#18 The UK Goes Completely Mad
The Irrational World Blog 2011

- OK most human beings live in an irrational bubble, but now after years of going forwards we go backwards

Big Mad Things
- Renewable Madness
The UK is wasting £billions on solar and windpower when the mathematics don't stack up

- burning rubbish and hydro dams do work

- the crazy SP2 rail plan
- passenger rail has never been viable
At best it can be an add-on to profitable freight services
- politicians who support this madness should have their pensions invested in it first (unsubsidized)

People like flying, airports do make money
Let's Have decisions made with

- REAL Evidence
- REAL Reasoning
- REAL Science
- REAL Maths
- REAL Engineering
- Good Reasoning

- Not Green fantasies

- Lets push on with Shale gas , push on with nuclear ..keep on with fusion

- Note I don't put the wars in the mad section ..cos I just don't know.. when you have war you have a lot of secrets so one just not know the truth until much later. One hopes that the intelligent people involved have to good logic behind it.

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