104 Parallels with Crazy Warmists

CAGW Parallels 1 : with Ban The Bomb in the 1950's

Morning Guardian readers, it's 60 years from the start of the Ban The Bomb movement, "If we don't ban the bomb, there is sure to be catastrophe". We didn't ban the bomb and there hasn't been a catastrophe.
.. Now the global warming movement started in around 1990. are there any valid comparisons ? In 2050 will we be saying "We didn't reduce the CO2 output, and climate catastrophe doesn't look certain ?"

CAGW Parallels 2 : with Pyramid Scam

There was another parallel between the pyramid scam and global warming. : I am with "minority group of uncool twats who are obviously wrong". And I am selling boring complicated pragmarism against a an exciting dream. So It's not going to get me a girlfriend, or earn me any money. consider me : "Don't get into that scam, in the end you could lose a lot of money" Pyramid boy "Hey babe it's cool look at me I upgraded from a Fiat to a BBC, so don't take any notice of that guy who is practically homeless, let me sign you up"

Global Warming Me : "I think they are overextrapolating the science" Greenboy : "Yeh babe, I love nature, come with me to the Greenpeace meeting, and let me sign you up for these solarpanels/electriccar,greenthis, greenthat, You'll be saving the planet and you'll get free electricity" and see they have lots of cool fantasies to hype up, while you guys talk about cloud forcing. ..Is it any wonder, the coolkids pick warmism ?

Yes strange how appreciation doesn't mirror the benefit you give. Pyramidboy gets a lot of appreciation today although the net result of his work is that by collapse time the iland will lose $100m as opposed to the $50m if they stopped today. But if I stop them today with my efforts no one is going to value me at $50m Almost no one is thanking me.. except : 1 friend who thanked me for explaining clearly so he didn't enter the scheme
- and another one who has now got out, so will not lose money unless clawbacks happen.

New Theory :Climacatastrophrenics Psychosis

climacatastrophrenics One against 40,000. My one man protest at carnival in Madeira last week of dressing up as a duck to draw attention to fact that the magic money making biz TelexFree is a pyramid or ponzi scheme, didn't go down too well with people here. I realised that the problem is I am insulting the people's new religion. And once they are grabbed cult-like they enter some kind of psychosis where they are not rational, so you can't have rational conversation with people who aren't rational. - Of course I had already noticed parallels with the true believers of "climate catastrophe is certain" theory.

- When I was a true believer in climate catastrophe theory, I think I was a rational believer, as the belief was justified by the facts I had to hand, but as soon as I got new info I changed my mind about being certain. But as well as rational "true believers" there are cult "true believers", who are caught in a psychosis, and that accounts for the bile you see on their forums. You cannot expect reason from those suffering from the common psychosis I call warmiphrenia, or climacatastrophrenia. (coined from schizophrenic). - That's why I think you guys here who spend time debating with "green loonies" on the Guardian CInF pages are wasting your time.

CAGW Parallels 3 : Banks PPI mis-selling scandal

Climate Change Protection Insurance anyone ?

PPI Mis-selling scandal : The banks took your money for an insurance plan you cannnot benefit from. CCPI Mis-selling Scandal The promotors have taken your moneybin the form of taxes and increased energy prices (which have pushed up the cost of everything), to pay for insurances measures you cannnot benefit from. *

* measures which are supposed to insure that you and your descendants will not suffer climate catastrophe. Since the measures taken so far have : 1. Made almost zero difference to CO2 (& may well have increased CO2) 2. Quite possibly were never going to make a difference to temperature, cos even if they led to the rest of the world to abandon carbon burning. Since the real world relationship between CO2 and temperature doesn't seem to be linear and sensitivity may be very low indeed.

- The BBC has been one of the main promoters of CCPI It taxes you £145.50/year then maybe uses £10 of that to push green propaganda. Whereas if it used it properly ie the media's job is to CHALLENGE narratives and test them it may have resulted in stopping the loony green measures and you would have been hundreds of pounds per year better off. - Yet the BBC has been millions of pounds in bonuses/benefits to it's top staff, for achieving such "success".

CAGW Parallels 4 : With Putin's Crimea

Parallels between GW talk and Putin Crimea talk 1. "We have to act RIGHT NOW, there is grave danger in waiting for the future !"

2. "There are no Russian soldiers in Crimea, those guys are just ordinary citizens", the same level of respect for the truth

CAGW Parallels 5 : With Nazi Master Race Science

Fallacy of being disingenious - eg censoring name calling playing dirty
denier - admits you lost the debate after WW2 it was applied to people deying the proven fact of the holcaust

WW2 Terminology
- Mis-apropriate : describing people DISPUTING the certainty of the unproven theory of the master race as "deniers"

2014 Terminology
- Describing people DISPUTING the certainty of the unproven theory that the relationship between man-made CO2 and climate is such that we can predict a strong likelyhood of climate catastrophe as "deniers"
.... also Mis-appropriate ?

Seems is "Denier" often is used to describe disputers of unproven dogma that other people passionately believe in.
..... like that we can predict future temperatures from the trend of today's C2 emmissions

Climate parallels 6 with internet growth : "What are we going to set regulations now for time-travel machines or hoverboards"

"It would have been ridiculous to set regulations for the internet 50 yeats ago" So is it ridiculous to try to make climate regulation laws NOW for problems they may or may or not materialuse in 60 years time. Clay Shirky in a Freakonomics podcast on the Internet history... "don't cross a bridge until you come to it" BTW they discussed internet commenters flaming Dubner argued it's a good thing as it lets people vent instead of doing real violence, Dubner disagreed arguing it is as harmful as real violence.. He's wrong I think. grow a skin.

Climate parallels 7 : BBC doco on the dangers of Fructose

seemed to say that there are 2 viewpoints that ofthe anti-sugar evangelist Robert Lustig and that of most of the other experts in the world. He argues that sugar consumption has increased and particularly in America in the form of fructose as America farmers try to get rid of corn sugar. And that is dangerous cos it causes fat to built up in the liver cos the differences between fructose and sucrose is that it is sweeter and is used to build hibernation fat. He says that this explains obesity rise in the US.
- The others argued his analysis is flawed :
1. He is cherry picking his data from extreme studies. As in their studies sugar consumption has not increased.(I guess people used to have a lot of sugar in teas beforete war etc.)
2. Obesity has also increased in Europe where people are not eating fructose, so it is not fructose that causes obesity, but rather the increase in food consumption.
- They did mention one effect of fructose is that it is twice as sweet as glucose, so people feel satiated quicker and eat less of it.
- They did mention they thought there is a problem with fruit juice, due to having a lot of sugar without the balance of fibre, and that liquid sugar so absorbed quickly, and that people misconceive it as healthy.
- Seems to me Lustig exhibits 2 typical warming characteristics.
- Certainty beyond the evidence.
- Overextrapolating beyond the evidence you've got.

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