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- I get so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down... here are some new ideas I come up with
Abstinance Day

- give up addictive things one day a week - designed to break the cycle of alcoholism etc

Tax products for health costs

- chocolate tax - the idea is is businesses pay for the damage their product does
- government guesses the annual health cost and sets a tax on that, at the end of the year this is checked and the next years tax level set.. so manufacturers have an incentive to reduce the harm of their would apply to all addictive products, coffee, pornography etc,

Incentivise health professionals

- there should be an income tax discount for health professionals based on the performance of the health of the nation

Rent Your Drive for parking space

- not my original idea ..apparently around London you can rent parking space on someones drive when you go to a concert or sport at Wembley Stadium

"Trusted tradesman" website listing them
- In the internet way someone got the idea so someone else copied the idea making 5 different similar websites list of many
- many are rubbish as they are not real lists but national chains pretending ..nothing near us
.. same old internet problem most are bollocks so nothing works except the websites organised by the local councils
- best but deceptive locals are 30Km away etc

Upside down suspended dental couch

- Super elevated Dental couch on, with patient lying on stomach. Would mean salivia would drip out not clog the mouth ... but wouldn't it drip over surgeon ? ..would that matter.

- I see which magazine have "Which ? : Local" (for members only), they say local, but I guess it's just a front for one of the other websites which suggest tradesmen 80 miles away

Get kids into work habit at 15

- youth unemployment should tackle it early encouraging 15 year olds to get Saturday jobs and older holiday jobs

- would it be feasible to run a factory weekends just employing 15 year olds ? ..freelance ?

- is it feasible that Britons can take from the state for first 22 years of life work 35 years and spent another 40 years retired ?

Brain & Dreams again
- You can't remember your dreams, and you can't remember life before 4 years old So there is something in common with them

- memories are a form of caching when you see something your brain doesn't have to analyse all the info, it gets enough to trigger which data it needs to fetch from the cache

Lifeshop for healthcheck

Lifeshop for healthcheck - It has a exercise machine to measure your heart rate etc. Run you through a health checkup & recopmmends actions for preventitive health.

Radio Broadcast advertising etc to internet routers

- Broadcast & cache the most common internet info news pages ads etc direct to regional router or even home routers s through radio or satellite thus saving massive traffic over the network cabling. So that your router is connected in 2 different ways to the internet direct & through broadcast.

Make people save - so they don't need benefits

- Make people save, Cut income tax by 10% then make everyone have individual savings accounts you share with the gov. So you can invest in any fund or property you want with permission of government. Now when you need money cos you are unemployed etc. You get permission to withdraw.
- When you retire your pension comes from the fund Now what about people who haven't started working. The government lends you money and when you start working your 10% is now a tax paying into gov until you paid back all.

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