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Other Games

  • Killer Darts
    This is a much more challenging yet do-able game than the normal 301 plus any number of peole can play.And you don't have to be an expert darts player to have a good time.

    First everyone throws one dart with their left hand, whatever it lands in is Your Number. Then people take it in turns to throw 3 darts. You first try to become KILLER by getting the darts into your number on 3 occasions. If you throw a double this counts as two lives and a treble 3. Once you have become killer you then try to kill the other players by aiming at their numbers. Each time you hit they lose a life. If you are a killer and someone hits you you lose a life each time , so the next go you first have hit your own number again to go back up to being a killer.

  • Cheap Pictionary
  • Backyard Cricket
    Again this is a great non serious fun game. (for any group of people)

    Set up some stumps anything will do, but preferably something that will crash down when you hit it. The bowler uses a tennis ball. Play is like normal cricket in that the fielders try to bowl or catch or run the batsman out while he tries to score runs. However special rule apply to give everyone a fair chance - no-one can be out first ball or in the first 5 balls for that matter (chances are given generously) also likewise once the batsman has been in a while it's sporting to start giving a few catches. To give a better chance as well as the normal catch a ball is caught if it is caught in one hand after it bounces once. You can even add the anti-slogger rule to reduce the advantage of the big hitters.... select a boundary area...then anyone who hits outside the boundary is automatically out... it goes without saying that they have to fectch the ball themselves

Tardis Archive
This page contains links to all the Drinking Games spread around the Tardis Archive.

The Best Card Games

  • Spoons
  • Cheat
  • Arsehole
  • Gin Rummy
  • German Whist
  • Name Snap
  • Memory Game
Kems - A Swiss German game which is like spoonns, but much more sophisticated
You need 4 players, you play with the partner opposite you.
Use 2 packs
You deal 4 cards to each player then 4 cards face up in the middle
The aim is to get 4 cards the same, and if possible help your partner get 4 the same.
You do this by throwing one card into the middle and taking one out
you have to be fast ,because you don't have to wait a turn just go.
When everyone has finished swapping you change the 4 cards on the table for the next 4 from the deck. Also if there are ever 3 cards the same on the table you replace the 4.
Once you have 4 the same you can't announce this only your partner can... So you need a secret signal. Then he shouts Kems and you get 1 point. If he has 4 the same also he shouts double Kems and you get 2 points. If your opponents thinks you have 4 the same but your parter hasn't got your signal.. He can shout Counter Kems and get one point. If he is wrong then you win 1 point
Also if you think you know your opponents signal, you can say it and get a point. If you are wrong they get the point.

Spite and malice
2 decks
Deal each player a 26 card stockpile from one deck, turn over top card
- then deal each 5 cards from the other ddeck (which includes 4 jokers)
-put an ace on center and build,2,3,4 suiit not important
-stockpile turned overcard can be played
-if unplayable put on one of your own 4 sside stacks in descending order
-jokers can replace everything cept ace
-move ends when stack on side stack
-next go collect from stock to make upto 5 cards

Cooperative Games

  • Bean bag rounders
  • Blanket volleyball

Party Games

  • threading the spoon through clothing
    This is a party game. You split the group into two and line them up. Give each team a spoon which is fastened to a piece of string. Men have to thread it down there trousers and onto the next person. women thread it down their tops. The team which gets the spoon to the other end of the line first wins.
  • blanket chariot race
    For children or childish adults. You need a smooth floor like a sports hall. Usually each team has two "horses who take a corner each, whilst the charioteer sits on and grips the edge of the blanket. The teams then race.
  • The Instant print camera treasure hunt....each team sets out with an instant print camera eg picture of you and a policeman, picture of you in a police cell, sitting on a tractor etc.

1. pass the parcel.. some small presents some forfeits
2. musical chairs
3. apple bobbing
4. baby food eating
5. broom game
6. polo match
7. orange gamein the neck or in the feet
8. banana dancing
9. string and spoon game
10. baby food eating plus crawling
11. I can play the piccolo
12. blinds man buff
13. pin a tail on the donkey
14. 3 legged race
15. eat chocolate wearing hat gloves
16. baked bean eating
17. bring baby photos and you have to guesswho is
18. Treasure hunt - cut up the sentence saying where the treasure isand hide the parts- or cut up the letters
19. instant print treasure hunt-eg picture of a butcher- you in a police cell- sitting on a tractor

Drinking Games
  • Fuzzy Duck
  • Name Snap

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