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- Wind, Solar ? No, The Top UK renewable is rubbish - 8th April

- 1% of UK energy comes a renewable .. not wind or solar, but actually from landfill gas. said a woman scientist speaking at the Cambridge Science Festival (Naked Scientists) . i.e. Food is grown it's transported we buy more than we need so we put in in the garbage. So that's a totally inefficient process It would be better if the muggles didn't buy the stufff in the first place.
(checked 1.1 % of the electricity generated in the UK)

- I would guess that that figure is just for England cos surely for Scotland hydro-power is significant.
- No I checked the figures landfill gas is actually a touch more than hydro actual production - spreadsheet renewable generation to July 2007 :
- 24% landfill gas
- 23% hydro
- 3% small scale hydro
- 20% wind onshore
- 4% wind offshore
- 14% co-fired biofuel
- 6% Municipal solid waste combustion
- You can play with figures a bit like hydro was split into 2 parts, but the figure for this year may well show landfill gas alone more that all hydro. If you add landfill gas with the Municipal solid waste combustion you'd get 30%, but I am surprised total biofuels when you add in co-firing and sewage etc is 51% i.e. a total of 2.3% of UK electricity production.

- That puts all the hype about wind into perspective and shows how pathetic the green reality is. The talk is of reducing UK CO2 by 50%. To do that both renewables and decrease in consumption must be 50% together, yet consumption hasn't fallen. So for all the talk talk of catastrophe nothing really significant has changed

- All the publicity materials seem to have photos of wind turbines I haven't seen many with photos of rubbish or garbage dumps. Actually since the methane used is a much worse green house gas than CO2, then it much more important to put the investment dollar into landfill gas plants than wind farms.

BBC suddenly cold year - 4th April

- On the radio this morning one of the top news headlines was "A top meteorologist is predicting a cold year this year" .. You what ? this is on the BBC the nerwork that never misses an opportunity to push climate catastrophe theory. - If you check the skeptics sites they all point out that Global warming stopped in 1998 as after 20 years of constant increase since then it has not increased year on year, but the BBC chose to never report this. Then suddenly this morning that's what they blurted out explaining 1998 was especially hot, cos of El Ninyo effect. Which is a fair point, but they never said that before .. it was "Oh my god the temperatures rising", not "the temperature has risen, but part of this is El Ninyo."

- Last year the British Meteorology Dept predicted a record hot year, so the Skeptics websites are all full of the photos showing the year turned out to be particularly cold.

- Now the thing is since the experts predictions are consistently wrong I guess this means we will have a warm year in the UK.

- I can only think that the BBC is 1. reporting the story one time so it can claim balance after reporting climate panic stories a million times.
- 2. covering itself so if the year is warm then it can go back to pumping up it's catastrophe message.

The next Supervolcano is late

- It will come for sure, and it will make Global Warming hype look like nothing - a year without summer temperatures 5C lower etc podcast on Berkley Groks pc427.htm

From genius to stupidity - Marcus Brigstocke on the Now Show - March 15th

- After doing a brilliant indepth piece about the stupidity of the Abrahamic faiths last year he just did a piece about global warming skeptics - it was PATHETIC - "now there are some people that say that Global Warming isn't happening that Al Gore has got a load of scientists to participate in a grand conspiracy just so he can put up taxes."
- - Wild, Brigstockes what a shallow analysis. - if you check you can see he is a greeny who hasn't got a clue, pc427.htm

Climate Conference unreported of course

- The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change New York, March 2nd - March 4th) was attended by over 500 scientists, economists and policy-makers, with over 100 speakers delivering keynote addresses or participating in panel discussions. At the end of their deliberations they issued The Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change, which reads as follows ? 'Global warming' is not a global crisis ..

- so of course the mainstream media ignored it .. as it doesn't fit their agenda more from spectator .. more on GOS

huge ice sheet is teetering on the breek of collapse in Antarctic

- But the latest proof is there a huge ice sheet is teetering on the breek of collapse in Antarctic : steady on who wrote this headline the scientist or the reporter ? How big is the sheet .. less than 0.01% of the ice which is actually at record high levels not record low !

Secret CO2 Reduction

- From CBC Quirks and Quarks - Geothermal energy production dwarfs solar and wind combined. Yes I've seen it chugging away in NZ and Indonesia etc without a lot of hype apparently there's a lot in California and I've seen hotsprings innalmost eve y country. I guess it doesn't have to sing for subsidies

- There first point is conventional fuels are cheaper, but if you are going for subsidies and energy prices which make wind and solar viable then Geothermal is often viable, as itís often a question of digging deeper.

- There second point is there is another form of geothermal which I would call Ground Heat Transfer or Heat Pump Energy and that's available everywhere. In summer the ground gets a lot of heat in the daytime. So all you do is put a system of pipes under it and at night open a valve so that this warm air/water is released into the house system. Of course at night the ground gets cold so you can release this cold air/water in the daytime to cool your house. Of course it doesn't work well all the year round, just basically when there is a heat difference between day and night.

- Everyone could make a simpleform of this by having a cellar or conservatory and opening the door at night and keeping it closed in the daytime, although a heat pump would be more efficient as the house heating energy wouldn't escape.

- Radio Netherlands covered the story last year of a glasshouse owner who stores summer heat underground so he can use it in the winter. I like this solution nuch more than wind

Brainstorming - Effects of CO2 Reduction

- People bang on about increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, but surely that Oxgen component is coming from the air so If amount of CO2 in air is significant then amount of oxygen lost is sight significant ie each burning results in less heat than before

- Checking it seems CO2 changes are only significant in upper atmosphere. .
- So I guess it's as if 5000 Chinese people moved into a village in Wales. It would make no difference to number of people in China, but to that little village "Upper Atmosphere" it makes a big difference.

Lovelock called fear of GM and Nuclear as superstition
- same as what Dick Taverne says.. They are right - when you look at the real data and statistics they are not very dangerous. I guess when people know there is a danger they assume the worst.

Widespread Major manmade Ecological and possible climate change before the industrial revolution

- Sci-am prog talked about how man fucked with rivers. US scientists studying rivers and streams found a much larger number had been altered by man that they had thought. In Europe over hundreds of years, because of waterwheels and irrigation few river systems are natural, but even though waterwheels only existed in the US for a much shorter time ie 1700-1800 a similar percentage of US rivers were dammed channelled etc. This alters the local and maybe global ecology, as before organic matter would settle in marshes now it is swept to sea.

- They didn't say, but I hypothesise that cos so much more organic matter is not sitting in marshes, but is going in to the ocean that must have an effect on CO2. I think it's likely that a large portion of atmos CO2 changes are due to many different effects like this and instead of the simple answer "it's fossil fuels" it may turn out that it's something like they account for only 50% or even only 20% of change.

Windpower Is Great Isn't It ? 31/1/08

- Free electricity and zero CO2. Surely it's only those whinging NIMBYs that are wrong

The Dynamics mean windpower is cool with greenies politicians & the media
Well - Once I waded through all the data it was the maths that gave a surprising answer...
i.e. wind is not the panacea it seems to be. In fact it's worse than gas power !

It's an expensive way of reducing CO2 in a market distorted by subsidies.
If you are a green energy company you would not invest in windpower !

- 6 pages in the Comprehensive analysis

- Wind power it's like saying to McDonalds we've got some new employees for you and the good news is they will work for almost nothing, hey that's great. The bad news is they are all learning difficulties people, they are very bad at turning up in fact on average they only get 30% as much work done as the average worker and ... they live in the Shetland Isles.

If only we'd already gone nuclear 22/1/08

One argument is if we had gone for all nuclear before like the French then there wouldn't be so much CO2 in the first place

Precession 20/1/08
planet wobbles 11000 years ago sun shone at a different angle scientists say well it balances out.. I say no cos sometime it's pointing at sea and sometimes land it will be different

Gr33n M3gic Solutions
I realised most people don't want to change their lives to be more Green. Seems people are accustomed to buying solutions
- So I propose to give them this solution.
Reduce your CO2 by buying My Gr33n M3gic Solutions

- Also includes the idea for Green Dollars : so Take a ?0 note and write on it "For Green Services only

Climate whispers
- Climate whispers - dynamics of why stories grow 14/1/08

Solar Swindle Meeting
- Solar has future possibilities.. it's just the salesmen who piss you off. My ABC Solar Debate notes

Rapid & drastic climate change peaked this year in a series of disasters
- Britain , 59 years of rapid and drastic climate change peaked this year in the latest of a series of disasters .. crop failure, liver fluke in sheep, mullin in cattle and it rained everyday from Mid-Summers Day to Christmas Day causing widespread flooding which virtually wiped out the salt industry on the East Coast. The changes are so noticeable that the Pope has ordered prayers to be said daily in every church. This year as many people died from starvation as as from the plague itself.

... abridged text of Karen Maitland writing about the year 1348 in the novel Company of Liars (available in Jan31st)

- It wasn't too difficult to find Archaelogy magazines talking about many past climate changes. There's even a conference about them Holivar.. it's not a whitewash..their papers are quite skeptic ..but their webnews all comes from "non-skeptic sites"

-"Some pronounced episodes of high lake level and aquifers (at ~3400, 2750, 1250 and 700 cal. yr BP) corresponding to periods of reduced solar activity ...but..
...Records from Iceland to tropical Africa reveal a pronounced shift to wetter conditions ~1250 AD, terminating a warm and/or dry Medieval Optimum with the onset of the most recent North Atlantic cool event

Other stuff

- You will see I forever hearing science media stories is maths and critical thinking stories which I can immediately pick out as fishy, even though I am just an educated amateur. Don't they teach maths and critical thinking on journalism courses ?

- excellent talk by Patrick Moore on ABC Counterpoint An Environmental Consultant. He's the founder of Greenpeace who left cos he thought they'd gone nuts. His message "Plant more trees"

- it's about putting more green in someone wallet

- Pre Bali 400 Scientists wrote to UN protesting against the IPCC, signatures are here

- Monbiot - logically demolished in 2000 by geography prof about glaciers

- Interesting story from former BBC Science Guru says 2007 temperatures show the GW pattern IPCC worries about has ended

Good link Energy & Environment Magazine - has some free debunking pages,. Actually it seems to be entirely Anti- GW stories so I wouldn't count it as too independent

Machines to remove CO2 from ocean and store it safely - at the bottom of their pages list 5 climate engineering projects

- "Haven't we always had warmer times colder times ?" asks essayist Ruse.doc essay

- Petition claims 19,000 scientists signatures saying There's no evidence man could cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate.

Climate Comedy
I'm reducing my carbon footprint by changing my shoes when I leave the coal mine. - Adam

Paint everybody in white paint, that way they can reflect the sunís rays while doing everyday tasks, therefore cancelling out their input to climate change. - David

Combat global warming by keeping your fridge door open, thus cooling the planet. - Michael Beck

Actually the first guy has an important point. How do you reduce your ecological footprint ? By wearing smaller shoes i.e., downsize

Pacific 'rubbish superhighway'
same size as Australia going unnoticed ABC News Link- A vast rubbish dump, which covers an area bigger than Australia, is floating in the Pacific Ocean and research shows it is growing bigger -

- Wow if this true surely this will have a massive effect on the ecology and maybe climate.

Climate Change Catastrophe theory is like communism

.." but everyone in the country knows Capitalist Imperialism is the biggest threat and Lenin is a Great Leader !"

- substitute these words Climate Change for Capitalist Imperialism Gore for Lenin

I would be happy if we all had a Carbon Footprint a 30th of Gore, but he's still nuts Scientists say I don't know Yes be good to the environment

- plenty of food resources in the world it's the distribution that's the problem.

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