publicise and communicate

You can give over 100 million internet users across the world instant access to information you have created about your organisation.


People can ...

  • find out about your organisation

  • have instant access to any information you want to give them

  • communicate back with you from the webpage by email

So you can ....

  • increase awareness of your organisation

  • send out press releases and information in a few minutes


If you type a letter you can create a webpage, but don't get carried away

CAREFUL : make sure you keep backups !


  1. make a standard template file .... with the required background colours, metatags and menubars already encoded

  2. open the template file in a text editor and save it under the required filename

  3. open the document you are taking the information from in a text editor, word processor program or browser

  4. highlight the text with a mouse

  5. press ctrl-c ... to copy the text onto the clipboard

  6. press alt-tab to flick to template file

  7. press ctrl-v ... to paste the text from the clipboard into the webpage

  1. make all your webpages and save them to a directory on your local computer

  2. spellcheck everything

  3. test that they work by opening them in the browser and browsing between them HARD DISK

  4. when everything is OK ftp the pages onto the server

  5. browse to the pages to test them

  6. when everything OK ask your friends to browse them to test them

  7. if they say they are OK then you are ready to tell the world about your web pages

    first impressions count

  2. CROSSLINK - as listed in the layout tips

  3. NEWSGROUPS - find relevant newsgroups and put a small message announcing your new website with the address

  4. E-MAIL your contacts with the new address tell them to bookmark it

  5. SEARCH ENGINES - this is probably the most common way strangers will come across you webpages. There are 1000s of different search engines ... there is no benefit to registering with them all by registering with the top few you will catch 99% of people ...try altavista, infoseek, YAHOO, Lycos and Webcrawler, fortunately there are a couple of webpages which do most of the work for you Submit-It Or Add-It
    more tips

  6. LINK EXCHANGE BANNERS - you put some code into your main webpage and when people see your webpage a random banner advertisement appears at the bottom - in return an advertisement for your site sometimes appears at the bottom of someone else's pages. However it's usually not a very good deal because the companies make their money by selling some of the banner space so usually for each time your site is advertised elsewhere 3 commercial sites are advertised on your site and you have no control over the nature of these sites or to where your site is advertised... and it might lead to people leaving your site without going further than the first page

  7. EXTERNAL PUBLICITY - announce your new web address, every otherway you can think of

    1. business cards, publications and stationary
    2. in your advertisements


One good reason for not being too ambitious is that you will have to allow time for maintenance otherwise your site can begin to look stale, information can go out of date, external links become dead, newer sites push your site down the search engine listings etc. So check your site every few weeks.

Sometimes you need to change your site to keep people interested. One good idea is to have a NEWS button on your FrontPage leading to your latest press release, that way people will visit your site again and again.


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