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Bad Green Science

- not the green science of finding negatives & pushing bunk solutions, which don't stand up to math analysis

- gravy train effect- peer reviewers refuse papers which don't generate more grant money

- Climate confusion good book

Rising Temperature changing to Rising Energy ? now
- After changing the name from Global Warming to Climate Change, I've heard a new change "it's not about CO2 causing rising temperatures, but CO2 causing more energy whether system"

- Simplistic Ideas are often wrong - the whole idea of a global temperature is ridiculous .. If greenhouse worked the way they say it does, it would be a case of more energy in the system ..energy is not just stored in air temperature it's in winds and storms, warm water, warm ground etc .. but its also too simplistic to say CC creates more energy in the system causing more storms .

Some interesting Articles

- Great article by Donna Laframboise : What Financial Meltdowns Teach Us About the IPCC
- 2008 people realised the finance industry was deluded
- 2011 Climate change will bring catasrophe delusion continues
... lots of people believing something is true doesn't make it true

- Funny opinion from wind-watch.org NOT GREEN NOT CHEAP - highlights wind turbines blowing down

- From infowars source checking : Quotes Highlighting hidden agenda behind CACC idea Reds hiding behind Green

- UKwind can't counter the maths so they call the new Civitas report "Cranks"

DECC fabricate to get magic answers
1. Somehow Energy bills will not double with green energy

- DECC coverup how electricity from renewables cost at least double normal prices by writing a report saying in a Green energy scenario consumption will halve. - and under conventional it won't ? FT report
- summary
- original Lying With Numbers: Green Energy Edition, Tim Worstal exposes government report

2. green energy will create jobs, but will cost less ...hows that possible ?
Special green maths, Eco-mafia claims Wind costs less than fossil fuels but somehow more workers will be paid, the energy is free but needs a massive subsidies

Earthhour is owned by Australian newpaper & eco charities
- Earthhour is actually a company owned by Australian newpaper co Fairfax and eco charities WWF etc. with directors paid AUD$165K taxfree research by boy-on-a-bike

- New Humber Gateway windfarm 170K homes for 219MW 77 turbines
300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide ... correct if they are using 4300KWh/year for "1 home" and a efficiency coefficient of a rather high of 0.40 ....can they get away with this ?..I would expect it to be higher than the 0.30 max for onshore
- It's a ripoff for the public, but not double or triple like some projects

Wind Turbines Breaking apart ..why doesn't BBC report ?

- BiasedBBC won't report again : a lot of windfarms turbines & solar PV panels have been damaged by wind, but #biasedbbc BBC is not reporting an

- Telegraph UK windpower kills more than Fukushima : 4 dead + 300 worker injuries in last 5 years, worldwide 53 dead (10yrs)

- solar panels fall off school

- The Mail has good photos of the latest broken UK wind turbines

- Express has news of fishy planning

Natural is not Nice
- Bernard-Henri Levy on Start the week said..what's so good about nature ? the reality is nature is not nice before the war people people used to die before 50 suffer from all kinds of diseases and lose lots of children in childbirth

Some Good Points

- 33 years of satellite data showing Earth's temperature NOT runaway warming

- If ice is melting where is the sea level rise ?

- since weather is a chaotic system you'd expect the temperature to bounce around within a boundary ..there should never be a real consistant global average

PV #solar MAFIA argue #DECC has to wait 40 days before changing #FITS, but even if the court upholds this, the #ukgov can change the law retrospectively

- Ponzi scheme we pay in and someone else pays out

- Warmists are like bankers getting big bonuses now grant grant grant yet in 50 years time if proved wrong they won't be paying back their bonuses

- If Global warming catastrophe proves false will the solar & windfarm bankers will also be paying back their uneared TAXPAYER FUNDED BONUSES I hope ? #bankerbashing

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