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BBCNews Bias : 1. takes a line on social issues
- I love the professionalism of BBC FACTUAL progs, which are still impartial (apart from pushing of CACC on TV and popular science), but ugh! BBC NEWS is a different matter ..& it's influence into factual progs

- How can public think correctly when the modern media injects garbage into your brain ?

Why BBC's reputation for
telling HALF the story ALL the time.
Not Impartial Not half

- The BBC got caught napping on the MMR scare when it should have taken the side of science. So ever since it seems management has decided the BBC must take a line on social issues e.g. racism, politically correct speech, CACC (catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change)

- The world is viewed through a Green/left agenda :
0. SPOT A STORY & GROW IT - we are not in the information business we are in the entertainment business so don't bother with most stories just go with the ones which ideally push our agenda and/or we can turn into an ongoing soap opera
1. KEEP THEM OUT pro stories are reported - anti stories aren't
2. BIG IT UP The points will be skewed by Leading headlines in news reports
3. USE EMOTION - get those archive footage of polar bears & glaciers in at any opportunity.

An Example "Britain is out on it's on European Taxes"

- I see that the BBC have taken a line "UK out on it's own re-new Euro treaty", well not all other nations have confirmed that they are in ..time will tell
... 6 Weeks later well the BBC was wronfg as the Czech Republic also stayed out, but the BBC editors chose not to admit any error
- (I note that even though they used the phrase "Britain is out on it's own" in the news bulletins frequently, the BBC News website no longer contains that phrase so often)

Biased-bbc.blogspot.com biases

- biased-bbc.blogspot.com has good info BUT a pity it regards fair criticism of Israel as bias ..What ! where the whole state was started by terrorism & terror is the mainstay of it's defence policy .. it should be criticised
.. of course it's not the worst country in the world ..many states e.g. African & Iran persecute their own people worse.

BBCNews Bias 2. Sun simplied editorial policy
- BBC NEWS bangs-on & on instead of indepth explanations ... I think they have added the way Murdoch judges what the public's prejudices are, in forming their own editorial policy

- I imagine a few years ago BBC bosses got together & said "right we've lost touch with the public .. If we are not careful the government will start cutting the BBC down ... We need to get the public back on our side ... what do the public like ?... ah they like The Sun ... Our editors need to be more like Sun editors"
- "Maybe the public don't like the BBC now cos our messages are too complex & confusing... so don't run too many stories, just run the same stories again and again .. And think about the public's prejudices and play up to them .. 'Immigrants, cuts, taxes, murders, celebrity', that's what we want"
- And we have to stay in touch with the public like the Sun newspaper..So we'll give them a platform to express their opinion"
- then someone would have countered "We want to be popular, but we can't go pushing BNP & UKIP values, we can't give up on Climate Change & Racial positivism "
- "OK, we'll try to be popular, but we won't sacrifice our progressive role in promoting these values."

Outside the BBC
- (Jesus just some real misleading news on ITV Breakfast TV there is no way the producers really believed what the presenter was saying, she was deliberately pretending to be dumb, just like UK newspapers do ...this is cynical manipulation)

- The Independent now owned by the Oligarch has also gone downhill : the normal dodgy Climate scare reporting, but a lot of the other stories are suspect these days.

Bear Baiting in News & Radio Phone-ins
- By choice of agenda & headline phrases for the news ..the BBC editors manage to stir outrage feelings in the public
- And the same in presenting radio phone-ins. It's as if the BBC have discovered a modern substitute for bear baiting.
- Ruined 5 Live This level of progs have crept through the Radio 5 Live like a cancer, now the morning phone in, 10pm prog and afternoon prog are unlistenable. I understand why they've done it they want Sun reader type public popularity..but why stoop down to their level when the BBc has always tried to raise the level of debate. Yes the newspapers use these techniques, but the BBC is supposed to tell the truth not play upon the publics prejudices
- radio 4 Dumbed Down segments Mind you I noticed in the Today prog on R4 on the same days when they say "no time" & cut scientists & politicians off midsentence, they spend loads of time on trivial items.

BBC on Banker Bashing

- The BBC news editors have picked up that banker bashing is popular ..so have spun their progs on account of this :
- Bang-on Bang-on & Complain ...(don't explain it'll confuse the public)

- Yesterday on the progs the presenters all opened with the editorial line and greeted callers with "I bet you are really angry at Hestors bonus" yet many callers answered with sensible lines

..."well if you make a contract with some one you can't just break it"
..."if the Labour people are so angry then why did they make the contract in the first place"

..."the bonus is a drop in the ocean, compared with what you'd lose on the resale of RBS if you got the restructuring wrong."

- so that is the problem with BBC, the editors.

- The public has got smarter and BBC news has dumbed down
- In fact it is to explain why mega salaries are accepted by shareholders

My Take on Banker Bashing

- yes lets save money by getting a 3rd class director for RBS then come the sell off we'll get 10bn instead of 20Bn #bankerbashing

- FALSE ECONOMY lets "save money" by getting a 3rd class director for RBS then come t sell off we'll get 10bn instead of 20bn

- "a worse economy & higher costs 4all" the bonus popularist #ukmedia "earn" for distorting reality re directors bonusese & UK economy

- #ukmedia banker bashing message to whizzkid directors "don't come to save any UK companies cos we'll spit in yer face & break your contract"

- bank for sale cheap price cos we're not allowed to pay the bonuses necessary to attract the best people RBS Hestor

- For sale, recovering bank.. comes with second class mangers cos we're not allowed to pay the bonuses necessary to attract the best people #RBS #Hestor #bankerbashing

- Look at the US enterprise, saying ..go ahead take a chance maybe you can make millions and be the new Steve Jobs .. but disappointing to see the UK negative attitude of jealousy & trying to drag others down "ugh look they are making millions ..they are fatcats"

- US can do positivism."go & make a $1m", UK negative attitude of jealousy & trying to drag others down "they are fatcats" #bankerbashing

- Cameron's Folly - Now with Hestor been bullied into not accepting his bonus, that basically sends the message "'You can't earn a big bonuses in the UK, so

- If you're talented move abroad.
- If you want top talent heading your company move the HQ abroad

BBC fake consultation
- The radio blog consultation was so badly organised I can't see how they'll collect and analyse all the info. It must have been about something else other than really collecting the public's opinion.
- see Their questions and my answers

- What about money IN : Don't think just about restricting money out, it's more important they look for revenue income like selling training, prog formats etc , TV stations should pay a transfer fee when they poach staff

(value of BBC1TV progs)=(profits from overseas sales etc)-costs . Use this to calculate what2cut there instead of valued radio

- every prog has a cost and a value and the cost should include deductions for the revenue it generates in overseas markets & merchandising etc.

- save local radio petition

Jesus - VLV say over 3 years BBC planned to give local commercial television 40 million & cut local radio by 45m

BBC Centralisation London & Salford
- closing #BBC Birmingham is RECENTRALISING in Salford & London when BBC should be spreading jobs thru country

- BBC by terms of trades description act should rename to LSBC London & Salford Broadcasting Corporation

London Bias & More London Bias

- I see the Last Explorer documentaries made by BBC Scotland, were not initialy shown nationally, only in Scotland. 1 year later they are shown nationally once, whereas all the London made documentaries are normally shown 2 or 3 times across the schedule of BBC2 & BBC4

- The BBC thinks national means London and outside the BBC there seems a lot of things where the taxpayers subsidise London : HS2 London to Brum train, the London Olympics, the London Crosslink, the LondonThameslink projects, the HS1 from the Chunnel to London. and talk of a new London airport

- Even before a new London airport it's work thinking about Independence for Lincolnshire.

- My Idea : Now we have the technology to scrap London Studios - Now that you don't need record libraries the national radio networks don't need to have a central base in London. Certainly when the Local stations are off air during the night the nationals could be making use of the studios..and even in the daytime thye could probably find enough spare studios outside London. So they could virtually shut down the London studios and save a lot of money.

- To be fair on the TV stuff does appear to be labelled made by BBC Scotland or made by BBC Northern Ireland etc.

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