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BBCNews Compulsive Climate Bias

- BBCNews won't use scientists to report science, prefering to use people who will toe the catastrophe line or is it they just want to keep things "Sun newspaper simple" ?

- Maybe the BBC can't use a scientist to do it science reporting cos they've already written the next 5 years scripts for climate change news.

- So the new Science Editor : David Shukman stilll doesn't have a science degree. He's got a geography degree so that's a start, but he can be relied un to toe the catastrophe line ... look at his form of standing it dried up lakes saying they will never be full again, but not following up 3 months later when they are full.

- The Guardian says Shukman was responsible for the Oryx blunder, costing BBC £0.8m libel payout

- excellent debunk of Badscience story on BBC. : Science BBC News got it wrong & Mail copied & embellished it

- So ...The BBCNews has become the Pravda of CACC (Catostrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change)

- Someone else says the same thing about the BBC Climate Religion

Hype for Alarmists - ostracism for realists
BBC Climate Skeptic martyrs

- wasn't the excellent Homeplanet banned cos it didn't always push catastrophic Climate Change ?
- Surely it wasn't it an accident that the one known climate skeptic left anywhere on the entire BBC spectrum of channels Prof Philip Stott was the main panelist.

- Other people who were BBC regulars once known as non warmists are effectively banned by the BBC ..only allowed on for token controlled comment spots : good people like David Bellamy, Johnny Ball, Peter Sissons & Michael Buerk.

- Warmist Panic Spindoctors - BBC Climategate2 reporting seems like "political spin doctor" containment reaction to bad news: "OK do this : without going into details, bad mouth it, and try to shift agenda"

Debunking : Eden man Tim Smith's muddled thinking

- When Eden project man Tim Smith was to give a short lecture on Radio 4 pushing his energy independence plan for Cornwall, the BBC hyped his cause by including a lengthy explanation on the BBC news website with of course a leading headline UK 'must believe in energy revolution' ... they wouldn't do this if he was a skeptic.

- his energy indepence idea is easy to debunk ..see page #22 Climate Claptrap VII

Climategate Issues

- Climategate2 emails show which side has engaged in disinformation : a BBC reporter "taking an activist line" was paid by CRU & helped setup Realclimate (Roger Harrabin, the BBC's 'environment analyst')

- @50 "Why don't all those denying climate change..time capsule views... " .. top doomsayers predictions of 15 yrs ago haven't come true

- Crying wolf ..2 years ago 65K swineflu deaths were predicted been 457 so far

- impressive .. a strong argument that the BBC has committed suicide by taking a line on Climate Change and now getting caught out getting paid and taking programmes with “inappropriate” sponsorship funding from international organisations including UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP and UNFAO, in breach of the corporation’s guidelines.

..is it a coincidence that BBCNews is looking for new PR staff ?

After Retirement newsreader Sissons laid into the BBCnews
- Peter Sissons really criticised them for agenda & bias especially on climate.

- That piece is very reinforced by this BBC College of Journalism Blog - Why Peter Sissons is wrong, which sets out to contradict Sissons yet achieves the exact opposite.
.. It's so poor I can't believe the BBC left this one on their website it .. 50 of the follow up comments are in favout of Sissons and very very few against

- The readers reviews of Sissons book also backs him up

I listened to his 2 lectures (Coventry University podcasts)
- criticises 24 hours news cos no time for real research
- BBC recruited him to deprive Channel 4 success
- BBC buzzword is teamwork
.....teamwork=never take all the blame yourself
- at BBC Sissons was freelance cos of tax advantages
- staff management was crap e.g. staff leanrned of move to Manchester thru newspapers ..workers lived in fear
- Moira Stewart was sidelined and Sissons was censured for mentioning it
- complements long term news anchor colleague Buerk ?
- (Buerk made a podcast against alarmism in a podcast he concludes that media is supporting a religion without caring whether it's right or wrong.. Is he now banned ? .. (well he's still on Moral Maze))

- News became entertainment - says downturn in TV news came when entertainment news started to be included. This had an effect on all news , which became based around it's entertainment value.
- e.g. drop a serious story to keep that days news entertaining criticises when the Coronation Street died they cut big stories to cover that.

- says Paxman, Andrew Marr & the DG say the same

- BBC has lost touch with Audience e.g. over 50s
- it's TV for Young Green Lefty London types

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