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- I have been keeping a blog in order to balance the stories of Catastrophic Climate Change coming. It's easy to get bogged down trying to correct every distorted media story. I began to realise the distortion and irrationality is just part of the irrationality in society, so I have decided to write more about the fundamentals of irrationality.

- Right the next story provides an interesting segway from stop putting much effort into balancing Climate Scare stories and instead write about more fundamental things.
- As irrationality about climate is just part of the bigger picture of this Irrational World.

The Independent it isn't is it ? 2/2/10

- Monday the 1st of Feb "The independent" "Climategate was the work of foreign Intelligence says ex-Chief scientist" - Actually this was one of the times as often where I was ahead of the game I had head Sir David King in a 45 minute interview 5 days before on Radio 3 when he said this. The trouble is he didn't offer any further evidence other than it was a big complicated job. Guess what that entire Independent article is based on Sir David King's opinion without any corroborating evidence. So this newspaper which used to pride itself on being Independent is not at all having firmly nailed it's flag to the Climate Change catastrophe theory pusher's mast it will print anything which will support that agenda without any critical analysis just as it looks down on the popular tabloids who have for years made up headlines which are nowhere near the truth.

- Now Gavin Schmidt's website where some results of the leaked emails were posted may well have been hacked he would have been unlikely to put them there himself and he says his site was hacked. However although the emails do originate from CRU's server it wasn't necessarily hacked it may have been an inside job.

- Problem with Climate Change information - credibility of the sources
- Problem with todays world credibility of the media.

Media manufactures it's own news
- paradoxically even though the editorial team of the Independent jam pack the newspaper with Climate change hype it does also still have a couple of heavyweight climate-skeptic columnists. So today on page 26 Domic Lawson completely debunks what they said yesterday.

- So the Independent is doing that old tabloid trick of making a front page story to create controversy and outrage then living off the free stories generated off the back of it... MANUFACTURING The news

The Phenomenom of Ever Disappearing Time
- Information overload eating away time and making it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff (good stuff from the garbage)

- 1 year later this page is still messy everyday I seem to have 28 hours of stuff to do so I haven't had time to fix this . What happens is every 5 minute job turns into a 5 hour job as they first morph into 5 jobs , as you have to fix the computer, deal with the virus , check your facts, fix the font
..turns out there is a thing called

The Planning Fallacy

things always take longer than we calculate, but actually take the same amount as time as last time, so experience gives good predicition of planning time, but not detail

AKA Hofstadter’s law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s law

- Get it right first time.

- What can we do to improve time wastage ?
Get it right first time.
Internet takes longer cos
1. Websites often down or technical prob
2. I can check details deeper so I do
Some facts complicated.
- maybe I should stop fact checking ..as 30mins writing takes 4 hours of checking
- time goes faster as you get older, maybe older people are more thorough so things take longer, although they should be faster cos they have more experience,
children don't waste time thinking about sex like adults do
fiddling about trying to get technology slows us down

An Example : The Old New News
- A news story just popped up after Newsnight did an "investigation" into handheld bomb detectors that are widely used in Iraq (they bought £85m worth). Well it turns out they are basically empty black boxes.
- So I do a quick internet search to get to the bottom of the story 90 minutes later I just finished !

- when do you think this New news story of the woo woo bomb detector ADE651 first came up ?
- last nights Newsnight article
or the New York Times 4Nov09
- NPR 8Sept09
- UK Skeptics Forum Oct08
- Randi.org 22Aug08
- No even in August 2008 it was old news
- that article told how Richard Saunders a Top Australian Skeptic had trialed the device and had complained to the manufacturers so he must have been on the case for time before that. (I can't find an exact date as a fult with skeptics.com.au website means it's not properly indexed by Google)

- The Wikipedia page on dowsing tells how dowsing is often dressed up as modern science and links to a US government PDF guidebook on buying bomb detectors
- It specifically warns not to buy detectors based on dowsing as none have ever worked in scientific trials.

- So the ADE651 has be known to be woo woo for at least 2 years. Yet it is just the latest in a whole series of similar devices that have been marketed over many many years. As each one is debunked, the companies name is changed and the product renamed. Or the idea appears again under another company name.

- My point is not that this is very serious, because many people have died because the Iraqi government is relying on the ADE651 instead of using proper bomb detection models. No in this case I am pointing out how bad our media is. It presents this as new news yet it should have been on the case years ago.

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