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Tricks To Ban Skeptics from the the BBC

Easy to Rebutt Bobs Call that Skeptics should be banned

A troll tried to advance Bob Ward's argument that skeptics should be banned from the BBC. That is obvious to me just a trick shouting "their science is bad" so he can get his BAD science in unchallenged

Their arg is cpntradictory

It shouldn't be English Lit grad against scientist in the studio says Monty.
I said: "my point clearly stands. A complicated (and complex) science needs years of training to even begin to understand it (like all sciences). Which is why it is ludicrous when English graduates pontificate about something they haven't got a chance of understanding
- Strangely that is the what the outrageous BBC situation is .. In the studio there are 2 people : the clueless Enlish Lit, humanities grad JOURNALIST..being unable to challenge the assertions of the climate activist scientist the producer has selected from the white list of the unbanned.

- So Ironically Monty has brought the discussion full circle back to BBC deliberately rigging the debate

3 simple questions for you Monty. Yes/No

1. You are disappointed that the BBC almost exclusively uses interviewers who are English/Humanities graduates and would insist that the BBC should select interviewers who are trained/experienced in scientific/technical matters ?

2. That is perfectly acceptable for the BBC to bring on Skeptical scientists like Lindzen, Curry, Pielke Jr, Christy etc.

3. That since he (mistakenly) thinks climate science assertions can only be challenged by another scientist, he would welcome the BBC/media giving airtime to a proper such debate, and condemn any scientist who refuses to debate a fellow scientist.

That is a yes, yes & a yes is it Monty ?

Lets knock that Steve_Jones/False_Balance Fallacy on the head once and for all !

I yesterday on Radio 4 Inside Science AGAIN wheeled on non-climate-scientust Steve Jones.
- look In any argument a contrarian is worth much more than non-contrarian voices. £- If 97% of economists say the banks are fine and 3% say not, how many doubters do we allow on the BBC £.. in discussing the state of the banks ? £- Currently the BBC would allow NONE, cos according to the SJones Fallacy you don't air minority views. £ - In the case of the naked emperor the small boy would be banned as well. Do you what I am getting at ? In getting to the truth it's no use to consider controversial topics from a popularity angle, indeed the time spent examining the outliers should be disproportionately more, the weight of their argument is worth more. £- It is of genuine importance to all sides not to supress minority views, cos if they are weak they get exposed for that. The danger of supressing alternative viewpoints is a mess, where alarmists can say any old crap and it lies there unchallenged, cos the BBC presenters aren't up to it. And the public end up with an impression which is far from the truth. Take thst 6m sea level claim, if there had been a skeptic on the panel it woyld have been nipped straight away. £- Indeed that kind of attitude has caused a backlash against the BBC and Climate Alarmism. I point to inconsistancies in BBC output and my friends laugh at me "You don't look to the BBC for truth on Climate, whatever they say won't be the truth, they can't stop themselves from deceiving people £- can I propose #BBCbacklash£ _ or is it better not to protest and keep the BBC looking ridiculous ?

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BBC Not ony bands skeptics, but promotes Activism

Did we already know about this Climate Action charity that is running on the bbc's website ? Climate Asia Media-Action Their last blogpost was Nov 2013 .. I guess licence payers have been funding it. Ah I get it Media Action is about training people to be media activists.. but the Asia one bis entirely focused on Climate


Will someone give some feedback on this prog on Fox TV I saw a link on FB "Wow, nice lineup from my friends at The Independents. Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Reason's Ron Bailey, Cato's Jerry Taylor, Dan Weiss, NYT's John Tierney, and global warming denier extraordinaire Marc Moreno" Last Friday 21st and repeated 7pm Sunday

- show page where video should appear soon but no extra info

My Rebutal to calls for arch predictor Nate Silver to bans keptics

Ban skeptics from the stage ?
- But surely if the alarmists have the winning arguments they can blow the skeptics off the stage (with their winning arguments) ?
.. Not scream at Nate to ban them.
- Free speech Nate ! You are in charge of your own blog so, don't let the dogmatic alarmists & BigGreenHedgeFund friends bully you, they have the whole of the rest of the internet to play on.
- The GreenPolice have no right to patrol your patch, and stop your party, so tell them to get lost.
....and let the debate continue !

Parties over, cos Green Police think they can patrol Nates patch ?

"... To disagree is noble, to seek to silence those that disagree with you is shameful"

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