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About Truth
- Why are there pages on Science, Thinking and Ideas on this website ?
- We live in a world of a lot of lies and if we can get through them to the truth we can understand the world and make it better.

- Thinking, Ideas, Science and Religion are connected - It's about TRUTH

Getting to the Truth

- To me it's like the the Emperors New Clothes. I feel and have always felt there is something wrong with the way 99% of people lead their lives. So many things seem crazy to me ..things can be much better.. These essays are my own notes about trying to make sense of this crazy world.

- Dedicated to promoting the good things in life worth promoting.  Unfortunately in these dark ages there is so much falseness and things not worth promoting. We live in the dark ages and the world's cities are cultural deserts.

- Capitalism is a good thing, it get things done. There are thousands of websites  out there, but unfortunately instead of focusing  on doing the most good or what is the most worthy this world is focused on what makes the most the most money. I want to try to focus on 2 things  1. bringing good things to peoples attention and 2. True understanding of the world, cos without truth we cannot make good decisions about what to do. What makes Shakespeare better than a normal soap opera is that his writing brings us  amazing insights and enlightenments, that help understand things better and make better decisions in the future.

- Unfortunately although I can see a lot of things wrong in society I find it difficult to say what is right ... there is just far more crap than good stuff, so it's difficult to filter out all the crap and work it all out.

- Science is a framework for making sense of the world from data. It is special as it changes and evolves with time.
- Religion is not like this it is centralised around dogma
.. Religion is very bad, cos it sets a precedent of encouraging us to stop using logic and "Just Accept".. it teaches children to stop thinking for themselves, questioning and using logic. indeed it harms society by setting a precedent about thinking "like that everything is sorted and we don't have to say 'we don't know' "

- Skeptism - is part of the scientific process i.e. things are often not what they first seem and that ideas should not be accepted until they have been thoroughly tested. The Skeptic movement acts as a kind of police pointing out errors in acceptn the boundary between the science movement and the general public. So it tends to focus on dispelling myths about the paranormal and consumer deception.

- Thinking - Beyond science there are processes whereby which we can make best sense of evidence.

- Ideas are connected to thinking. By looking at things in new and alternative ways we come up with better ideas to improve the world.

- Climate Change Skeptism - There is so much rubbish talked about Global warming, it like all science needs to be analysed in a skeptical way and when you do you find a different picture to that which is portrayed in the popular media.

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