111 Crimea Invasion my opinions


- Yes regions can become independent
- If citizens want - If there is danger like Kosovo, they can act quick, & formalise later
- There was no immediate danger in Crimea
- If you allow , then must also allow smaller areas like Tatar to separate

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For the record Russian hitch-hiker Ori deleted a post
When I mentioned the old Putin supported government killing protestors in Kiev, he first replied "what deaths ?" that's why I posted the newspaper and wikipedia article.
1. Crimean people support Putin Ori says
..Really all ?
Will Putin will be good for minorities like Gays & Lesbians etc. is it a better Crimea for them ?

- Which country will be his next invasion ?
1. What's next Putin to Invade Latvia, Estonia ? There's lots of Russians in West London will his troops be arriving there

Are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet oligarchs ?

from BBC Prog about Russia are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet oligarchs ?
..No oligarchs try to be regional big men getting involved in politics for the sake of advantage for their business
.. but you can't have an oligarch in a democracy.. so my answer is no

Crimea opinion

1. Yes citzens of an area control the government, not the other way around so have a right to choose whether they break away from a country, like Kosovo and Southern Ireland did.
2. However rule 1 doesn't apply if
a) the area is strataegic
b) the population has somehow been distorted
3. Votes have to be fair, which this one isn't.. you don't vote at gunpoint.
4. Putin broke all the rules, there was no immediate danger, so he had no right to barge in. but we need the bullies oil/gas and money
5. One day he will be weak and then people will remember he doesn't play fair. When will that be?
The Russian economy is garbage apart from oil, When Europe doesn't need Russian energy that is the change Fracking will be a start, but probably have to wait until we have fusion power in 20-30 years time.
6. I wonder if this is Putin's trick ..he keeps invading foreign countries and thus buys new Russians who will vote for him.
7. Putin has now made Russia toxic, so moving away from west, which makes it difficult for the opposition and will keep Putins lot in power of a poorer Russia. Poorer? but maybe oil prices will rise.
8. If Putin now agrees citizens have the right to independence then he must accept if parts of Russia want to break away. e.g. the bits it stole from Finland
9. The way Russia drew the post soviet borders seemed strange. Instead of all Russians staying within Russia it left large populations outside the borders which meant they disrupted the smooth running of capitalist governments e.g. in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. If Ukraine losers some disruptive Russians, then it means the future governments will be more pro Europe instead of having to think about Russia.
10. What an idiotic idea by the temporary Ukraine gov to drop Russian as an official language, even though it can be no excuse for an invasion.
11. Commentator said Crimea would suffer from the same injustices that the rest of Russia has, as Putin starts to choose governors and judge so corruption will grow.
12. When I said a few weeks ago that people look to Moscow rather than Kiev I was told I was wrong and that things had changed. Maybe that was not true, even though ethnic Russians would be better under the incompetant but democratic EU rather than the corrupt mafia government of Moscow, a few thousand demonstrators in Kharkiv demonstrated in favour of Moscow.

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