The Psychology Game

This is a great game for finding out what a person is really like underneath

Ask These questions ...

  1. What is your favourite colour ...and the reasons why
  2. What is your favourite animal...and the reasons why
  3. What is your favourite body of water, lake puddle, jacuzzi etc ...and the reasons why

This works on the same Freudian principle of the word association game. The questions are not the real questions, but parallel questions to the ones you really want to ask.You cannot ask the questions directly as the person would self consciously colour the answer. This is why the reasons are in important.

The Real Questions

  1. How do you feel about yourself ?
  2. What kind of partner do you like ?
  3. How do feel about "love" ?

It really works. Try It !
It's uncanny and good fun

Someone else has a good analysis of your personality from your favourite colour. Do the two tests give similar results ?


This guy has a couple of tests 1. and 2.

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