The WTC New York Terrorist Attacks

The World goes mad again !

6000 people died in America last Tuesday, but there will be no memorial to them.

My point of view differs from the normal. I believe the media gives a naive and simplistic picture. When you look at the details you can see there are many points to be made; here are a few of them .....

6000 people in Africa died last Tuesday from just 2 diseases Malaria and AIDS.

500 people were killed in one cities race riots last week in Nigeria, but the world didn't notice.

The media have gone crazy over the World Trade Center bombing. It's certainly not nothing those 6000 fathers and mothers taken from the world , but remember each day in America cigarettes kill 6000 mothers, fathers and husbands, but the media seems to Ignore them. More than 800,000 died in the Rwandan massacres !

I remember how the British media thought the world had ended just cos Princess Diana died. I thought it's sad, but it's only one person "get a grip". I realized then media is more about entertainment than truth; it doesn't give us a true picture of the world. I did some research and found out that each day about 200,000 people die ie 1.4 million a week or 70 million a year. Now 6000 people is obviously 6000 times worse than the death of one person, but you can see it really is relatively nothing." A war" they say..they are so out of touch ... in many wars millions of people have died, even in the First World War sometimes 200,000 died in a single battle. One day in the 1970's in Syria troops shot over 10,000 civilians in one day. I am almost sure if you looked you would find 10 such incidents in recent history think..Cambodia, Burundi, Algeria, China etc

How do you show terrorists how strong you are?

You do nothing
just carry on your life showing them whatever they do there's no point in doing it again, cos it makes no difference. The worst thing you could do is vengeance, cos then you could start a "viscious circle" of violence which does no-one any good.

2 wrongs don't make a right

Bush argues we can take action against Afghanistan cos they harbour possible terrorists. Well surely other forces could argue it's OK to attack America cos they harbour the Israeli government which behaves in a terrorist way.

Would it be right for the Tibetans to do everything they could to cause the collapse the Chinese empire, cos then Tibet would be free ?

No, but I bet many Americans would sympathise with this view.

The American Establishment is like your big young brother - strong but naive. They don't realise you can't stop terrorism.
If some "crazy" guy gets an idea in his head to do a suicide attack, you probably can't stop him.
But what you can do is show those crazy guys that there is no reason for an attack cos you are on their side and it won't change anything.

It would do well to use it's public relations companies to explain that they are the good guys. Saying how drugs that cure millions were invented in America etc, explaining why they don't oppose the very questionable actions of the Israeli government ; or maybe this is indefensible.

why panic ? The world didn't change last week.The likelihood of an attack has not increased nor the size: anthrax or nuclear weapons could kill many more. But get a sense of proportion natural disasters such as earthquakes, disease tidal waves, volcanoes have killed many more

I feel despair not cos of the terrorists there are always misguided people, but cos the American establishment and media seem so naive. They expect them to have a better understanding of reality

from a mediacircus correspondant ...
Just so we don't lose all perspective in the coming months
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 9:40 PM
Subject: More fatalities from September 11

35,615 children died from starvation on September 11, 2001
Victims: 35,615 children (source: FAO)
  • Where: poor countries
  • Special TV programs: none
  • Newspaper articles: none
  • Messages from the President: none
  • Solidarity acts: none
  • Minutes of silence: none
  • Memorial services: none
  • Organized forums: none
  • Papal messages: none
  • Stock exchanges: didn't care
  • Euro: kept its way
  • Alert level: zero
  • Army mobilization: none
  • Conspiracy theories: none
  • Main suspects: rich countries

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