#16 The Mad World says Fighting Racism with Racism is OK
The Irrational World Blog 2011

Thuggery is a Bigger problem than Racist Thinking
- Media going on about the Lawrence Trial - Lawrence was killed by racist thugs.
- It wasn't the racism that killed him it was the thugism. Yet the media comment is all focused on the racism, but not on the thugging. It is not wrong to have racist thoughts however misgiuided, it is wrong to attack. Even in a non-racist world a similar group might go on to attack someone cos they are gay, geeky, working class, disabled or a police officer etc.
- Yes it's good to end racism, but even better to end the psychology that leads to thuggery

Diane Abbot : Fighting Racism with Racism

- yesterday I heard a young back guy say "They (the police) are against us", totally unaware this groupist thinking is the same as racism.

- And today Diane Abbot - what she said reveals her true self - she doesn't think she said anything wrong
- I'm sure shes lives in a simplistic bubble world, where all black people are brothers
... if you have an "us" then you have a "them" ..and therefore that's racist ..it's quite natural for her to refer to the "them" the white people as evil

- Even the basic ideas of her bubble are institutionally racist : "Black community leaders"
- categorising people by skin colour as "black community" is racist - We are all just humans, we can only be classified by the things we choose like hobby, politics etc. ... not by our appearance. (you can't even classify people by religion, cos many people don't have a choice)

- Instead of the whole population being united against racism the "black activist community" sits aside "fighting racism with racism"

- Diane Abbot has form as talking like a "black supremacist" (e.g. saying West Indian's are better mothers etc)
- However her muddled thinking is not crime. We don't have laws on thinking we have laws on actions

"What she said is perfectly right" say other unaware racists

- : So many "minority community spokes people" came onto to say that she said was perfectly right .... as she was just using shorthand
- she meant "a dominant white ruling class have used 'divide and rule' for centuries" and she was just using "white" as a shorthand for white ruling class

... yes but this type of shorthand is the origin of a lot of racism
: A person might be robbed 10 times by people who happen to have black skin, that doesn't make it right to make the generalisation : "black people are robbers"
.. NO robbers can be of all colours
..and in the same way across the world ruling classes of all colours have used divide and rule against all kinds of groups.
- furthermore her comment disrepects Wilberforce and all the other white people who worked so hard to end slavery

PERSPECTIVE : she's not a thug or an evil ruler through discrimatory action harming people
- Her muddled thinking is not crime. We don't have laws on thinking we have laws on actions

- I saw fulfact debunked the story saying black people are 26 more times more likely to get stopped and searched it might in some areas be 4-1 ..They failed to mentioned why ..since black people commit more crime as a group they are more frequently stopped.

Hypocrite : her career is based on divide & rule

- found this spot on comment - "the irony of her divide and rule comment was that is exactly how she operates as a politician, by keeping black people as a seperate political voting block is how she is elected. Just like Galloway and the Muslims, the perpetuation of ghettoised enclaves is in her interest as that is where she gets power."

BBC Bias, In being pro black the BBC steps way over the line

- The Lawrence case was given massive coverage by BBC .. it's their choice ..but they stepped way over line by specifically by repeating in many 60s news bulletins the town & business of one of the partners of someone accused who has not been convicted.

- "no we can't hear it : interesting when the Abbot case came up due to Twitter being on fire it was often mentioned on 5 Live, but when I switched over to Radio 4 at 7.30am it wasn't mentioned in the today prog at all and the first appeared on the BBCnews at 10.21am website hidden away in the politics section, when other news sources had been covering the story for at least 3 hours.
- When they do discuss it the bring on 2 activist supporters of Abbott : Today covered the Abbott case the next day by getting activists to discuss the matter
: One a reporter from the Voice who basically said black against white racism is OK. He works for a black newspaper which categorises the world into black and white and only reports on black people.
: and Yasmin Alibhai - Brown : claims to hate racism, but then made a gross generalisation 'everyone's out to get an uppity black woman'! someone tweeted "If you disagree with her or Diane Abbott you are a racist misogynist. So a sensible discussion there."

- same only story people bully other by "playing the victim"

Bullying by Taking Offense

- seems if you don't win a debate then you can bully people by shouting RACIST - "Oh you offended me, you insulted me, you are the evil person" - be careful of this tactic

- In proper debate it's important we can criticise everything, so in the modern world we have free speech with even the blasphemy laws abolished ..the only restriction on speech that it should not incite violent action. But note how some people exploit the sympathy for racial equality, by when they are losing a debate, take offense at something someone said, so they are able to close down the debate.
- Tough ! We can say what we like
- They are bullying by seeking to close down the debate by saying "oh I'm offended"

Racism in Scotland
- Some one said "Scottish nationalism is based on hating the English, celebrating when the English lose at sport etc.. The SNPs are Sinn Fein without the armalites"
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