107 RGS Brainwashing

Question for outsider : Surely the coverage by the Royal Geographical Society on it's websites is biased beyond belief ?

1. See BH about the new supplement trumpeting flawed research ... correct link to the RGS climate scare porn supplement. Hint click thumbs to see a quick overview
It's been Trojan horsed by the green movement, but this is welcomed cos it's good for magazine selling, even though the advertising is about long haul flights. 2. The Geographical magazine website how it sells advertising to advertisers
... our readers "6,000 = average spend on travel a year"
(Why advertisers like the green movement .. the last think they want is rational customers)
- Helps me add to the list of companies that I buycott, cos they support the scam

4. Top of their list of directories is their : Green Travel Resort Directory

4. yourclimateyourlife.org.uk/ RGS operated Climate Change website aimed at kids

"Humans are changing current climate through the production of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide. In 2004, CO2 made up 85% of the UKs greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere" .. don't confuse their little brains by mentioning water vapour 5. Their blog is full of green/left wing ideas here

latest 3 posts "Any questions? by Admin , 14/03/18 Is there anything you would like to ask the renowend Marxist geographer David Harvey? Read on In denial by Admin , 14/02/19 Psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky talks about the psychology behind climate change denial Read on Do Christiannity and science have to clash? by Admin , 14/02/18 No, says the Welsh climate scientist and Christian Sir John Houghton, who was professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Oxford, and a key member of the IPCC"

RGS past Record ..failed debate

When the RGS set up a debate with the Spectator in 2011 they were roundly defeated.. Simon Singh didn't do so well
Carbon Brief Bish comment on spectator article
Delingpole annilatedSinghs performance in that RGS debate - Singh's reply (dammed Spectator screwed up all it's hyperlinks)



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