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Unexplained Ruins Across the World
How did they move those huge rocks ?

Why did they use Hieroglyphics ?

How did they know so much about astronomy ?

Did they all develop independently ?

Main Mysterious Locations

Ankor Wat, Cusco, St Louis ..All major parts constructed about 1300

Nasca, Sphinx, Ankor Wat, Uffingham .All line up with stars in 10,000 BC

Stonehenge, Nasca, Sphinx, .All earliest parts from 10,000 BC

Pyramids and Temples - How did ancient people build such massive structures without the aid of modern machinery ? And why ? For what purpose did they put in all that effort ?

Did they know things that we don't ?

Statues at Rapa Nui

The Great Pyramid of Cheops

Temple at Abu Simbel

Angkor Wat




Hey Carlos , Here I am in England. I don't like it much .but I the TV is often quite good. I have watched a few good documentaries on TV.

1. Did they all develop independently ? The 8,500 BC flood theory

There was an advanced civilisation during the last ice age. Then there was a catatrophe like a comet striking the Earth. The ice melted quickly, causing a great flood. Most of the people died and knowledge was lost. Some survivors from the great civilisation got into boats. They spread across the world explaining why there are these ruins around the world we don't understand.

In one programme Heaven's Mirror , a writer is believes that there is some kind of connection between the huge ancient and unexplained ruins across the world.

In Egypt he looked at the pyramids. The usual explanation is that they are tombs for the pharohs. He was not satisfied by this. When he looked he found not all of them ever had bodies in them. One thing he noticed was that the internal construction of tunnels and channels and shafts were unusually complex. He noticed that sloping narrow channels went from the rooms upwards and seemed to align on particular stars. In fact all seemed to align on one constellation : Aires.

The angle of the contellations chages slowly over time. The position of the pyramids at Giza form the shape of Aires as it would have appeared 10,500 years ago. Furthermore the accepted age of the Sphinx is 5000 years old, because of the buildings around it can be dated from that time. This would mean that it was lined up facing Taurus when it was constructed. Some American researchers pointed out that the surface of the Sphinx has obvious rain damage ; scars caused by rain flowing heavily across the surface for many hundreds or thousands of years. Yet we know the climate in Egypt changed just over 5000 years ago. They calculated a construction date at about 10,000 years ago. This is interesting, because it would mean it would have aligned with Leo at construction, perhaps explining it's lion shape.

In addition it seemed many numbers and proportions seem related in contruction of the pyramids. Things like 365 levels etc

At Ankor Wat There are two main ruins contructed relatively recently in about 1300 AD. They seem to align to the constellation Taurus. Except only if the constructors had copied the shape onto a paper and twisted it, but it does exactly align to how the constellation would have appeared 10,500 years ago ! Also Taurus is right next to and opposite Aires in the sky !

In addition it seemed many numbers and proportions seem related. Things like there were 122 towers, 122 statues on each side of a bridge. The distance between two constructions is exacly 122 x another internal distance looked at the pyramid etc

At Nazca Many of the shapes seem to line up with constellations as they were 10,500 years ago !

Cahuachi was built 2000 years ago (Horizon) However, in 1965, astronomer Gerald Hawkins came to Nazca and used computers to check Reiche's theory. Hawkins could find no correlation between the lines and the stars.

Originally believed to have been a military stronghold, Cahuachi is now reckoned to be a place of ritual and ceremony, and Orefici's stunning new evidence confirms this idea. Cahuachi is now revealed to have been abandoned after a series of natural disasters destroyed the city. But before they left it, the Nasca people covered the city in the arid pampa sand where, until recently, it has remained a barely visible mound in the desert.

At the (Yucutan) Maya 2800 BC- 900AD The pyramids are very different from the pyramids in Egypt, Except that they have 365 steps and one pyramid has exactly the same base size as the grand pyramid in Giza.

connections : reed boats used in Egypt and Titicata, In Egypt the high prow meant these boats were ocean going. The Mayan pyramids have a form of hieroglyphics too

Aztec 1300- 1500 AD Zapotecruin

Tiawanaku - gateway lines up with sun 10500 years agoaalso it has port buildings but is 13 miles from Titicata. 10000 years ago the lake was there (Veracocha)

Rapanui - He claims the statues are aligned with the stars

Seahenge (Yonagani Japan)- There is a huge rock structure under the sea, it could be natural but the shapes seem man made

Nan Medor (in Pohnpei South Pacific Island) - Another huge 1000 year old rock ruin on the tropic of capricorn . Legend has it there is an older city underneath its aligned NSEW

At Stonehenge The main stone circle was contructed 5000 years ago, but outside the circle is an older stone. Archaelogists found two wooden posts 2Km away. When you stand at the stone on Mid Summer Equinox. The sun rises between the two posts. The posts were 10,000 years old

At Uffingham White Horse The marking is impossible to accurately say, but is at least 5000 years old. But the shape lines up exactly with contellation Aires 10, 500 years ago

he mentions other circles in Scotland and France I ahve forgotten exactly what he said

Maths - precision (the movement of the stars in our sky) takes 26000 years for one cycle. Therefore 1. degree takes 72 years. Allthe angles between Giza, Seahenge and Rapanui are proportions of this 54, 72 or 144 . coincidence ?

There was a Horizon programme Atlantis Uncovered BBC2 9:30pm Thursday 28th October 1999 . Which used experts to rubbish Graham Hancock's theories. But the end result is to strengthen them. when you read his response he is able to point out major flaws with the program , they cut out his replies in the edit, they use carbon dating as a way to date rock buildings - which is accepted as only a rough guess not fact as only organic material near the rocks can be dated with this method

Edgar Cayce, known as the 'Sleeping Prophet', According to Cayce, the Great Pyramid and Sphinx were built by survivors from Atlantis - in 10500 BC. So people claim that Hancock got the date 10,500 BC and tried to work back from that


2.How did they move those huge rocks ? ..You can move things with Electromagnetic fields.

(Discovery Sci-Tek) Ultrascience 1998 producerPeter Chaply

objects moved

John Hutchinson (Physicist , Vancouver). Was using giant Tesla coils in his office ..he filmed objects levitating .. but this only ocurred when he was present as if his mind was responsible.

Albert Button (parapsychologist) - found a house where objects moved whilst the occupiers were asleep, magnetometer detected large fields. hypothesis The man had received a strong electric shock previously which made him hypersensitive to EM ..hence he was actually moving them with his mind

In buidings EM is generated by crystals in stones grinding together to produce piezo electricty, underground water or radiation.

At 3 am our bodies are most sensitive to EM. The same time most ghosts are seen

Dr Dean Radin(Nevada University) ..demonstrated that a robot with random movement ..did not behave randomly..ie possibly influenced by mind

Dr Serena Roney-Dougal a parapsychologist : ststed all stone circles in the UK are found within 1 mile of geological faults where rocks would have crystals moving and generating EM.. are stone circles giant batteries ? .SG

Dr Dean Radin(Nevada University) ..demonstrated that people react to a bad image a split second before they see it ..suggesting they can see into the future (..come on I can't believe this !)

rocks pick up EM from dramatic events . Then later when we go past we pick up this EM and the history !

ghosts seen ...

Dr William Roll a parapsychologist : can explain most ghosts using a magnetometer to find faulty wiring etc

Dr Dean Radin(Nevada University) : three ways to explain ghosts

  1. Psychological
  2. Psychopathic - brain damage
  3. Enviromental - electromagnetic

(THe Human Brain BBC) What you see is not reality. It is like a dream constucted in our minds from our memory and our senses. That's how we "see" things that aren't really there i.e. conjuring tricks. Sometimes magnetic fields influence our brains so we "see" ghosts.

Experiments show that pulse EM radiation can trigger hallucinations and voices... people interpret this as ghosts ..a presense, footsteps etc

3. Is there a cover up ? The Woodhenge Mystery

An ancient tree circle has recently been discovered just off the coast of England.

A representation of what it could have looked like in use.

The government archaeologists cut a huge chunk out of the centre tree and then took away the circle. They stored it in fresh water instead of salt water and screwed it up

Why did they do this ? to research it and preserve it ?

Or did they deliberately try to de-activate it ? ie were some magic powers still intact ?

Why did the government ask the media not to report on the case (D notice ?). Is there something amazing or is the government really paranoid ? ..ie thinking publicity would cause a lot of noisy hippies to be attracted to the sites

Other stuff

Cahokia American Indian city at St Louis USA , which had pyramids and lots of posts and buildings aligned with planetary positions.

At a time when few settlements had even 400 or 500 residents, this 6-square-mile community on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River boasted several thousand. In its 12th-century heyday, Cahokia may have had 20,000 or 25,000 residents, roughly the number in contemporary London. Not until 1800, when Philadelphia counted 30,000, would any U.S. city have more.

Yet, while the people vanished, their monuments remained, as can be seen in a visit to Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site, a 2,200-acre tract of open fields and Indian mounds 8 miles east of downtown St. Louis maintained by the state of Illinois. Among the scores of mounds still intact in the rich river bottomland is Monks Mound, towering as high as a 10-story building and covering more ground than the biggest of Egypt's pyramids.

Aeroplanes shown on Ancient hyroglyphics At Abydos - Egypt Strange markings found in Temple of Seti I

On the pampa, south of the Nasca Lines, archaeologists have now uncovered the lost city of the line-builders, Cahuachi. It was built nearly two thousand years ago and was mysteriously abandoned 500 years later.

The Great pyramid of Cheops was the worlds tallest buiding until this century ! ie for over 4000 years

Why did ancient civilisations mumify the dead and go to such an extent to protect the mummies ? Not to bring them back to life , quite obviously cos the internal organs were preserved outside the body. They beleived that the soul went on to an afterlife , buit only for as long as the body was preserved !

The Rollright Stones At another stone circle Just outside of Chipping Norton, and north of the village of Little Rollright are good.


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