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Dave Gorman based on Googlewhack on a "false premise"

- I ended up watching this for 2 hours last night as his story telling is gripping ..but flawed. With a book to write, but a brain which likes displacement activity, he makes contact with someone who tells him he is a googlewhack..which is nothing interesting, but just that your website has a unique combination of 2 words ..so he tries ..and emails the person he finds..they become friends & meetup ..then something bizarre happens ..the googlewhack this guy finds justs happens to be one out of 6 billion webpages that Dave has seen before . cos it's it's actually by another Dave Gorman , that Dave met when researched his book about all the "Dave Gormans in the world". OK double bizarre.. Another series of bizarre coincidences and he ends up in the south of France at DG2's house and DG2 says "Wow you've got a coincidence chain here you do something and find someone thru a few in a 3 billion chance and then he does the Googlewhack thing and in the same few in a 3 billion chance find something that links back to you".. " I bet you couldn't make it too a chain of 10 in 3 months" .." here I've already got the next people in the chain"
STOP right there ..the 2nd Googlehack being a link back to DG is bizarre, but the next person in the chain being able to find a googlewhack is not particularly amazing ..anyone can do it, it just means having the motivation & time.
- in life bizarre coincidences do happen, he's not onto a mathematically interesting thing.

- Synopsis - despite the bet DG is determined to do the novel but procrastinates over Xas & new Year's Eve..and then wakes up hung over at the airport with a ticket ..bumf bumf in a week he's up to a chain of 5 ..oh well might aswell finish .. upto 9 ..dead end ..backupto 9 dead end .. despair in Texas ..wake up hungover with a tattoo ..inspiration of course he only got 1 googlewack fro the 1st person ..go back ..get the chain backup to 9 ..aha one to with 2 days left ..bloody hell the next guy is a weirdo in Australia who has a strange gay/not gay double life ..jump on the plane ..arrive no email ...no ..to late ..I can see this one coming he's on Australian time he can still make it ..yes the guy turns up at the hotel .. DG thinks he has lost, but then realises he's won the bet ...and I say So What ! ...he's travelled to lots of places & met 40 people of course he's bound to have had experiences ..what have we learned ...nada ..but he did tell the story with spirit.
- the prologue is he has to borrow to pay the novel advance back, but sudden;ly the next day the non-fiction department call back with an offer for this story. "The theme of 'Boy gets drunk, boy gets wacky challenge, boy travels around the world meeting people fulfilling wacky challenge' is continued."

- Mrs. Brown's Boys : not great, but interesting style
- despite it's obvious naffness there is something pioneering about the style, which brings the quality. It is obviously very pantomime and uses the techniques to create a "show" atmosphere & draw the audience in.. the actors can be seen laughing as they work, there is an obvious decision to let the viewers see the set & microphones etc

- The wikipedia page is interesting showing that half the cast are related to the writer and star ..his wife, sister, daughter, son, daughter in law etc

Putin Doco on BBC2

- some said "Is anyone else afraid to tweet what they think of #Putin?"
- The First 45 minutes was like a Putin propaganda film. His boys did everything right. Putin for accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists and helping the Taliban. In a crippled economy screwed up by oligarch corruption they first kicked all the oligarchs out "right you stick to business and we'll stick to politics". Then with a masterstroke ""right we'll reduce tax to levels people can pay" ..yep revenue went up. Then they were tough in military strategy succeeding in Chechnia,
... but they were too gung ho clearly commiting human rights atrocities and F..ing up the theatre hostage situation
. ...then when oil prices were shooting up they tried to tax the oil companies.
... the oil companies got the bill scrapped and Yukos boss countered with genuine evidence of corruption by Roscoff the Russian oil company. Yes it was right to buy up oil fields, but at some ridiculous prices and off some of Putins friends. even his deputy assistant !
Putin wasn't expecting to be videoed and instead of keeping his cool "I'll investigate" counters with anger and "you, you guys should watch yourselves where did your money come from"
.. It's then evident they start to build a case against Yukos ..picking off the officials one by one.
.... Yukos boss countered by funding democracy and getting security by staying in public.
... And finally tried to merge the company with Exxon to stop it being seized, within 2 hours the police raided and shortly the boss was arrested

- I still think he is puppet acting a part rather than the real leader.

BBC that's Britain
- They asked what is annoying : telesales, door to door sales, chuggers, trolls simplistic thinking e.g. blaming "bankers", "benefit cheats", "immigrants" London centric media bubble, occupylx, strikes, reality / celebrity tv, Green dogma, British weather

Dis-creditibility problem with automated web ads

- Google ads are set to come up corresponding to search terms

- People noticed that when you search for news on the Italian Cruise ship disaster the page sometimes shows ads trying to sell you cruises (yesterday this was the case on Bing, but they fixed it on Google) I think the standard plan means you only pay per click thru, so the cruise companies weren't losing money just a bit of credibility.

- Can you imagine if bought ads for "Singapore journalist" and then a Singapore Journalist got arrested ..people searching for "arrested Singapore journalist" might be shown pages with your ad embedded on the right of the search results ..that wouldn't be creating the right kind of meme you want to create with your customers.

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