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prog turned out to be more about art.

Habitation of the future - I see the biggest changes coming as social enghineering solutions rather than physical 'magic' tech engineering solutions. The latter are counterproductive, and 'have your cake and eat it aspects' where promises cannot be reconciled eg. public transport usually ends up sucking up subsidies and most countries are not petro-states so already spend more thasn they can afford. The social engineering will bring us enhanced markets making it it easier 

1. to transfer to a home nearer your job/school so you can walk. 

2. Easier to find love. 

3. Tuning the health market away from doctors making more money the sicker you are, and drug companies making money from years of continuious treatment rather curing you totally

- Already we see such tuning, there used to be thousands of shops with masses of stocks sitting on the shelves for years, half of which was secretly thrown away, cos no one ever bought it. But now with buying through the internet there is less of such waste, cos suppliers don't have to hold much stock.

- A note on public transport - I've never owned a car, but when my friend had to take his 2 children from the house to the hospital 2 tram changes away it was immediately obvious for him to own a car so to easily get from house to hospital in 30 mins instead of clumsily in 2 hours. Even though his car basically sits in the garage 23.5 hours out of 24.

well laid out item on climategate with references


Fallacy of Perspective eg with CO2 "every litte helps"

..Reality, no it doesn't rather "every big helps"

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