Why do we have to pay irrational Eco-Tithes
to the Church of Climate Change Panic ?

I don't mind paying taxes, but these Eco-taxes don't make sense
as they irritate yet don't achieve CO2 reduction

  • STUPID A £60 eco tax on airtravel when in fact deforestation causes 10 times more CO2
  • Huge subsidies on green energy which on close analysis is not green at all due the huge amounts of CO2 used in construction and the massive inefficiency
Being an Anti is no good unless one offers positive solutions
  • INSULATION - still every pound spent on insulation is far more effective than pounds spent at the generation end
  • DEMAND : Consumerism could be targeted - most cultures are manufacturing things new instead of using second hand
  • TARGET - a few pounds tuning the boilers at a dirty power station in China would achieve a bigger effect than £10 of million spent on wind turbines in the UK

£60 Eco-tax to fly and Green Energy subsidies
as ever this is not finished to be flippant takes a second but to explain fully takes a long time.

- It's just another example of how the world is nuts ..There is a complex issue we don't fully understand ..and as ever people who understand the least go for the most extreme possibility and drive others into panic. "The world is going to end and we have to do something".

- if solar and wind really worked then the large corporations would be right in there building like crazy in places where there is no subsidy. ..when something really works like cellphone technology or the internet no subsidy is needed.

- Non sexy solutions are far more effective - Government statistics have always shown every pound spent on insulation does reduces CO2 far more than evry pound Saving pollution by insulation is 55 times more cost-effective than saving it by wind turbines! (*Source: Pilkington Insulation, UK Mineral Wool Association) ..tuning a dirty power station in China I note info on Which magazine is terrible ..plugging discredited microwinturbines etc

- What do you call it when you disagree with someone, but can see their own methods are counterproductive.

- more effective to cut at the use end than the production end ..1. cut population increases 2. cut consumerism

- They claim there is little point putting wind farms up in hospitals when they are providing energy that will be wasted in badly-insulated buildings, our correspondent said.

- Every pound spent on improving insulation & drafts will save3 or 4 on heating systems & running costs.. simply every ppound spen on consumer products is more CO2 generated

- Ridiculous situation a 5 % saving at the generation end just goes through the roof due to bad insulation at the home

very few UK houses have shutters

- The phenomenon of green maths .. the problem will be the worst imaginable and the solutions will be the most optimistic possible and even when tested and proved inefficint they move into denial and confirmation bias.

- Claim that fossil fuel is subsidized ..of course there maybe examples, when there is corruption between politicians and their business mates.. but on the whole governments don't throw money away.

- Barely useful and often Counterproductive It's one thing for people to impose their views, but then when the actions are counterproductive to their own aims it's ridiculous.

- History's job is to teach us actions have consequences.

- Me complaining about the Latest Climate Claptrap -->

Slash and Burn 10 times as much CO2 as air travel ?
- Is the humble slash and burn farmer really responsible for 10 times are much CO2 as the air traveller ?

- Is the governments focus on taxing fuel a misdirected effort ? It's widely quoted that deforestation makes up 30% of manmade CO2 and that most of that is through "slash and burn".. with air travel 3% surely these stats are suspect ..the best I can find in an IPCC recalc at 6 to 17% but that sounds too vague surely ? end of summary

..quote " show deforestation accounts for up to 25 per cent of global emissions of heat-trapping gases, while transport and industry account for 14 per cent each; and aviation makes up only 3 per cent of the total."
- it's on pro forest websites ..

.. I presume it's not true but can't find official IPCC figures ..what percentage of deforestation is due to slash and burn ?
- "Deforestation mainly in tropical areas, could account for up to one-third of total anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions"." But recent calculations suggest that carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (excluding peatland emissions) contribute about 12% of total anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions with a range from 6 to 17%"
- F@*in hell thats a bit vague isn't it ..especially since the science is so certain ...

But Yes pay tithes for services
- I can see another model between gov and commercial the Public Service not profit model like Wikipedia, BBC, PBS etc
- Good service deserves good salaries - So support them with cash

£60 Eco-tax to fly and Green Energy subsidies

- If people believe in Climate Change will lead to catastrophe ..fine ..they can make as many changes to their own lives as they want. However they have no right to ask the rest of us to pay taxes unless they are scientific and rational.

- They continue to make lots of extra children and make which superficial changes ..whilst at the time we have to pay £60 Eco-tax to fly over the Atlantic and subsidize pseudo changes like solar and windfarms.

- It's the poor people who have huge increases in Electricity and Gas to pay the subisidies to rich people investing in useless Solar and Windfarms (useless cos the mathematics shows they won't payback and increase CO2) - They should not be Eco Nazis. Do what you want, but you are not free to impose on others unless your science and mathematics are concrete.

1939 - Germans believe wholeheartidly in Facism
2011 - Eco- facism in the UK

- please proper science and proper maths not emotion

- Numberwatch on the Climate Change Religion

- Eco-facist "of course dogma" based logic not EVIDENCE
- Organic anti -nuclear anti- GM anti-battery anti-factory farming
..... please come and save us from the enviro Taliban
..and Roger Haw Haw Harrabin - an eco-warrior infiltrated into the BBC to make sure it only broadcasts unchallenged GreenReligion

good info from markhumphrys.com/anti-green.html
- Decisions should be based on evidence with real science and real maths. Policy should not be decided undemocratically by eco-bullies who have turned science from something positive into something negative, by their worry & false panics.

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