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350,000 people were born today, 300, 000 will die

200, 000 will die prematurely ....35,000 kids starve (, 3000 from malaria, 3000 from AIDS etc
(* This is my estimate , but January 2010 an Age scientist said 150k die a day and 100k is old age related so less than 50k is truly premature)

Some Facts: These are the known drug-related deaths in the UK, 1990: tobacco, 110,000; alcohol, 30,000; volatile substances, 112; morphine, 91; methadone, 84; heroin, 62; barbiturate type, 7; anti-depressants, 4; cocaine, 4; pethidine, 3; MDMA (Ecstasy), 3; amphetamine type, 2; hallucinogens, 0; LSD, 0; psylocibin, 0; cannabis, 0.

News from History
  • 200 years ago the murder rate was 10 times more than it is today
  • gin caused worse problems than heroin does today (crime, death, prostitution)

Some Links : Alternative Media
I'm inclined to think that most of the alternative media is not alternative at all. It seems to focus entire on US mainstream stories. Also I hypothesise that much of it may fake pretending to be alternative. There seems to be a tendency to present stories in a confusing and long and obtuse fashion so that you get bored with them. Instead of quick summing up headlines. There seems to be an amazing lack of coherence and perspective as if mainstream sources have hijacked alternative media.

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