106 Warmist Dirty PR Tricks Again

Problem #3 with warmist case for CAGW : "Low level of INTEGRITY"

eg formal withdrawl of Lew paper... blamed on libel threat ... unevidenced
.. Rather than apologise & correct they try to PR spin their way out of mistakes. And media & science bodies let us/science down by playing along * * upmost respect to Tol, and all the others who don't just play along.

"Everyone accepts catastrophic climate change is really coming, except for a small bunch of 'deniers' funded by big business and special interests. They run a huge disinformation campaign just like the tobacco companies did"
STOP Since projection is the main characteristic of warmist activists ie what they accuse others of is what they are actually doing, you have to turn the argument around and ask if "it is true of them ?" some student may want to analyse/compare the tactics of those activists and 1970s tobacco companies.
great background on one of the warmist's dirty PR blogs

Why people don't trust the warmist case

Problem #3 with warmist case for CAGW : "Low level of INTEGRITY" so people don't trust them
eg. mistakes.. Rather than apologise & correct they try to PR spin their way out of mistakes. And media & science bodies let us/science down by playing along *
.. Yet when skeptics are shown to have made a mistake they own up quickly, apologise and fix the problem, so I trust them much more.

Humphries on Feedback

junk ?

- Similarly John Humphrey's comment on the BBC taking a liberal political line. On BbcR4Feedback Bolton went on about no sign of bias from presenters "Does anyone ask you to go easy on Milliband?", but failed to pick up on that wasn't the issue , it was what the editors chose as what/who they should air and that certain issues are regarded as UNCHALLENGEABLE in BBC culture. He said the BBC didn't challenge lines on Europe or Immigration .. strangely green issues weren't mentioned

Trojan horse to get Green/left dogma into policy

Why are people so tenacious in using every dirty PR trick to promote the Climate Change doctrine ? Cos it has proven to be an amazing trojan horse to get green/left dogma into the very fabric of government.... Every politician wants to be"green"
@Raptorman comments on Breibart.com

- (or maybe she is a pretty hooker the old politicians can't resist spending money on, as she makes them feel young and cool, as well as pulling in the subsidy $$$ for their mates. )

Good page listing funding of US green lobby $2bn not including gov and corp money

Bob Ward is on all over the place
- Tues - billed as a joint climate scientist with Judith Curry on BBC WS discussing how deniers should be banned cos poor climate scientists work is been bad mouthed like Mann and Mann has to sue for libel.

- Then Wednesday he was in Press Gazette with Steve Jones saying skeptics should be banned.
- As ever with news context is everything
- Alarmists context .."Hey did you know those nasty skeptics are trying to bully nice climate scientists, forcing them into court"

Talk about PROJECTION ! the truth is not even 180° different it is 100miles to the right as that statement is 1 mile to the left.

For years skeptic scientists have hounded banned, harassed, namecalled, careers destroyed etc. How many threats and legal cases ..even whole books like the Merchants of doubt Doubt given vast time by ABC etc.

It was the very BBC Feedback prog that devoted lots of time to activists to defame BoB Carter..I didn't notice Bob Ward jumping up to protest

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