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The End for Australias top Climate Catastrophe spokesman
"Anyone who has a waterfront property will lose it"

- An interesting storycoming out of Australia, it could be the end for Tim Flannery, although I expect his team to find some dirty tricks to wiggle out of being caught out as a hypocrite & a liar. This could be a really big story : As Australia's no 1 pin up boy for catastrophic Climate Change alarm he's always extrapolates a bit of data into certainty, & although he's a historian not a scientist this certainty makes him popular.

- This week shockjock Ray Hadley exposed him as a hypocrite for buying beachfront houses in 1997 & 2002, when he has always made a dramatic statements saying things like "anyone who has a sea view today will lose their property soon" etc. Hadley's listeners also claimed evidence that he "speeded" in a 2 stroke boat instead of buying a much more ecological, but more expensive 4stroke he had actually tested, Flannery responded with a magazine article saying "hey it's a setup" that his neighbour David who phoned the Hadley actually worked for Hadley so it was all a concocted story. However when you listen to audio of the shows that story doesn't stand up with both Hadley & David vehemently denying that they have any connection what so ever & willing to show phone records to prove it.

- OK it could be an amazing conspiracy, but since then Flannery has never been available. I expect his team are working behind the scenes to find some dirty tricks to stop any libel action. Maybe they will find David has a shoplifting conviction or his brother was arrested for paedophile images on his PC or something like that, and that for cooperation these can be kept from the press.
- If they don't come up with something it going to be very annoying for many powerful Australian people involved inthe Climate Catastrophe machine.

- audio lnked from Andrew Bolt's Blog

- I expect Tim Flannery's team working on dirty tricks to stop Ray Hadley libel action exposing him as a hypocrite & liar
- end for Tim Flannery ? exposed as a bullying liar & hypocrite warning don't buy waterfront houses yet buying 2 himself

- audio

- Interesting to see from the republication by Crikey many comments from people who immediately believe Flannery's side yet have not listened to the audio, I would guess that is how they get their informed opinion of Climate Catastrophe .."Flannery says it & he's cool so it must be true".. you really can't take things at face value in this world. Agree Hadley is mouthy, but he's talking about the event all the time whereas Flannery has not spoken publicly in the last 3 days

- Yes I suspect when push comes to shove Flannery has enough clout to do big things like get advertisers to pull out of Hadley's radio station & threaten it's licence etc. so he might still get away with it.

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IPCC SREX report attempting to link bad weather with climate

- Will new IPCC SREX report attempting to link bad weather with #climate change be science peer reviewed or released straight to media ?

- #IPCC changes #Globalwarming name to #ClimateChange to "Extreme Weather Disaster Risk" to keep bandwagon going #SREX #climate

- bandwagon slowing so Global Warming multinationals launch rebranding product exercise with Extreme & Disaster to inject more urgency

Peak Bull sh@t
peakoil=peak Bullshit have we reached peak hysteria yet ? invest with Jeremy Leggett if you want

- I see he has a bet with Monbiot that in 2013 breakeven of solar panels with conventional energy.. Since current subsidy in the UK is 10 times Drax generating costs..that is not going to happen..unless Leggett's brigade manage to get the electricity price to go from 3 times generating cost to 10 times current generating cost by more subsidies to "green" & more taxes

- next year there will be no drought cos global warming scientist swore for sure rainfall will drop ..2050 down 10%, 2080 down 20%

Some skeptics adopt “true believer mode”
- when it comes to Catastrophic Climate Change. Critical thinking applies to everything, use reason & evidence and when we don’t know we don’t know.

Following up my question on natural CO2 pools
- They basically sidestepped my question on the radio .. "natural pools not worth bothering with" so I did my own background check - New Japanese satellite shows CO2 highest in places you'd not think e.g. Sahara rather than Industrial north
- The main component of the “Hamada” part of Sahara is mostly limestone. Limestone (CaCO3) plus heat gives natural cement (CaO + CO2)!
- science never stands on only 1 study (Good Work)
- I want to believe these Japanese stats, but I am suspicious of all stats where there is a cultural bias to tell people what they want to hear.
- So corroboration would be good... and why hasn't this result been produced before ? supressed ? A Dutch analysis once showed lots of earth cooling smog due to carbon particulates from all the wood fueled cookers (& slash & burn) in the developing world. Some natural systems do seem to self seal as CO2 forms calcium carbonate so I hypothesise that maybe it's possible pump something in that reacts with CO2 so the system link

- Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations ..., Volume 1 edited by David C. Thomas on Google Books £175 tackles the subject

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