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- I get so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down... here are some new ideas I come up with
Online Newspaper for women
- covers womens sport : There are Magazines, but do they cover sport. Could the BBc have a magazine website for women ? they could make it up from existing RSS.

internet specialist business for each village
- Each village develops a different internet specialist business, so generating local jobs

- Other Internet idea : Website connecting people with free services ..web templates etc (if a pge is useful people come back)

Radio station SQUAWKline
basically compile a phone in from voicemail box ... SQUAWKline would make making a better Any Answers easy - Make an audio version of Twitter it SQUAWK or something .. it's simpler than putting the public live on air, and easy to implement. Just ask them to prepare a 30 second comment ..Then they ring up your one of your answerline machines state the subject, and then give their 30s comment without being nervous and then you can edit the answers together and cram more people on than normal.

- You should print the questions on the web and give them numbers Then people could press the question number so the computer files the answer automatically .. .. though wouldn't make much difference as you'd want to screen all calls anyway)
- 1. you get more calls in
- 2. the calls would be clearer, no bumbling live on air
- 3. We don't want to hear listeners being led astray by Jonathan when they want to make their point.
4. Instead of infuriating people with "we have run out of time" say "we selected a few more squawks for our webpage so go there if you want more Do they have FB ?

Compile a radio show from people leaving messages on the voicemail. or Audioboos

- Other Uses : Topics of day - put on website. Then at 6pm 15 mins of listeners views.
- Could use as radio classified e.g. Valentines day,

- max 90s then beep beep
: Lincolnshire obituaries be a bit bizarre for radio

- Another radio idea : newslink 4 min news stories followed by approriate music

Make people save - so they don't need benefits

- Instead of paying tax & getting benefits. Some of your tax money is diverted to an individual savings account.
- When you do get unemployed your draw on your account. If you don't have enough money you don't get benefits your account goes into negative as you draw out as if you are getting a law.
- If you own property you can swap ashare with the government who then credit your account.
Likewise if you are going to buy a house you draw from your account, putting that share into the account, so you can't just sell the house & extract the money.

- I think Singapore has had this for a long time. Central Provident Fund (started by the British Colonial government so that overseas pensioners would not be a drain on current tax pool)

- Why should you pay tax to fund someone elses benefits. - Why do we spend all our money when working ? Yet get money from gov when not working. We should be using our savings.

Make people save Cut income tax by 10% then make everyone have individual savings accounts you share with the gov. So you can invest in any fund or property you want with permission of government. Now when you need money cos you are unemployed etc. You get permission to withdraw.

When you retire your pension comes from the fund

Now what about people who haven't started working. The government lends you money and when you start working your 10% is now a tax paying into gov until you paid back all.

Other Ideas

- Mark Thomas petition to have a warning everytime a politician sidesteps a question on radio or TV

- integrity in statistics standard prize for pointing out distortions

- agree charity donations .. don't know what this is supposed to be about.

- who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron"

Walk on by idea
.. Linking interesting places for walks. You go to the website & look up a place. You then see a map & list of the next interesting places to walk to e.g. North 1Km is X, East 1.5Km is Y, South 500m is Z etc. So you can make up your own walking route. There could be a tool to help you do this automatically by clicking on a map etc

Modernise Village Mail
- now people don't get mail every day, rural mail delivery should be made bi-weekly and stopped in some areas... Instead villagers would get a text saying you have mail to collect or reply to pay for delivery.

- There are 4 blogs ... travel and then I eventually edit and filter off material into
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