Stewart's Good Games

I know a billion games , but these are the best of them.

Games For teaching English

I find that when I get my students to play games they have fun and learn without really trying. As well as interacting with each other.

  • The Rizla Game
    This is called the Rizla game because everyone has a rizla or sticky piece of paper they then secretly write the name of a famous person on it and attach it to some one elses forehead. Each student takes it in turns to ask the other students 3 questions about themselves and then tries to guess who they are. (sometimes instead of a famous person I get them to write the name of job).
  • Acting situations
    This is good because the students like to use their imaginations. All you do is give them a situation to act out in english ;such asa policeman giving a motorist a ticket, or a waiter giving someone the wrong food.
  • Sentence story
    Give the students a brief beginning to a story then get the first student to add a sentence and th 2nd to add another to that and so on .
  • write desription words on a cards then you have to pin it to the students backs they treat each other according to the cards ..then they write down what they think it is

Who am I ? - using someone in the room

What`s that in English ?

  • you read a phrase in Spanish,
  • one team of three receive a card each , one card has the correct translation on. the others have a space for the student to write what he think is the translation.
  • After a couple of minutes Team 1 read their answers to a member of Team 2, he has to guess which is the true one
  • If he is correct Team 2 get a point, otherwise Team1 win the point

If the students are good enough the game can write any phrase which they think is a plausible answer not necessarily the correct one.

Or instead of picking one member of team 2 you get them to vote on the correct answer.

Beat That : The students take it turns to change a sentence until it can`t be beaten

student 1 "I`ve seen David Bowie"
student 2 "I`ve met - David Bowie"
student 3 "I`ve met - David Bowie and Mick Jagger"
student 4 "I`ve had lunch with David Bowie"
student 50 "I`ve had lunch with David Bowie and Mick Jagger"

Find someone who : good introduction exercise the students have a questionaire and have to ask questions to each other in order to complete it.

you can use different types of sentences to practice different tenses. ..

Simple present : Find some who likes the Spice Girls

Future : Find someone who will go to Spain

Past : Find someone who drank tea , yesterday

Used To : Find someone used to live another city


Direct the blind man : One student is blindolded his partner has to direct him mto the chocolate.

What am I talking about ? : To practice describing . The students picks a word card , and descibes the thing on it to his partner, without using the word. She has to guess

Where am I ?: To practice listening . The students listen to the description of a famous place . the first to guess the place gets the point.

Photogame : To practice describing . Each student has a photo to look at for a few minutes then you put all the photos on the table. Each student talks about their photo and the others have to guess which one it is.

Hotspot : To practice talking about yourself . A student is interviewed Lettermen style. the others have to guess which one it is.

Jobgame : The students interview another student for a job he has to guess what the job is

Bottle game: To practice answering . Spin the bottle whoever it points at picks a question and answers it

Just A Minute : To practice talking . The student speaks on the given subject for one minute without speaking.. give preparation time.

I usually : To practice simple . Write 10 things you normally do on Sunday.

I normally : To practice . Use a clock or game board to ask the students what they are normally doing at the time.

I wish : To practice . Each student writes 5 regrets. e.g. "I wish I hadn`t met her"

I`d like : To practice comparitives as, er than , more than, less than, the same as , different from , we both . Put the chairs in a circle with one empty. You don`t want the chair on your right next to you empty so make a statement. e.g. "Pat I'd like you to sit next me , because you are younger than me" , Pat moves so the person next to the new empty seat has to speak.

Acting Situations :

the students act out these situations , but they don't know each others secret motives

  1. A woman really like the man, but he doesn't like her
  2. At the airport - a tourist coming into the country for a birthday party, an immigration officer trying to catch him out.
  3. Ask your boss for a raise you know they made a good profit. Boss you want to buy a big house.
  4. A divorce. Husband wants the child. Wife doesn`t he`s a problem.
  5. Youa re the departmental manager ask the Director for more capital for new machines. Director you are closing the plant in 6 months.
  6. You bought a parrot it doesn`t move ..the salesman said it was sleeping , when you get home you find it was dead. Salesman don't want to give the money back.

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