashed into the eco-utopia

- On C4 TV Grand Designs viewers are brainwashed into the eco-utopia when they see the Woodland Eco-house of "Ben Law" ...very impressive but .. "too good to be true" you can tell they are not 100% true.. when asked about self sufficient he acts as if they are but finally says "we will be" ..Jesus what ! He's the Greenies Superhero and after years on his project they are still not self sufficient ! ..this ties in with Matt Ridley said about self-sufficiency=poverty

The Chinese secret service loves this !

- The Chinese secret service must be loving what Climate panic story is doing to the west ... stopping our economic progress whilst actually making no difference to CO2 and the environment at all.

.. What's the easiest way for China to catchup with the west ? Why by getting the west to standstill by getting it preocccupied with climate change.

- However we don't want China to be left behind. It's good China is catching up, better for their health, their human rights and then they also buy lots of western products

A Bloke called Mervyn posted this :

These science academies are so caught up in the politics of climate science, they are lost in the politics and have forgotten about the real science. They also forget about Mother Nature. What you see is what you get.

So, when people are told man-made global warming is causing more droughts but instead there are floods, people understand.

When people are told man-made global warming is causing warmer winters but instead there are record cold winters, people understand.

When people are told sea levels will rise 10 feet in 5 years but the satellites reveal no discernible rise in sea-level, people understand.

When people are told the climate models show rising Co2 will result in much higher temperature but the actual temperature trend shows no discernible warming over the last 15 years, people understand.

Yep… people certainly understand… they understand that they’ve been fed bull… they understand that obscene amounts of money have been spent needlessly on the impossible pursuit of halting climate change… as if it can be halted at all!

The science academies are no longer scientific institutions of good repute. They have become political activist organisations of ill-repute!

- This is backed up by this about faking experimental data very good statistical analysis showing shady scientific research is rampant.
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