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- I get so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down... here are some new ideas I come up with
Comet cheats
- why go to Mars using a lot of rocket fuel ? .. Instead catch a ride on a comet when it comes past trhe Earth

- Why go to othr planets for minerals mining ? - Instead grab a comet when it comes past and bomb it into parallel orbit, use for mining etc..

Modernise Village Mail
- saw a short caravan ..It gave an idea of course you could vertically concertina a caravan for low wind resistance transportation : 1/3 of height is window yes you could drop the top 1/3 down for travel and jack it up to use.
- Maybe you could concertina horizontally by having 2 opposite doorways.

Fair terms service FTS

- A lot of time is wasted as bosses & unions fight out terms .. So I propose a private service setting salaries and working conditions for companies and workers ..

The procedure : Workers agree not to strike as long as company abides by FTS decisions. FTS conditions have to be something that can be seen as fair by all. E.g. If the share price is dropping & boss is receiving no salary then workers can't ask for a rise. But bosses should be able to take advantage of their own ideas & wage market. E.g. If oversupply of workers then doesn't have to pay more. Conversely if there is a shortage of workers then workers can demand higher rates. Safeguards if company winning then workers will win. If company sufferes workers have to suffer, but scarcity market can effect wages The market will effect you, so drive efficiency so make Win-Win situations

Found new way to get into sleep
- Alphabet game with animals, birds, food, cities etc.

Lord of the manor experience
- Lord of the manor experience - pay to live at stately home for weekend - experience of a lifetime events.

- figures of hate : standup show

- There is a secret ideas blog aswell of ideas to sell

Some good idea in Africa
- There's so much fake medicine how do people check it's real

- verify genuine medicine with SMS
- You SMS the bar code & get a reply

- I am sure that can be applied to otherthings

life sabbaticals alternative to retirement

IDEA : People should have life sabbaticals earlier in working life instead of retirement

- The right to be offended - If offending was banned no one would ever tell you what you are doing wrong, offending you is good for you.

Build a Syrian city on the Turkish side of the border
- Then instead of rushing into Syria with tanks & guns, we could have a place with lots of hospitals to take care of the Syrian refugees first. It would be a safe place for Syrians to wait out while the Assad regume withers away. Then after liberation there would be a land swap with the border line being moved so that the city woyld become part of Syria with the line being moved down into Syria at another part so that Turkey gets some new land in compensation. - It would be strictly non-militarised city with all weapons & guns prohibited inside it. - negatives I guess Turkey gov would be scared of the situation becoming permanent ie that after 1 or 2 years the Assad regime would srill be holding out. OTOH such a city could be a great economic benefit for Turkey ..I imagine a train line coming from a Turkish port so that eventually it would become major trading route into Iraq & the rest of the middle east.

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